Love Poems For Husband: 19 Romantic Poems To Reignite The Spark

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

When was the last time you told your husband that you really love him? Today?  A week back? Can’t even remember? Well, our guess is that it’s been a while, and even if it isn’t, why not pick something from our list of love poems for husband and surprise him? Oh boy! Wouldn’t he be surprised? if your man has stood by you through sickness and health, through good times and bad, he deserves to be told that he is your rock and you are lucky to have him.Here are 10 of the most romantic and sweet love poems for your husband that you can share to make him feel loved and celebrate your marriage, union and togetherness – now and forever

1. The Apple Of My Eye

A poem on love that every woman in love should share with her man. Tell him how special he is, express your untiring love for him with this beautiful poem that is not just about love but also about how he has made you feel wanted and loved all along. Tell him that he’s the feather in your cap, the gem of your heart and the apple of your eye with this romantic poem of love. It sure is an endearing message of love; one that he will cherish for a long time to come.

2. Engraved In My Heart

A heart touching short love poem that shares your love and longing for your husband. A beautiful poem of love, bonding, trust and faith, a message that is all about the belief you have in your man and your relationship.

3. The Way You Love Me

Another one in the category of simple and straightforward sweet love poems for your husband, one that talks of love and how you are truly meant for each other. Tell him how special he is, and how much you love him with this beautiful poem about your everlasting love for him. It has been an equal relationship, a 50:50 partnership where you’ve loved, lived and been there for each other. A beautiful love poem for a wonderful couple like you.

4. My Secret

A quote on love that is actually not a quote nor a poem. It a straightforward message that says you need no heart shaped drawings, poems or cryptic messages to say “I love you.” Express your love with this straight forward message; one that your husband will love, enjoy and cherish.

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5. Love And Let Live

A poem on how love is something that is not demanded, and it isn’t something that should be taken for granted. Love is something that is a culmination of many feelings, of respect and the bond that you two share as a couple. Tell him how important it is to love, live, care and give for a relationship to be beautiful and sustainable. Almost like a quote, this is one of those love poems for husband that is a must-share if you want to drive home the point.

6. A Sunny Morning

A humorous poem about love, life and how beautiful your relationship is. This is the perfect expression of love and what you feel about your love and your relationship and how wonderful it is to be cared for, loved and respected. Tell him how much you love being his wife with this light-hearted romantic love poem. It is something every man dreams for, and because he’s so special, he surely deserves it. Acknowledge his love and express yours with this beautiful poem for your husband.

7. Every Girl’s Fairytale

A romantic poem of love, one that thanks your husband for being so patient and perfect. A poem that tells him how much you love him and expresses your thoughts on how having him is truly like a fairytale dream. A poem that will make him feel good about himself and how you feel about the relationship, because we are sure he gave his 100% and worked hard to keep you happy and make the relationship strong.

8. Social My Love

The perfect love poem for the tech savvy social buff. Tell him how much you love him, how adorable he is and how blessed you are to have him in your life with this humorous and innovative poem of love using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in your poem. This is one message of love that is definitely modern and memorable, one that will surely make your partner smile.

9. Sometimes You

A beautiful pick from our collection of love poems for husband that on the many roles your husband dons to keep you happy, cared for and loved. A poem that is actually an adorable message of love, a way of thanking him for all the roles he’s played to perfection to keep you happy. An endearing love poem for the perfect husband.

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10. You And I

Express your love with this witty yet wonderful pick from our list of love poems for husband. A simple poem that is true to the heart and stays with you because it is so simple and honest. Tell him that he is the doctor for your wounds, a friend when you are sad, and a mentor when you are confused and a teacher when you need guidance and a partner to share your joys. A poem than ends with a “thank you” and an “I love you.” What more does anyone else have to say?

Short Love Poems For Husband


Sometimes just a few words say much more that you could ever say. It doesn’t always have to be rosy words or fancy gestures. Something as simple as three lines can help you seal the deal. Short love poems for husbands do just that.


When you’ve been together a really long time, you start seeing each other in a different dull light. You often forget the wild crazy lovers you used to be and you fail to see the colours in your relationship. Thus, a reminder works best.

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A man loves it when his woman lets him know that she feels safe with him in her life. So with this poem you can always make his day by showing that he’s the anchor of your life.


Our world is filled with different ideologies that people have framed about the so-called perfect man and woman. And so with the higher expectations we fail to measure someone up to the highest mark. This poem, thus, is the sweetest of all the short love poems for husband you can try.


This is one poem which I personally love. It is short but with such a deep meaning. Once again, this poem proves how you don’t need a lot of words to express your love for someone so beautifully.

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This might just be the best way to wake him up with his favourite cup of coffee. This poem handwritten also with some piping hot coffee and a rose in a tray will be the perfect start to his day.


A perfect relationship is the one where you complete each other’s lives. So making him aware of your feeling of completeness is a beautify way to make him fall in love with you even more.


There is truly nothing worse than being away from the one you love. You’re unable to meet each other and thus the longing keeps increasing by the day. So, by this short love poems for husband collection, you can beautifully tell him how much you miss him.


Finally, every man loves a woman who claims that her man is all hers. When you show him that you know the strength of your trust in him, it makes him love you even more. So here is the best way to do that.

So this was our compilation of the sweetest short love poems for husband list. Are you ready to charm him with words? Which is your favourite one?

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