11 Romantic Love Poems For Him That Strike The Right Chord

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There is something about expressing love old school style. These days it’s all about going out for films or dinners and blurting out ‘I love you’ and getting over with it. But in the older days, expressing love used to be an art. It was more about romance and using the right words in the most beautiful way you could ever imagine, wooing your bae with prose and poetry. Poems, thus, played an important role in those times (and even now too for the poetically-inclined). So why don’t you haul in the magic, with these adorable romantic love poems for him to charm him silly? Time to do something different.


Romantic love poems for him like this one help expressing those feelings that most people keep hidden as they can never find enough words to say it.


Isn’t this a beautiful way to express those tingly feelings that you get when you’re in love with Mr Right?

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Every couple fights, but the fact that you end up being together and feel safe in each other’s company is the only thing that matters. I’m just saying, but, romantic love poems for him, may be a good idea after all.


When you’re in love with someone, your life begins to revolve around them and then you never wish to spend even a second without them.


Love only speaks the language of the heart, and so do these lovely romantic love poems for him; this one’s got an exceptional ‘je ne sais quoi‘ feel to it . And before you can even think about the feelings, your heart signals that you’re already in love.


When we get into relationships, we all have our expectations and dreams of what it would be like. But sometimes we fail to get them across to our man. This poem will definitely help you there.

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This is a promise that you can make to let him know that you’re one to keep. Tell him how you’ll be there for him forever and always. Guys are pretty cool and strong and all, but every once in a while serious romantic love poems for him, that tell him you really feel it enough to be there too, make a difference  to them.


If yours is a teen love or something really new, then this poem is really adorable and probably best suited for your relationship. Or if you’re looking for romantic love poems for him reminiscent of Julia Robert’s quote from Noting Hill.


We all wish and pray for only one thing – to be loved by someone for whom we are ‘everything.’ We wish to be ourselves in front of them without the fear of being judged. And when that comes true, you know you’re truly blessed.


When your dreams come true and you get the soul mate you had always longed for, it is definitely worth expressing your feelings and joy through beautiful mediums like romantic love poems for him and, dare I say, a love song or two.


This is another sweet way to tell him how he changed your life for the better. Add an ‘I love you’ to it and watch that smile on his face.

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So you see, aren’t these romantic love poems for him just beautiful? If you think your man deserves a special gesture from you, then you can always touch his romantic side with these little bits of poetry. Choose your favourite one from the ones above.

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