10 Beautiful Romantic Love Poems For Her

If you’re looking for the sweetest, cutest and most loving poems for that special someone in your life, look no further than this! We have compiled a collection of the most romantic love poems for her available on the internet, so take your pick and recite some beautiful lines to your beloved.

1. For Her by Jamie Emms

Romantic Love Poems For Her - For Her, Jamie Emms

This is one of the sweetest romantic love poems for her than you can have the pleasure of sharing. The opening lines talk of the girl’s beauty in the form of her lips and eyes, as well as her radiance, and the last few lines talk of how happy he is to have found her and call her his own – a perfect poem to share with your beloved!

2. A Toast To Forever by Josh Mertens

Romantic Love Poems For Her - A Toast To Forever, Josh Mertens

Josh Merten’s slightly quirky poem of love is perfect for the couple lost in their own little world and seem to complete each other. If you feel like you need nothing else when you’re with your beloved, then this little poem might be just the right one for you. While the poem does compliment your girl’s features, the way it ends, by talking of both inner and outer beauty is most sweet and will be loved by her.

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3. Shadowing Eternity by Oscar Grullon

Romantic Love Poems For Her - Shadowing Eternity, Oscar Grullon

The above lines are the perfect ones to recite to a lover with whom you are sure going to spend the rest of your life with, if fate agrees, of course. The poem features less of physical features and compliments and seems to speak right from the heart, that your love is passionate, real and will stand the test of time, like these romantic love poems for her.

4. When I Am With Her by Richard Giron

Romantic Love Poems For Her - When I Am With Her, Richard Giron

If your partner seems to give you strength – strength that you did not even know you lacked until you encountered her – then the above poem might be just the right one to recite to her. Let her know just how you feel when she isn’t by your side, like a grey flower or a cup of tea without any sugar, and just how much courage and resilience having her near instills in you.

5. My Angel, My Girlfriend by Rick Morley

Romantic Love Poems For Her - My Angel My Girlfriend, Rick Morley

While carnal desires very much have their place in most romantic relationships, there is a higher and deeper connection forged, one that waives away loneliness and makes you feel whole. Most romantic love poems for her talk of what lies within, and of emotions. This poem celebrates that feeling of completeness that you feel when you are with your girlfriend, your one and only, in every way.

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6. You by Bryce Jennings

Romantic Love Poems For Her - You, Bryce Jennings

The above lines tell a very simple and very real story, one that you can relate with we’re sure. The poet talks of how when his love is near, he can take on the world with a smile on his face. But even when his love is not right next to him where he can look into her eyes, the memories of her still give him courage and let him know that she is indeed the one for him.

7. Euphony of a Kiss by Michael Prochaska

Romantic Love Poems For Her - Euphony of a Kiss, Michael Prochaska

The poet talks of what it feels like when being kissed by his beloved girlfriend. The setting is a moonlit night where him and his beloved lock lips in a kiss of passion, passion that seems to burn between the lovers’ lips and lingers on for much longer than the fleeting moment when the kiss occurred. If you feel the same way, do share. Oh, and pass these romantic love poems for her on, too.

8. The Way I Love You by Stephen Osei

Romantic Love Poems For Her - The Way I Love You, Stephen Osei

The poet here talks of loving his girlfriend in a manner that she doesn’t seem to match. His feelings for her are absolute, and he thinks she feels the same way, but he wonders if she’ll ever admit and act upon those feelings.

9. My Love For You by Jaxs D

Romantic Love Poems For Her - My Love For You, Jaxs D

The message is simple and very direct, but she will love to hear it all the same.

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10. Be Mine Forever by Jay Em

Romantic Love Poems For Her - Be Mine Forever, Jay Em

The above lines are definitely for a relationship that has moved past the infatuation and ‘honeymoon’ stage. Just because the initial stage is over doesn’t mean there isn’t time for romantic love poems for her or recognition of a real connection.