49 Warm, Fuzzy And Heart Melting Romantic Love Messages

Love and romance add spice to life! There are never enough ways and words that can truly express love, but then again, sometimes just a word or a mere smile can say it all… So, while I’m sure you have your own personal favourite ways of expressing your love to your partner, here’s a list of 49 romantic love messages to inspire, and maybe provoke the poet/writer in you! Read on…

1. Romantic Love Messages - See Into My Soul

The most powerful words put together in one in a million romantic love messages to express the depths of love and passion.

2. Romantic Love Messages - The Way You Want Me To

Such a simple and heartfelt promise and assurance of a love that lasts a lifetime.

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3. Romantic Love Messages - Close Your Eyes And You Will Know

Love is a feeling that cannot be measured, not even by a billion romantic love messages, but can be felt, anywhere and any time.

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4. Romantic Love Messages - Here's Looking At You

Tell your partner how beautiful your life is just because of their love; it’s true and beautiful!

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5. Romantic Love Messages - Wonderful Inside And Outside

True love is really a blessing and there are not enough ways to express how thankful you are for your love’s existence.

6. Romantic Love Messages - People Say Crazy Things

Awww! A very cute romantic love message that brings in the elements of magic and fairytale kind of love.

7. Romantic Love Messages - Can You?

Now that’s a question that’s tough to answer and even tougher to keep. So much love and passion combined in one message.

8. Romantic Love Messages - Set A Place For Me

So true! The heart is far superior than the mind when it comes to keeping memories etched for a lifetime.

9. Romantic Love Messages - Let These Words Reach You

Skip the basic ‘I Love You’ and add a far deeper meaning to your message…

10. Romantic Love Messages - You're Amazing

Imagine waking up to this beauty! Such a sweet romantic love message that really expresses love and joy.

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11. Romantic Love Messages - A Life Without You!

So much meaning and value adds to life when you have true love in it! It just brings in the best of everything for you.

12. Romantic Love Messages - As You Are

Isn’t that the best thing about love? You love the person just as they are and wouldn’t want to change a thing about them.

13. Romantic Love Messages - Feel My Love

A warm tight hug from your loved one is probably the best feeling in the world. It’s a simple action that conveys so much without a word.

14. Romantic Love Messages - Right Beside Me

There is nothing more valuable and more precious in this world than love.

15. Romantic Love Messages - I Was Missing You

Everyone searches for a purpose in life and sometimes it’s love that shows the real purpose of life.

16. Romantic Love Messages - All I Know

Can you really explain the whats, whys and hows of LOVE?

17. Romantic Love Messages - My Heart Always Finds You

When love comes in, every thing becomes clear and everything gets a direction to move forward in life.

18. Romantic Love Messages - A Hundred Would Be Too Few

A simple, cute and rhyming romantic love message that holds so much love and portrays so many feelings.

19. Romantic Love Messages - Horrible Puns From Your Horrible Beloved

Aww! Isn’t that an absolutely adorable message? It’s funny, cute, romantic and simply unique.

20. Romantic Love Messages - You Give Me Colour

And imagine how beautiful life is with true patience and colours of joy!

21. Romantic Love Messages - Like A Flower

Simple, to the point, but oh-so-romantic!

22. Romantic Love Messages - Distance Means So Little

The distance between two hearts is never too much when they are connected by true love.

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23. Romantic Love Messages - I Don't Make Promises To Break

Promises made in love are meant to be kept, no matter what!

24. Romantic Love Messages - Faith, Love, Hope

Faith and hope, along with love, are the ingredients to make up the most beautiful life.

25. Romantic Love Messages - Being In Love With You Makes Me Happy

Love alone cannot make life happy, it’s who you love that makes the whole difference! So say it with this romantic love message.

26. Romantic Love Messages - My Heart Is Sure

The smiles of your loved one remain etched in your heart forever and bring in warmth like nothing else can.

27. Romantic Love Messages - A Day Without Your Love

Love is the fuel that makes life beautiful; without love, life is meaningless.

28. Romantic Love Messages - You're Always On My Mind

Like I always say, sometimes words are not enough. But that doesn’t mean you don’t say anything at all! Go ahead, use one of these romantic love messages to say an umpteen number of sweet nothings.

29. Romantic Love Messages - Word Can't Even Begin To Say It

And again, just because you don’t have the perfect words to express your love does not mean you don’t say anything!

30. Romantic Love Messages - It Keeps Getting Better

Every day, each moment becomes better and better when shared with people you love.

31. Romantic Love Messages - All My Wishes Come True

Your love is the greatest wish and joy that I could ever ask for, so babe let me tell you so with this really cute romantic love message.

32. romantic-love-messages-32

The feeling of knowing that someone loves you warms the heart like nothing else can.

33. Romantic Love Messages - Forever

Now that’s a direct and absolutely adorable to way put it across.

34. Romantic Love Messages - My Nothing That Lasts Forever

I absolutely love this romantic love message! I mean isn’t it cute?

35. Romantic Love Messages - I Love You

A poem-kind of romantic love message can never go wrong!

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36. Romantic Love Messages - Always Have Always Will

Use the tenses of the past, present and future to express your love that has and will stay forever.

37. Romantic Love Messages - Until The End Of Time

Perfect! Not everyone can rhyme and not everyone is a poet but this is how love is.

38. Romantic Love Messages - Not Because Of You

That’s what love does to you! It’s not your love, but what love makes you as a person.

39. Romantic Love Messages - Worth The Sacrifice

Wow! Just the words can make you go weak in the knees.

40. Romantic Love Messages - So Kiss Me

Now isn’t that a romantic love message that could give you the butterflies? Simply amazing…

41. Romantic Love Messages - Make A Wish

When you are in love, you believe in all things magical. Falling stars is just one, there are numerous other big and small things that instill love and wishes.

42. Romantic Love Messages - To Love And Be Loved

Love is only beautiful when reciprocated.

43. Romantic Love Messages - Wanting To Be Lost Again

Now that’s the kind of ‘losing’ everyone hopes for.

44. Romantic Love Messages - I Count You Twice

After all, isn’t true love one of life’s greatest blessings? So tell your beloved that you are grateful with this romantic love message.

45. Romantic Love Messages - My Heart Is Perfect

Heart, life, smile, happiness and love; everything becomes perfect with the right person.

46. Romantic Love Messages - For A Moment

Now that’s a promise that everyone wants in life.

47. Romantic Love Messages - Like Breathing

Love is the elixir of life after all!

48. Romantic Love Messages - The Path To Love

Like they say, love is two people living on one heart beat.

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49. Romantic Love Messages - Let's Defeat The Darkness

Every word in this romantic love message speaks of passion and love that only true love can evoke.

Woah! Soak up the romance… I personally love sending and receiving romantic love messages that express love and romance, what about you?