5 Romantic Love Anniversary SMS' For The Love Of Your Life

Right from the moment your eyes met, to the first cup of coffee you two had. From the first kiss to the first holiday together, a day called anniversary, brings back all the old memories and a smile on to your face. No matter how deep the troubles were at one point, or how much you missed one another when you took time out; how you cried your eyes out when you thought things were not going right… they all fade away in a fraction of a second when you think of all the things he or she did to make you happy and smile. All the gestures. All the sweet words. Even the moments when nothing was spoken. This is love. This is life. Like a roller-coaster it goes up, and it goes down. But you have proved that nothing can ever come in between you two, for love means not giving up on each other. Ever.

Celebrate your sweet memories and anniversary with your loved one by sending a sweet love anniversary sms, and telling him or her how much they mean to you. here are the best love anniversary messages that we have collected for you


Love Anniversary Sms

Love is about growing old together, and love anniversary messages are about letting the other person know how much you look forward to growing old together with them. Embracing every day with patience, compassion, and new hopes and dreams. Even when the world continues to evolve, and you two sit in the armchair and read books, or watch television, one thing that will never change — will be your love for him/her. This is a very warn and comforting love anniversary sms for your beloved to receive.


Eternity - Love Anniversary Sms

A beautiful love anniversary sms for your beloved that will surely bring tears of joy in his/her eyes. Share this message with your partner on your special day, and reassure him/her that no matter how low you hit, you two will rise above again as one. Show him/her that nothing has changed, and will never change. And things will remain the way they were when you first kissed, made love, and decided that he/she was the one. And will always be the one.

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Forever - Love Anniversary Sms

It is true. Every couple goes through a rough patch. Married life is not all about smiles and laughter, but sharing and caring, adjustments, compromises and sacrifices. But only love emerges out of a dark tunnel, holding hands together, and not losing one another in that dark journey. Share this SMS with your love who understands, and knows deep in its heart, no matter what, you two will always stay together.


Timeless Love - Love Anniversary Sms

When your man makes you feel like a queen, doesn’t find anything more alluring and beautiful than you, your heart flutters like a butterfly, your eyes twinkle like a shining star, you feel like you are in a paradise. Show him how much you appreciate all the things he does for you. Show him how much he means to you. Show him that no matter what, you will always be there by his side. And this is the perfect love anniversary sms that lets him exactly how you feel about him being in your life.

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Special Friend - Love Anniversary Sms

In your love you see your best friend. Not only do you share your life with her, but you also seek advice from her. You are thankful to God for bringing her in your life; giving you two a chance to build new bonds and ties; riding the roller coaster and sharing the tears and joys of life together, such is the love you two will share forever. And this message beautifully describes the ride you two are enjoying, and will enjoy till the world collapses and unicorns come to life again making it a most beautiful love anniversary sms to send your beloved on your special day.