21 Honeymoon Tips: The Ultimate Handbook For Newlyweds

Weddings are usually the time when newly-weds take a lot of help and advice from friends and family, thus making weddings more of a collaborative entity. But the honeymoon is customarily the first thing that new couples do together; they will make all the decisions by themselves, excluding advice, solicited or otherwise, from anybody else. While the near and dear of many couples will obviously have a lot of things to share, honeymoon tips, as it were, we would suggest that you and your significant other do your own thing and march according to your own drumbeat/guitar riff/bass solo.

So here is our collection of little bits of advice and check-list for you to manage and craft some amazing honeymoon memories. These will be a staple of your most precious moments in life for the duration of your life. So make them count!

Honeymoon Tips From The Bridal Box!

Honeymoon Tips

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1. The first and most important deciding factor that will go into play in deciding on or short-listing the perfect honeymoon destinations for the both of you is your collective budget. Are your purse strings healthy enough to afford a night in a traveller’s motel, where you will be comfortable enough but will be saddled with extremely thin walls; or can you perhaps spring a Phileas Fogg and go for an around-the-world in 20 days kind of scene; or will you perhaps go the route of normal reality and go for something in the middle of these extremes?

Figuring out the level of spending that you can afford beforehand will always let you plan ahead well, and see if you’ll need to break into the booty from the wedding to back your trip. Hey, we all know why people get married. For love, togetherness, and wedding booty.

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Honeymoon Tips - Adventure At Honeymoon

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2. It would be advisable to have a long and heartfelt discussion with your significant other regarding the subject of your ideal vacation. Does one of you like sports? For whom is the idea of chilling on the beach and getting a tan above superlative? Which one of you would want to ramble through a locale that is steeped in exotic history?

Ideally, both of you would be behind all these ideas, and then there would be no clash at all. But since life is not so convenient, and a lot of opposites are very strongly attracted to each other, in most cases there will be a few differences in views. Here, making a list of the things that resonate most strongly with each individual half of the whole couple will help in deciding the itinerary. You can compare notes and then start the haggling. It is often said by the mythical ‘they’ that marriage contains a lot of compromise, so what better time to start than now?

Honeymoon Tips - Talk It Out

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3. It is preferable to pick a destination and not throw a dart at the world map with your eyes closed. (Obviously, Ulan Bator might not have been your first choice, but then, hey, it’s Mongolia! If you can forget the bone-freezing cold, and figure out ways to get warm, then you’re golden!)

If you are part of the unlucky majority who have to take a budget into consideration, then you will have to make a note of the fact that most places change their rates according to the season. For example, to clarify the obvious, it will be cheaper to go to the Caribbean during summer; and conversely ski resorts will offer many activities in summer, which are way less expensive during that season, albeit at the cost of not seeing or experiencing snow.

Honeymoon Tips - Travel And Expenses

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4. This is one of those honeymoon tips that isn’t said often enough, you would like to hire a travel agent… and we definitely advise hiring one. It wouldn’t cost spectacularly more than you already would shell out, and then it is up to them to arrange all the preparations for your trip, thus, ridding you of that hassle. Additionally, if something goes wrong as far as ‘travel’ and ‘location of stay’ go, you will have somebody to turn to, who is ready to help and also possibly yell at. (Which we are told is an extremely popular pastime amongst some parts of our demographic)

Honeymoon Tips - Plan Your Travel

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5. If you have chosen an international port of travel, then make sure that you have all the documentation done and ready long before you have to head for the airport (or whichever other mode of transport you choose to employ). Ensure that your passport is fully up to date, and that you have all the proper visas. While it is true that a lot of countries do offer visas on arrival, it is usually found that these are significantly more expensive than the alternative of getting it done beforehand.

If the country you are travelling to suggests that you take certain inoculations before embarking on travel then please ensure that you do. It wouldn’t do to fall sick just before you hit the beach.

At this point, we would additionally inform women to make all reservations under their maiden names. This will avoid any potential confusion, if of course they wait until getting back to legally change their names. This is of course only a potential pitfall for those women who are intent on taking their husband’s name after their nuptials.

Honeymoon Tips - Booking A Honeymoon Suit

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6. While some people would refer to this following practise as being cheap and underhanded, we would like to think of it as being eminently practical, and worthy of inclusion in any worthwhile list of honeymoon tips. When you are making reservations in your place of stay, always let them know that you are on a honeymoon. It is almost an unwritten law in the service industry that states that honeymooners get special attention. Mostly in the hope of convincing you to return shortly for another vacation, most people will try their hardest to please you. The chances of you people getting your room upgraded at no additional cost are high, as is the hope of getting a welcoming bottle of Dom Perignon, or perhaps a cheaper, but, still classy, Perrier-Jouet.

7. Remember to fiercely protect your precious privacy. The honeymoon is the time when a new couple is supposed to get lost in each other’s eyes, lose themselves in the sway of their bodies as flushed skin meets skin in undulating ecstasy. It is not a time for family, or friends, or pets. For that matter, we would advise you to conveniently lose your phones for a few days. This is a time for the two of you, alone.

8. This is one of those honeymoon tips that is easy to overlook: always have more money on hand than you’d planned for. While there may be some concerns about safety and such, you can always make sure that your funds are safe in the form of travellers’ cheques or something similar; that is if you don’t own a credit card. Actually, to have an uncomplicated time of it, and to be hassle-free, we would suggest looking for places to stay that are all-inclusive. These rates will cover everything from your stay, food, activities and libations to tips, transfers and more.

Honeymoon Tips - Schedule Some Lone Time

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9. Schedule some time to do absolutely nothing at all. Despite having innumerable options for chilling and sightseeing, for jumping of planes or going scuba diving; you will want to set some time aside. You have other things to do.

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Honeymoon Tips: Packing 101


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Here are some tips and tricks from professional globetrotters to help make the most of your luggage and turn it in to a closet on wheels. Let’s do this thing, pro style!

10. Ensure that the laundry is done a few days in advance. This will see to it that everything is clean and ready to be packed. In fact, have most of it done professionally. The laundered clothes will come already pressed and bagged. This makes it easy to pack them in your suitcases.

11. Prepare your list for packing at least a week in advance. Start early to ensure that everything that’s needed can be accommodated. After all, a lot of people suddenly think of that one thing that surprises them that they were considering going on honeymoon without. Also, it helps compile an inventory so that you can have one in hand on the off chance that you are unfortunate enough to have your bags go missing.

Honeymoon Tips - couple packing for honeymoon

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12. When you are selecting the wardrobe for the occasion, think of coordinating solids with other clothes that will break the monotony of canvassed colour. Try and employ clothes that are made of microfibres such as nylon, lycra, tencel and spandex since these are wrinkle free. Complete the picture with some offbeat but versatile footwear. Also, consider adding something a little more daring than your usual wear. Bring out the sexy underwear and the lingerie – you will have need for it. At this point, we shall only add that while lighter coloured fabrics have increased propensities for showing stains, they are also innately cooler than darker clothing.

13. If you are not blessed with the ownership of wrinkle-free clothing, then to avoid those nasty wrinkles, use tissue paper or lay down the clothes in the suitcase with their hangers inside those helpful plastic bags that come from the Laundromat. And remember, roll, only roll, not fold!

14. You can keep shoes or purses in their original shape by stuffing them with socks and underwear. Two birds with one stone, as it were. Also, we would advise you not to take any shoes or items of clothing that you haven’t worn before.

15. Always take along an extra bag. Most people accomplish this by putting all of their stuff into a smaller suitcase that can be fit inside a bigger one, preferably of the same set. This practise allows you to go crazy with the souvenirs and at the duty-free! Alternatively, you can always include an empty duffel bag to carry the booty from your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Tips Miscellaneous-requirements

16. After your bag has been stuffed to the brim, close it up and tap the whole thing on the floor to allow things to settle. Remember; always have the heavier items on the bottom, while leaving the lighter things on the top. This will always aid you in the off chance that you overstuff your bags, which you cardinally shouldn’t. The zippers of suitcases while being hardy, tenacious souls are only so strong. They might burst; or worse, you might have extended over the weight limit as stated by your airline of choice. Both are expensive outcomes that you don’t want to handle. This might be helped by taking any belts that you might be taking, unfurling them and then wrapping them around the contents of the suitcase.

17. Even if you have vastly differing tastes in choices of personal cosmetics and hygiene products, to make things easier, prepare to share your bathroom basics such as shampoo, toothpaste etc. Additionally, we would suggest that all liquids are double-bagged and sealed. The vagaries of pressure at 30,000 feet can totally potentially screw up your first few days of honeymooning.

18. And finally, we would suggest that you pack your most valuable and utilitarian items in one of the carry-on bags. It should also have at least one change of clothing, some snacks, water and at least your toothpaste and your brushes. This will prove very handy indeed if your luggage gets delayed. Lastly, and this isn’t exactly the most popular of honeymoon tips, but as soon as you get to your room, instead of trying out the bed – as loath as you are to do anything else – you should unpack first and put away your clothes.

Spark The Flames Of Romance


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19. There are entire books written on the subject of sparking the romance between a new couple during the tender intimacy of the honeymoon period. Reams of lines that postulate everything from incense to flowers. You can learn a lot about the things that are unknown to you from these explicitly written books. You don’t have to be shy of it.

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20. What is important is the fact that the two of you are together. By yourselves, to explore yourselves. To travel each other’s minds and discover each other’s bodies. Take time just for yourselves, and talk. The comforting, warm rush of emotion that comes when two souls resonate, as synchronize hearts flow with common purpose as you communicate your basic selves will create all the energy and intimacy that you and your significant other need to have some sublimely romantic moments. The lack of the perfect bed, in just the right settings, with the ultimate ambiance, is not going to factor in your budding intimacy.

Honeymoon Tips surprise for her at honeymoon

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21. Surprise each other, thrill each other, be mysterious and open at the same time, just be you. That ought to bring out the real fun of honeymoons. If required, act like a bunch of high school lovers, so close, so intimate and so horny, that you can’t get your hands off of each other.

When you are ready to accept that you no longer think of yourselves as just two ‘I’s, but, as a part of a ‘we’, the sheer primal nature of the connection that will be forged between you will stand the test of time and weather any storm, unbroken and proud.

How do you like the tips? Did you find them helpful? We would love to hear from you.