Engagement Quotes For Him: 21 Ways To Elegantly Express Love

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Engagement love quotes for him. Engagement is a beautiful phase in every couple’s lives. They know they’re set for life, it’s a beautiful feeling to know that you’ll be marrying soon. Here are 21 heart touching engagement quotes for him to express your deepest feelings for him. Let him know how much you love him, want him and are grateful to have him for the rest of your lives with these beautiful engagement quotes for him.

1. A Beautiful Promise: Engagement Quotes For Him

A promise, an assurance that will surely make him happy. It can be printed on a beautiful card or painted as a lovely personal painting that can be framed and gifted.

2. My Everything

You’re giving him an assurance, stating that you’d accept him as everything in your life. When he’s around, you don’t require different people as your best friend, faithful partner or true love. He plays the role of them all.

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3. Stolen Hearts: Engagement Quotes For Him

A cheeky way to let people know how crazily you both have fallen in love with each other.

4. You’re The Key To My Lock: Engagement Quotes For Him

He is the reason for your fears disappearing; he makes you feel better, complete, as a whole. Without him, you’re just a useless lock with no key.

5. Teenage Dream

No matter how old, wrinkly and grey haired you both become, the way he made you feel on the first date will still remain the same. You’ll still crush on him, have the same feelings and love him… a lot more.

6. In A Blissful Debt

Does your fiancé work in a bank? If yes, this is the best way to express how you feel.

7. Together Forever: Engagement Quotes For Him

Being together, being there for each other and having each other’s back, are the ways to ensure that your love defines immortality.

8. Stalker Love

Prior to the engagement, your fiancé must have noticed you liking every post of his, even if it made no sense to you. Yet, he never told you about. If you are one of those people who are addicted to social media, and he knows about it, then you should convey your love in this manner.

9. Ideas From Literature

If you both share a love for the English language and enjoy using metaphors in your sentences, then this is one of the cutest things to tell him. Write it on a card and leave it lying on the closet floor. It’d surely make him smile.

10. Chemistry Of Chemistry

If he is a chemist/or you both love Chemistry, then this will indeed make sense and even seem romantic. Instead of randomly telling it out, why not conduct a mini science experiment to illustrate the bond you share with him?

11. The Beautiful Beginning: Engagement Quotes For Him

This engagement love quote for him is a simple line that means a lot. Can be a simple DIY project you can paint on the steps leading to the wedding dias or on the entrance of your door.

12. A Proud Badge

This isn’t a gift you will give, but something you will showoff – on a tee or a poster or just a badge on your car. to announce to the world not just what a awesome man he is but also just how important he is too.

13. You’re The One.

Did you have butterflies in your tummy or did your heart skip a beat when you first met him? Then this quote is for you. Another DIY project that can be painted or handwritten.

14. I Want You Always

If this is how he makes you feel, then this is the quote for him. Sew it on to a pillow or a hanky and he will be reminded of you every day.

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15. Rest Of My Life

That quote from the movie When Harry Met Sally that continues to warm the heart every single time.

16. Bad Days

Very personal, very real and very simple – write it on paper and pass it onto to him on your big day.

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17. The Little Math.

Can be a banner on the big day or a simple little greeting for him.

18. Liquor Love

An awesome bar sign for the big day or a simple greeting that you can gift with a bottle of a wine.

19. No one, but you: Engagement Quotes For Him

Don’t write it or paint or print this quote. Say it, with a kiss and he will be all yours. Like forever.

20. Everyday Engagement Quotes For Him

Remind him what he means to you, with this message on a coffee mug, a greeting card or a sticker on his door.

21. See Yourself, With My Eyes.

A personal and heart touching quote you can engrave on a mirror and gift your fiance.

Hope you liked our list of engagement quotes for him. They’re very flexible and can be printed, painted, embossed, stitched and customised according to your creativity and love for experimentation. And yes, happy engagement to you love birds!

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