Rohan Bopanna’s Marriage: The Tennis Star’s Adorable Love Story

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Rohan Bopanna is best known for a stellar tennis career and his achievements on the tennis court. Bopanna started playing tennis at a young age, and through constant hard work and commitment he went on to become one of the finest tennis doubles player in the history of Indian tennis. When it comes to matters outside the tennis court, Bopanna courted just one woman with whom he fell in love with at first sight. Rohan Bopanna’s marriage to the pretty psychologist Supriya Annaiah happened in November 2012, and we present their sweet adorable love story.

Rohan Bopanna – The Tennis Player

Rohan Bopanna was born in Coorg, Karnataka on 4th March, 1980. During his younger years, Bopanna would enjoy playing all kind of sports. Growing up, Rohan realised that he had a special liking for tennis and therefore decided to consider tennis as a serious career option. Rohan made his first-class tennis début in the year 2002 in the prestigious Davis Cup where he represented India. Rohan never looked back since then, and has represented India in several international tennis championships. Over a period of time, he found his forte in doubles, and reached an all time best in career. Sometime after Rohan Bopanna’s marriage to Supriya, he was ranked World No.3 in tennis doubles in the year in 2013.

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Love At First Sight And The Surprise Proposal

It is said to be early 2011 that Rohan was back home from one his tournaments and was chilling out at a restaurant in Bengaluru with one of his cousins. As they were having a chat, Rohan’s cousin happened to get up to greet a certain woman he knew who was sitting some distance away in the same restaurant. Rohan glanced at the woman, and his heart skipped a beat. It was the most gorgeous face he had ever seen, and she was every bit like the ideal woman he always wanted. When Rohan’s cousin returned back to the table, Rohan requested him to introduce him (Rohan) to the girl, and that is how Rohan Bopanna first met the then 24-year old psychologist Supriya Annaiah. The two struck a friendship, and needless to say, Rohan had all the plans to take it to the next level.

“I thought he was a nice, sweet guy.”
– Supriya Annaiah on her first meeting with her husband Rohan Bopanna

Obviously, plans for Rohan Bopanna’s marriage were not yet an issue, but Rohan liked Supriya. Over the course of her friendship with Rohan, Supriya figured out that he had developed a liking for her (she is a psychologist!). The two soon started meeting often and their friendly meetings took the shape of full-fledged dates. By late 2011, Rohan knew that it was high time he proposed to Supriya before he was off to another long tennis tour. Therefore, he made a plan, and got in touch with Supriya’s best friend. In an interview some time after Rohan Bopanna’s marriage to her, Supriya shared that Rohan needed to know her ring size, therefore he sought the help of her best friend. Supriya’s best friend tricked her to reveal her ring size by taking her to a jewellery store on some pretext. This was followed by the step two of the elaborate plan, in accord with which Rohan booked a suite at a premium hotel and took Supriya on the pretence that they are going to the hotel to book a honeymoon suite for one of his friend. Unaware of all the things working behind her back, she accompanied Rohan.

At the hotel, the duo entered the suite, which had rose petals spread out nearly everywhere. There were candles too, and also present was a cake. While Rohan went to open the balcony door, Supriya was surprised with all the decorations and wondered why the room was decorated so soon for Rohan’s friend’s honeymoon. Rohan turned back after opening the balcony door and swiftly got down on his knee to propose with the ring he had got the measurement for through Supriya’s friend. Supriya was overwhelmed, and although she saw this coming, she was floored. Supriya said an affirmative ‘Yes’ after which the couple went for a dinner, where Rohan had already invited close friends and family members to celebrate the day (he is surely a surprise king!). Since the ‘proposal’ check-box was ticked, it was time for engagement and wedding.

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Rohan Bopanna’s Marriage: A Lovely Kodagu Style Wedding

Rohan and Supriya got engaged in April 2012, in a private ceremony, which was mostly attended by close friends and family members. The couple decided to have a traditional Coorg (Kodagu) style wedding since both of them came from that region. The big day finally came on 25th November, 2012, and Rohan Bopanna’s marriage to Supriya Annaiah happened, traditional Coorgi-style, at a plush resort in Coorg district. Since it was a traditional affair, it had all wedding customs, and the bride and bridegroom were decked up in their respective customary attire. The couple invited not more than 100 people to the wedding, and it was attended by several dignitaries, notable of which were Rohan’s doubles partner Mahesh Bhupathi and his wife Lara Dutta. It was a happy day for Rohan and Supriya, something they were looking forward to for quite a long time.

Married Life Together

After Supriya and Rohan Bopanna’s marriage, Supriya made it a point to accompany Rohan on most of his tennis tours. Rohan shared in an interview that since his wife now accompanies him on tours, he makes it a point to do some local sightseeing wherever they go. Along with being a constant support to each other, the couple has also infused each other’s life with their unique qualities bringing a sense of equilibrium to their marriage.

“I like that he has his heart in the sport and he’s honest about it.”
– Supriya Annaiah about her husband Rohan Bopanna

“…She brings a lot of energy to our home. I’ve spent so much of my life travelling alone, so I keep things to myself. She always asks me what’s wrong and I come out with it.”

– Rohan Bopanna about his wife Supriya Annaiah

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The love the two have for each other is quite palpable, and once when the couple was interviewed by a tabloid on Valentine’s Day for their plans for the day, this is what they had to share:

“…There are only two days that are really important and those are our birthdays and anniversary.”
– Rohan Bopanna on his marriage

“Every day is Valentine’s Day. At least, that’s the plan.”
– Supriya Annaiah on her marriage

It is amazing to see the perceivable interest the couple has in making their marriage a successful one. While no marriage is perfect, it can always be an amazing journey when the two partners strive to maintain love and respect in their relationship, which we see in the case of Rohan Bopanna’s marriage to Supriya Annaiah. Signing off on that positive note, and wishing Mr. and Mrs. Bopanna all the best with their marriage and respective careers.

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