15 Exquisite RMKV Bridal Sarees That Are Exceptionally Elegant

With over 92 years of providing some of the most gorgeous sarees to ever hit the shelves, RMKV is a name that has almost become synonymous with silk. Here are 15 of the greatest RMKV bridal sarees that your money can buy:

1. Shades Of Violet

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Shades Of Violet

There are RMKV bridal sarees in shades of violet; and then there is this particular shade. The zari, double-sided border, delicate golden hue and intricate patterns make this an altogether outstanding choice for looking resplendent in at your wedding.

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2. Shades Of Gold

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Shades Of Gold

Quite simply the very picture of gorgeousness, this saree with its hues of gold will make an excellent choice of attire for your wedding. RMKV bridal sarees in regal golds with rich borders make for the best wedding wear.

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3. Magnificent Maroon

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Magnificent Maroon

That deep shade of maroon works exceptionally well with the metallic gold border. And when paired with a blouse as stylish as depicted above, this saree is a definite go to option for any bride.

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4. Creamy Red

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Creamy Red

Wedding white and wedding red are prominently featured in wedding customs the world over, specially in India, where RMKV bridal sarees are the rage. This excellent saree brings you the best of both colours, in a crisp and clean finish.

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5. Wedding Pink

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Wedding Pink

Featuring a myriad of designs and patterns, this intricately detailed RMKV bridal sarees will have your guests admiring its beauty, as well as the beauty of the beholder, for the entirety of the wedding.

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6. Off Cream And Pink

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Off Cream And Pink

If ever there was a gorgeous combination of colours, this saree would be the embodiment of it. The exquisitely detailed pattern and and Kashmiri embroidery make it an ideal choice among RMKV bridal sarees, when it comes to your wedding attire.

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7. Heavy Embroidered Off-Cream Saree

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Heavy Embroidered Off-Cream Saree

A heavier version of the above saree, this gorgeous piece is an RMKV bridal sarees creation, and is for those who believe in pulling out all the stops when it comes to what to wear at their wedding.

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8. Pink, Black And Gold

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Pink, Black And Gold

Featuring a beautiful and deep shade of pink set on a black background, this saree will bring out the very best of your profile and will ensure all eyes are on you on the day of your beautiful wedding.

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9. Wedding Violet

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Wedding Violet

Speaking of RMKV bridal sarees in beautiful hues, you can be sure that all of your guests will be feasting their eyes on this exceptional saree if you happen to be wearing it at your wedding. The timeless and classy pattern, as well as the understated and elegant gold border, make for an excellent combination, and an excellent choice.

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10. The Beige Beauty

RMKV Bridal Sarees - The Beige Beauty

Beige might not be your first choice when it comes to choosing the colour of the saree you are to be wed in, but there’s no reason for that to be the case given just how pretty this particular RMKV bridal sarees creation is, especially if understated and classy is your thing.

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11. The Pleasing Pink

RMKV Bridal Sarees - The Pleasing Pink

Another simply gorgeous saree that would make for a rather excellent wedding saree is this wonderful RMKV bridal sarees medley piece – a combination of the finest silks and hues in one package.

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12. Red And Fancy

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Red And Fancy

A classic shade of wedding red, it goes all out in its design and embroidery, and it will look simply exceptional on you at your wedding.

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13. Brilliant Blue

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Brilliant Blue

Simple and stylish, this RMKV bridal saree in a gorgeous shade of blue with a simple and highly attractive pattern, that when coupled with the delicate shade of green on the border, makes for a most compelling package.

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14. Pink Floral Power

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Pink Floral Power

Dare to think different? How about this prized pink option from RMKV bridal sarees with floral border? It’s contemporary, it’s unique, and it’s yours to rock on your wedding day.

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15. Mahabalipuram Orange

RMKV Bridal Sarees - Mahabalipuram Orange

A classic, the embroidery on this saree encapsulates tradition and culture like no other. A perfect choice for those so inclined.

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