Riya Sen Marriage: Love Strings Of The Controversial Diva

Riya Sen is one Bollywood beauty who has showbiz embedded in her blood. As the daughter of the famous Bengali actress Moon Moon Sen and the granddaughter of the legendary Indian actress Suchitra Sen, she constitutes the third generation of a family of matriarchal actors. In spite of having quite an impressive lineage, Riya Sen is more acquainted to the masses for her infamous off-screen episodes than her on-screen persona. If you didn’t get that one you have been living under a rock for quite some time but don’t worry we have the story of her notorious love affairs laid out here for you. Read on to know about the various Riya Sen marriage rumours and ‘not-so-marriage‘ rumours.

The Riya Sen Marriage - Riya Sen

Winning The Model’s Heart

The Riya Sen Marriage - Riya Sen And John Abraham

Being a star child, Riya’s tryst with acting started very early. She began her career as a child actress in the year 1991. By the time she was teenager, she was already doing modelling gigs with leading fashion magazines and brands. It was somewhere around 1999 and before the release of her first Bollywood film Style (2001) as a female lead that she happened to meet another upcoming celebrity model, John Abraham. John was not a very popular face at that time and was more commonly known for appearing in music videos than movies. In spite of that, John was really very keen on settling down with Riya but her film career just took off and she was swift in rejecting his proposal and they both parted ways very soon, soundling ending any and all hopes of a John Abraham Riya Sen marriage..

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The Notorious Affair

The Riya Sen Marriage - Riya Sen And Ashmit Patel

Riya was on track with her career in Bollywood despite most of her movies being either a flop or a mediocre success at the box office. In the year 2005, she starred along with Ashmit Patel (Amisha Patel’s younger brother), in a film Silsiilay. The two co-actors grew quite close to each other and soon by the end of the film’s shooting were dating each other. The relationship was a usual celebrity type but it soon changed when the pair appeared in a certain slanderous video in mid-2005. The video cooked up a storm, and became the eye of a controversy that threatened to jeopardise the career of these two relatively new Bollywood actors. While Ashmit Patel went underground after the video got leaked, Riya took a stance by acknowledging the video although she didn’t seem abashed by it. As expected, the Riya-Ashmit affair is now history since both parted ways soon after; strike two one the Riya Sen marriage front.

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Getting Wooed By Mr. Rushdie

Riya seemed to have then taken a break from her flings and was concentrating on her work from 2005 to 2008. In fact, the most successful movies of her career came out during this phase. But the lull in her love life was soon about to be broken by none other than Booker prize winning author Salman Rushdie. Rushdie was known to have a penchant of wooing alluring women and was fresh out of a divorce with his fourth wife and celebrity model Padma Lakshmi. Riya seemed to be a wonderful fit in the void that was left in Rushdie’s life. In fact when he first met her at a nightclub in Mumbai, he spared no time in sharing his number and email ID with her. Initially, their communication was all hush-hush but the beans spilled out of the bag when it was learnt that she had been invited by Rushdie to visit New York mid-2008. Since Rushdie doesn’t have a reputation of being a player, having taken all his relationships to the alter, a Salman Rushdie Riya Sen marriage was duly mused upon by the media.

The Riya Sen Marriage - Riya Sen And Salman Rushdie

Close friends of Riya acknowledged that Rushdie was in fact trying to initiate a fling with her. When Riya was quizzed about it she gave the run-of-the-mill answer i.e. ‘We are just friends’ but also added that she is not making any judgements and letting things go with the flow. In spite of all the steam in the matter, things didn’t go the amorous way and the pair never entered into a formal relationship. Not much is known about the precise reason for the same but the physical distance could have been the plausible cause. Both could not have been able to cope up with this long-distance attribute of the relationship, and the fact that Rushdie was 36 years older to Riya might have not gone down well with Riya’s kin. By 2009, the pair’s supposable love affair fizzled out and two seemed to have gone back to their own paths.

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Struck By Yuvi Rays!

The Riya Sen Marriage - Riya Sen And Yuvraj Singh

Since Riya was a popular model and an actress, she was a common face at high profile parties and star-studded events. It is sometime around the year 2010 that she bumped into Indian cricket’s very own Casanova, Yuvraj Singh, at one such party. Yuvraj had just ended his relationship with actress Deepika Padukone and therefore was demoted to the single status. Riya seemed to fit the bill for Yuvraj, since she was an actress, was single and was of his age. It is said that such was the influence of Yuvraj’s flirtations that Riya, who had come to the party in her own car, exited it hand-in-hand in Yuvraj’s vehicle. In spite what appeared prima facie, things didn’t turn out to be any thrilling for the duo.  Way before anyone said anything about a Riya Sen marriage to Yuvraj, this ship sank. By 2011 no one was speaking of them in one sentence.

Bowled Over Again

After a brief fling with Yuvraj Singh, Riya seemed to have developed a soft corner in her heart for cricketers. It was a year since she had ended her eye-blink relationship with Yuvraj and now was being linked with the bad boy of Indian cricket, S. Sreesanth. While not much is known about their first meeting, they could have met up at one of the splashy Page 3 parties just like how she had met Yuvraj. Sreesanth was a cricketer who was notorious for his erratic behaviour on-field and for his flirtatious ways in the outside world. Such was his influence on the damsel that she was spotted in the VIP audience box of almost every IPL match Sreesanth played in the year 2011. When asked about it, she denied any romantic allegiance with Sreesanth but the media was not going to take it even with a pinch of salt, which obviously resulted in sensationalized gossip and a mass Sreesanth Riya Sen marriage hysteric. The fling didn’t last long though and soon Sreesanth was being paired with some other beauty indicating that Riya had now moved on.

The Riya Sen Marriage - Riya Sen And S. Sreesanth

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Things have been quite quiet on Riya’s front since her last fling. She is now hardly seen in movies, and is a more frequent face at garish celebrity parties. It is quite a sad thing to see since she hails from a family of critically acclaimed actors. While she has had her fair share of controversies, we do hope she has gotten wiser now, and is planning a proper comeback on the movie screen.