The Genelia - Ritesh Deshmukh Marriage : Gradual and True

Love is not always about making those grandiose gestures, writing impassioned odes or sonnets to your beloved or even falling for each other at first sight. Sometimes, true love may just be lurking right under your nose, and will make its way into your heart, slowly but steadily. And no bigger testament to this than the event that was the Genelia – Ritesh Deshmukh marriage! When Ritesh and Genelia met over ten years ago, neither of them could foresee how their affection would blossom into love. The people most surprised by the romantic turn of events in their case was – themselves! This couple is unconventional, charming, funny and of course, very cute! Their love story involved no clandestine rendezvous or impassioned proposals, but it is one of the strongest relationships that Bollywood has been witness to.

How It All Began

ritesh deshmukh and genelia in love

Well, this unconventional couple will tell you one thing: it was not love at first sight. They met at the Hyderabad airport before filming for their debut film, Tujhe Meri Kasam, way back in 2003! You may not know this, but at first Genelia was very reluctant to accept the movie because she did not want to pursue a career in acting! But when she saw the Tamil version of the movie, she decided to go ahead and give it a shot. And what a great thing that she decided to go ahead or she would not have met Riteish. What actually happened when the two met for the time is a truly funny story. When Ritesh walked into the airport that day, he met Genelia’s mother before meeting her. When he did meet the leading lady who was to be cast opposite him, she was looking away from him. He wondered why she was behaving like that. Genelia, on her part, had expected Riteish to be a spoilt brat as she had heard that he was a politician’s son. So she had decided to show him some attitude before had the chance to do that to her. But, gradually, they got around to actually talking to each other. As soon as they did, however, they did realize there was something there. Genelia says she was taken aback by how nice he actually was, contrary to all her expectations. She was very taken by how nice he was her parents and elders, and his charming nature. Just goes to show how you must never judge a book by its covers.

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A Decade Of Love

Ritesh and Genelia - A Decade of Love

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What began as a friendship on the sets of their debut film Tujhe Meri Kasam, soon blossomed into a strong friendship outside the sets as well. They loved being in each other’s company and spending time together. Not a lot of people may know that Riteish is an architect by profession. They would spend a lot of time discussing architecture and Genelia’s college and her exams. Soon, it was time to wrap up the movie. Once Riteish reached Mumbai, he had a startling realization that he missed Genelia. He spent a few days wondering whether it would be appropriate to call her. But thankfully, he did, and the rest, as they say, is history. Genelia was simply floored by his personality. For her, guys like him are very rare in today’s world. What began as friendship grew into the two of them becoming best friends, and finally, soul mates. (Does this remind every one of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, or is it just me?) They both admit that neither of them is very romantic. For them, it is the small things, the small moments that they spend with each other that makes life worthwhile. But what they both love about their relationship is the fact that even with all the changes that have come about in their lives, they both manage to remain the best friends they were since the very beginning of the relationship.

The Proposal That Never Happened

Ritesh Deshmukh Marriage - The Proposal That Never Happened

When you think of a Bollywood couple, you’d think about romantic, over-the-top proposals, but this wan’t the case in the Genelia – Ritesh Deshmukh marriage as Riteish is yet to propose to Genelia! Their love story truly sparkles, even without a diamond ring glittering on her finger. They both accept that their love grew upon them. There was no great realization of love which overtook them and swept them off their feet. When they had started dating, Genelia was in her late teens and Ritesh in his twenties. They have basically grown up together. Genelia summed it up perfectly in an interview when she said, “Formal proposals are mere rituals. It’s important to be happy with the person you are with.” So, Genelia proudly shows off her bare fingers, devoid of that sparkly engagement ring. “The only sparkler I need is Riteish.”, she adds. Perhaps this couple is more romantic that they give themselves credit for! This duo is really a stellar example for the all the couples who believe that sweeping, romantic gestures are not really for them.

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The Road To The Ritesh – Genelia Wedding : Sangeet, Umracha Pani, Haldi

Ritesh and Genelia at Sangeet Ceremony

When asked what the secret of his long-term relationship was, this is what Ritesh had to say, “In a relationship the most important thing is to respect the other person and that’s what will get you unconditional love. There is no love without respect… Love and respect will lay a good foundation for a great relationship.” Truly wise and simple words from a man who has done it all. And this respect that the couple share for each other was clearly and elaborately displayed by the two of them, as they opted for a traditional Maharashtrian wedding as well as a Catholic wedding. These two are truly an inspiration to those who have chosen to marry outside their religion.

Their beautiful sangeet ceremony was held at Taj Lands End Hotel in Bandra on 31 January, 2012. Genelia looked simply regal and stunning in a Manish Malhotra lehenga. The lehenga was a breath-taking pristine white, embellished with silver stone work and a young pink and orange border. She topped this look off with a gorgeous and simple diamond necklace and drop earrings. She truly looked like a princess from the past, and that happy smile on her face just made everyone’s day! Not to be left behind, Ritesh looked extremely dapper in a royal blue sherwani with white pyjamas. Looking at them, one could not help but wonder how perfect they truly are for each other.

Their sangeet ceremony was a truly star-studded affair, with the likes of Abhishek Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt along with their families present for the occasion. The sangeet also had its share of fun and masti, when Aftab Shivadasani put up a skit, complete with a cardboard cut -out of Ritesh. The couple also gave a special dance performance to the song Kombdi Pallalai, a traditional Marathi lyric which had everyone beaming with joy and shaking a leg. All of their relatives too, joined in. Sounds like a truly spectacular and star-studded night, right?

It was not just the sangeet ceremony that was the highlight of this glorious multi-cultural wedding. A day before the Maharashtrian wedding, Genelia conducted a traditional East Indian ceremony at her home, known as Umracha Pani. This ceremony is an East Indian tradition, where the family of the bride or groom dance their way to the nearest well in order to draw water to bathe them. This is a lot of fun, as traditional Marathi folk songs are played, complete with a band. Genelia looked simply lovely as she sported a simple pink saree, traditional bangles and adorned her hair with some perfumed gajra. She looked simply flawless and sexy as she danced alongside her relatives in this little-known traditional East Indian ceremony! The highlight of the ceremony was when she was lovingly carried by her brothers and relatives on their shoulders. She also rode a horse, which is a tradition that symbolizes the bride taking a baraat to go and get her groom. Proto-feminism, anyone?

Apart from the Umracha Pani, Genelia also had a Roca ceremony. In this classic Konkani ritual, the bride and groom are bathed in coconut milk and oil. This signifies their last bath as an unmarried individual. Not only this, Riteish and Genelia both had the traditional haldi ceremonies at home before finally getting hitched!

The Maharashtian Hindu Wedding

Genelia - Ritesh Deshmukh Marriage - traditional Maharashtrian wedding

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This was the first of their two grand wedding celebrations. This was not only a coming together of two individuals – it was, rather a union of two families, two traditions, two cultures, and this is what makes this couple so special in our eyes. Their traditional Maharashtrian wedding was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 3, 2012.

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Genelia looked simply stunning in her traditional red and gold saree, designed by Neeta Lulla. Her traditional look was completed by a nath and the pearl chain on her forehead, which made her truly the picture-perfect Maharashtrian bride. Riteish looked handsome in a white sherwani and the traditional turban on his hair. He rode to his wedding in style, on a white ghodi. He was accompanied by the procession of his family and friends who danced energetically to traditional Marathi folk songs, especially the lezm. The ceremony took place in the traditional Maharashtrian manner, and many Bollywood stars and politicians were in attendance.

The Catholic Church Wedding

If you thought the traditional Maharashtrian wedding was a treat to behold, then the second installment of the Deshmukh wedding will have you reaching for those tissues to hide a sniffle or two. This beautiful, fairy-tale church wedding was held at St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church at Bandra on 4 February. This was more of a cosy, intimate affair, with Genelia and Riteish’s closest relatives and families in attendance. Riteish’s brothers – Amit and Dheeraj – and some of his closest friends were spotted at the wedding. Apart from a select few, even the big Bollywood stars were missing in action from this ceremony. Genelia looked a vision of perfection when she looking simply elegant in a beautiful gown designed by Shantanu & Nikhil. Her look was completed by the traditional white veil, and a beautiful bouquet of white roses that sat so pretty in her hands! Her hair was adorned with a white headband, which complemented her simple and elegant hairstyle perfectly. Riteish looked every part the prince charming as he wore a black and white tuxedo, complete with a bow-tie. The wedding ceremony was solemnized in the eyes of God and men by a catholic priest. The couple looked completely in love as they said the words “I do” and solemnized their vows to each other. This was followed by a small reception party, with the couple cutting a multi-layered white cake, and taking their “first dance” as man and wife. But by the end of the party, both the bride and the groom were hoisted onto chairs and carried around by their friends, raucously singing English tunes like “He’s a jolly good fellow..” This continued for some time, in a spirit of joy, revelry and fun, and the couple were made to wait until all this revelry was over before they were finally allowed to kiss!

The Reception And The Happily Ever-after

The reception that followed the Ritesh – Genelia marriage ceremony was at the Grand Hyatt, and was a very star-studded affair. Genelia wore an amazing, dark peach lehenga that was covered with beautiful gold embroidery and achieved that perfect look with short sleeves that were also embellished to perfection. This beautiful outfit was accessorized to perfection with a gorgeous uncut diamond choker and earrings. She looked very beautiful with her hair adorned with the traditional sindoor. Riteish, on the other hand looked very classy and handsome in a black, embellished sherwani along with white trousers. The who’s who of Bollywood was in full attendance for this grand bash. The Amitabh bachchan family, Reklha, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Imran Khan, Saif Ali Khan along with Kareena, Dia Mirza, Bipasha Basu, Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani were just some of the big names in attendance!

Both Genelia and Riteish have been very insistent on keeping their private life away from the media. Perhaps this is the very reason that they have had a very successful relationship for the past ten years. But when it came to their wedding day, they were no doubt in a celebratory mood and opened their hearts and homes to everyone. Their wedding ceremonies were quite grand and festive affairs. But what makes us the most happy was the bright, sincere joy on their faces, the amazing chemistry between these two love-birds!

Genelia  Ritesh Deshmukh with Riaan

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The couples were blessed with a baby boy in November 2014. The coupled named him Riaan which means ‘little king’. The proud father shared adorable pictures of the baby along with Genelia on his twitter handle. We hope to see more cute pictures of the baby going forwards.

Here’s wishing all of them a very long and joyous union.