Ring Mehndi Designs: 15 Sexy Ring Mehndi Designs For Your Fingers

Ring Mehndi Designs: 15 Sexy Ring Mehndi Designs For Your Fingers; Instead of going for a full mehndi design on your hands, go unconventional this season with some beautiful ring mehndi designs. They are not only quick to do, but go with any attire and occasion, which makes them so popular and easy to carry too.

1. Intricate Ring Mehndi Design

Ring Mehndi Designs - Intricate

Intricate yet simple mehndi design that looks like you’re actually wearing a ring of sorts. The ring mehndi design will ensure that your fingers are not left unattended. The design is easy to make and can be done in minutes.

2. Easy To Apply Ring Mehndi Pattern

Ring Mehndi Designs - Easy To Apply

It is yet another beautiful and easy to manage design which looks beautiful. It is pretty simple to get it done and you will be left with enough time to get dressed for the occasion such as mehndi or sangeet ceremony of your best friend and be totally prepared for the same, from head to toe.

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3. Simple Ring Mehndi Design

Ring Mehndi Designs - Simple Stuff

It is a simple and easy to understand design which will be an amazing option when you do not wish to go overboard with the whole mehndi thing. It is done with a very precise nib to ensure that the intricate designs are finely traced on the delicate fingers to give a glorious look.

4. Sleek And Quick Design

Ring Mehndi Designs - Sleek And Quick

For an adorned hand free from excessively intricate designs, try this awesome ring mehndi design which is fit for any occasion and celebration. The simple strokes and ornamental look highlight the hands without going overboard.

5. Modern Khaleeji Inspired Design

Ring Mehndi Designs - Modern Khaleeji Inspired

If you are looking for a traditional mehndi design in a modern updo, you can try out this ring mehndi design which has a minimalist approach and yet gives your dainty fingers an adorned and ornamental look in no time at all.

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6. Floral And Leaf Patterns

Ring Mehndi Designs - Floral And Leaf Patterns

This nature-inspired mehndi design gives your ring finger a superbly classy look that too in less than a minute. It is an easy to execute mehndi design which can be done within few minutes for sure.

7. Cute To The Core

Ring Mehndi Designs - Cute To The Core

For a quick makeover of your hand, you can try out this easy pattern of bracelet mehndi design which is especially designed keeping in mind the fingers and designs to beautify them.

8. Fab All The Way

Ring Mehndi Designs - Fab All The Way

Go a little quirky and opt for a finger mehndi design instead of something that covers your entire hand.

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9. Play With Patterns

Ring Mehndi Designs - Play With Patterns

Build a nice pattern of designs on your fingers with the state of the art ring mehndi design perfect for the fingers. It is an awesome style you can flaunt with any attire, be it traditional, western or fusion.

10. Sweetly Adorned Fingers

Ring Mehndi Designs - Sweetly Adorned Fingers

Give your dainty fingers some love with the help of this beautiful ring mehndi design and have a great time with your BFFs.

11. Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers

Ring Mehndi Designs - Arabic Work For Fingers

The designs for the fingers and the back of the hand are inspired from the Arabic patterns which give your hands a very polished and sophisticated look. Doesn’t this one look beautiful?

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12. Embellished Finger Mehndi

Ring Mehndi Designs - Embellished Finger Work

Be inspired with the works of the artisans and adorn your hands with awesome ring mehndi designs that are richly embellished and ornate.

13. Mesmerising Patterns For Fingers

Ring Mehndi Designs - Mesmerising Patterns For Fingers

Ditch the usual full hand mehndi design which is so conventional and opt for this awesome ring mehndi design that gives a lightly textured look which is awesome for any occasion.

14. Bridal Look Inspired Mehndi

Ring Mehndi Designs - Bridal Look Inspired Mehndi

Get inspired with the latest bridal mehndi designs and modify it to a simple mehndi design like this for your fingers and the back of the hand.

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15. Sequined Finger Mehndi Design

Ring Mehndi Designs - Sequined Finger Mehndi

Enjoy this wedding season by adorning your hands with this beautiful mehndi design which will highlight your fingers and have everyone’s attention.

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