Reviewing Royal Indulgence Anaha - A 2000 Year Old Ayurvedic Solution For Neck And Shoulder Pain!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Weddings are all fun and frolic but equally tiring and stressful too. There are a hundreds of chores to be done and a lot of running around to do so that everything is just perfect. They are equally stressful for everyone, be it the bride or even the guest attending it.

As a bride you are laden with so much jewellery that you just cannot look up straight. And the “seeking of blessings” episode just makes it even worse. As a guest attending the wedding also looking up at the stage, dancing crazily, helping move around stuff etc everything can easily cause neck, back and shoulder aches.

Be it anyone, the go to solution for neck and shoulder aches are sprays or balms which give instant relief but this relief does not really last long. And most of these remedies are based on chemical solutions. When we heard about Royal Indulgence Anaha we were tempted to try it and here is what we found.

What Exactly Is Royal Indulgence Anaha?


Royal Indulgence Anaha is an ayurvedic neck and shoulder massage balm like no other. It is filled with 54 ayurvedic ingredients which work to increase 10X more blood circulation to the neck muscles for fast repair of muscle wear and tear.

It is a balm which targets and fixes many neck and shoulder issues with its time tested ingredients. Using Anaha regularly will not only give you immediate pain relief but also reduces your stress and improves your mood.

Filled With 54 Ayurvedic Ingredients For Muscle Healing And Relief!

Royal Indulgence Anaha is filled with ingredients like Bala, Yava, Karpasa, Badara, Mudga, Brihati and many more to provide you relief from your neck and shoulder issues.

Unlike other products who promise to give you instant relief but do not really solve the real problem, Anaha goes to the depths of your skin and targets the real issues and tries to resolve it so that they do not recur.

It not only provides relief but also strengthens the neck and shoulder muscles. You get these healing qualities and advantages in just a jar of Anaha!


Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hands On Anaha As Soon As Possible

Anaha is not only 100% organic and safe to use but the brand also mentions the following benefits that you will experience with its regular use:

  • Steady decrease in the frequency of neck pain
  • Drastic reduction of neck pain during the day or at the end of the day
  • Significantly reduced discomfort during activities that involve neck muscle strain
  • Drastic reduction in referred pain- shoulder pain
  • Reduced frequency of knots between shoulder blades due to neck pain
  • Significant reduction in pain going down a single arm
  • Significant reduction in headaches caused due to neck pain
  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety
  • Reduced stress and irritability

Not only this, Anaha is also certified by the Ministry of Ayush, (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddi and Homeopathy), Govt. of India.
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