Reviewing KREA Easy Curler Pro - India’s Easiest Curling Tool


Overall rating: 4.5/5

Curls for your half updo in a sari or a romantic curls look on your lehenga, this tool makes it all possible. That too without burning a hole in your pocket. Marriages are expensive and so are the hair stylists. So, why waste your time and money on anything when you can get a product which will give you the look you require that too at your comfort.

KREA’s hair straightener was something which we absolutely loved. And when we tried the curler we loved this product too. This curler gives amazing curls really effortlessly and is an absolute treat to use. Krea curler curls your hair automatically reducing all the effort it usually takes in other traditional curlers.

A Curler With Amazing Hi-Tech Features

This curler is not like any other curler you will find everywhere. This curler is a multitasker and does all the work for you. You need not be worried about burning your hair or damaging it as it has adjustable temperature settings. You can set the temperature up to 230 degrees depending on the thickness of your hair. This minimises the damage that can be caused and gives the best results.

The most amazing feature of this curler is that it is automatic. So you need not worry about how much hair you need to take for every curl or how long should you should curl each section. The curl chamber is designed with KREA’s patented Intelligent Spooling Automation technology. This technology enables the motor to gather hair in a rotary motion. It then winds it around a ceramic cylinder inside the chamber and applies heat. And just like that, with no effort and no confusion, you get a defined, beautiful curl.

Not just this, but for the first time you can also choose the directions of your curls. It’s totally up to you whether you prefer a perfect symmetry or an alternate curl direction for a more natural look. Simply select the option on the Curler – L for left (anticlockwise), R for right(clockwise) and A for Alternate.

Along with the direction of the curl, you can also choose from 3 different types of curls. It has 3 timer settings (8,10 and 12 seconds) for different curl effects (Wavy, Medium Curl and Tight Curls) respectively. Simply choose your style, select the time preset and you’re good to go. If the section of hair is too thick to rotate inside the chamber, you’ll hear a series of beeps indicating you to take your hair out and reduce the thickness of the section. This safety feature will ensure that you never snag or tangle your hair inside the curl chamber.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hands On Krea Curler As Soon As Possible

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Comes with adjustable temperature settings
  • Highest quality – industry grade tough plastic body
  • Gives curl direction control
  • Fail-safe and burn-safe way of curling hair
  • No snag safety mechanism
  • Curls are defined hence stay longer
  • 3 options for 3 different types of curls

So, why wait? Get your Krea Easy Curler Pro with attractive offers right here!