Kajol’s Weight Loss Secrets – Diet Plan And Daily Workout

Take inspiration from this stunning Indian diva to get rid of those unwanted pounds.

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After gaining some pounds during her pregnancy, Bollywood actress Kajol’s weight loss has caught the media by storm! One of the most popular Hindi film actresses and a mom of two, Kajol has quickly dropped her baby weight to become one of the most compelling contenders for a comeback film. This article discusses Kajol’s weight loss secrets. With her new slender and sensual image, Nysa and Yug’s mother, Kajol, will now share screen time with some of today’s most popular performers. Will this stunning lady trigger a nervous breakdown in today’s performers? Yes, absolutely! She can give any Bollywood actress a run for her money.

Kajol has become a symbol of beauty and grace. She keeps her personal life in excellent shape and finds time for herself while having a husband and two children. There is a lot more than meets the eye with this actress, and nothing is lacking. Kajol has amazed her audience and the media with a fit, healthy figure and gorgeous, clear skin as the face of an international cosmetic product. Scroll down to understand this beauty’s workout philosophy.

Kajol’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

The actress has lost oodles of weight in a relatively short span of six months after the birth of her second child, Yug. According to hubby Ajay Devgn and close friends, the actress follows a strict fitness regime with an extremely healthy diet.

Her personal health consultant and fitness trainer, Shereveer Vakil, initially hubby Devgn’s trainer, is now working with Kajol to improve her stamina, boost metabolism and maintain a healthy weight and physique for her body type.

A Mind That’s Made Up

Kajol’s excellent physique takes root from her mindset. The actress knew, even when she was pregnant that she wanted to shed the fat quickly after the birth of her child. She likens staying fit to practicing a skill. Gaining weight, she says, is like losing a skill. You want to stay fit, stay healthy and get back to practicing that skill as soon as possible. She is an extremely strong individual with a steely determination to get back into shape. And that won her half the battle.

Baby Steps

One quality that has defined Mrs. Devgn both as an individual and as an actor is her realistic, practical take on life. The actress sets achievable goals that she knows she can commit to and delivers on them. Kajol has taken the same approach to losing weight – discipline and realistic expectations. Like her son, the star started off with baby steps. He took to crawling about the house and she took that first step towards weight loss. With each passing week, Kajol slowly increased the duration and intensity of her workouts, resulting in the lean physique she flaunts today.

Working Out

There is no getting away from a workout. Kajol lost weight about 18 kilograms in just five months. Kajol works with her trainer to target the core muscle and fat areas in the body, strengthening one and burning the other. The workout is high intensity and Kajol pushes hard each day to improve her performance. The actress does endurance training, yoga, lifts and squats as part of her fitness regimen. She lifts weights and can handle 150 pounds and more in what is known as the ‘dead lift’, an intense, calorie burning, and muscle toning exercise. Kajol can easily handle about 300 push-ups, a feat for most women! But all in a day’s work for Super Mom Kajol!

Eating Right

Like her fitness regime, the actor is equally strict about what she eats. Kajol weight loss diet consists of foods like fish, paneer, eggs, nuts, lean chicken, and milk. She believes in eating smart and ensures she has plenty of fibre for a fit body. The star is not given to unhealthy snacking or junk food frenzies. She also drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and consumes fresh fruits, vegetables and health drinks to manage hunger pangs.

Kajol’s Fitness Mantra

Stay focused, stay disciplined. If you are finding it hard to work out on your own, engage the services of a good fitness trainer and dietician to help you get a healthy, fit body. Ask Kajol about working moms and lack of time for themselves; pat comes the reply. ‘You have to cook, clean, teach, manage and otherwise take care of the house. If you aren’t fit, no one else is going to be able to cope! Carve out some time for yourself, at least an hour to make room for a fitness plan. And make sure you eat right, that is most of your battle won.’

Bollywood actress Kajol stunned both the media and her fans by losing her post-pregnancy weight. Everyone was curious to know Kajol’s weight loss secrets. Turns out, she lost her weight in a span of six months by following a proper workout regimen and eating right. Her diet majorly consisted of foods like fish, lean chicken, milk, eggs, and paneer. Adequate hydration also played a major role in her weight loss. Endurance training, yoga, squats, and weights are also a big part of her workout regimen. Ultimately, staying focused and disciplined helped her shed those pounds.

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