10 Remarkably Unique Engagement Rings That Say She Is Special

The huge amount of emotion that has been invested into the idea of an engagement is something that is irredeemably entrenched into the popular consciousness. It can even be said that the one piece of jewellery that almost everyone loves to consider owning would be an engagement ring. From the single people to the ones who are commitment phobic, the idea of flashing a little bit of bling on your ring finger is always at least a little attractive. Even if in a slightly guilty pleasure kind of way, people always like the idea of wondering how their own ring might look like.

With the sheer number of designs and looks out there today, people are choosing to eschew the traditional diamond ring for all number and manner of designs featuring other stones and materials that are not lesser in sheer brilliance in any way. If you are one of these offbeat people who want to go against the herd tendency, then browse on for some truly unique engagement rings!


Unique Engagement Rings

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This vintage design from Jacquie Aiche is set with a ruby that is surrounded by leaf designs that are encrusted with diamonds.


Unique Engagement Rings - pear-cut diamond ring

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This pear-cut diamond is surrounded by other smaller stones in what is almost a starburst pattern that are all set in a band of rose gold. Truly, it is a rhapsody for the eyes, and one of the most unique engagement rings around.


Unique Engagement Rings - Anna Sheffield tiny wheat ring

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A stunning example befitting of any list of unique engagement rings, it is a rose gold engagement ring, and is a part of the Tiny Wheat Engagement set from the stables at Anna Sheffield. This resplendent ring is almost reminiscent of the Pharaohs and Queens of the Nile. It is designed to be worn low on the finger, the tapered paved band at the bottom delicately hugging the curve of the finger. The centre stone is a half carat stone, and can be set with your choice of jewel.


Unique Engagement Rings - Trumpet and Horn art deco ring

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Created by Trumpet and Horn, this vintage Art Deco ring is set with a .88 carat diamond that has an older European cut. It is centred in the midst of the shaped steps that fan downwards, which are finished in perfectly placed emeralds and diamonds.


Unique Engagement Rings - Delfina Delettrez magic triangle

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Part of Delfina Delettrez’s new Fall collection, ‘Magic Triangle’, this ring looks almost extraterrestrial. Featuring a new way to present precious stones in lieu of the more traditional setting, this ring is almost architectural in its look. The geometric shark like ring allows the gem to appear as if it’s hovering.


Unique Engagement Rings - Wood Nymph Double Sprig megan thorne

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Aptly named ‘Wood Nymph Double Sprig’, this ring from Megan Thorne is set in 18K yellow gold. The pear cut diamond stand at .4 carat and the European cut diamond is a slightly larger at .44 carats.


Unique Engagement Rings - Kathryn Bentley ring

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Unlike anything we’ve seen recently, this stunning engagement ring is truly unique. The almost signet like feel of the ring is complemented by to soft lines and the holding of the stones without the use of the traditional claws. From the geniuses at Kathryn Bentley, the rough cut stones and their numerous facets will catch the light in an evergreen way.


Unique Engagement Rings - Charlotte from Erica Courtney

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This superb ring, ‘Charlotte’ from Erica Courtney, is done in the now customary diamond and platinum, but the carriage-life feel of the ring sets it apart from most other rings. The elaborate design might seem a little top heavy, but it makes up for that with sheer elegance, a stylistic choice reminiscent of early Tiffany engagement rings.


Unique Engagement Rings - Old World collection armenta

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This Armenta ring from the Old World collection at Neiman Marcus has a midnight boulder finish and is set with opals. It is stackable and will look simply stunning when offset by a white dress. This ring belongs in the top tier of unique engagement rings for sure.


Unique Engagement Rings - obi ring

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This Obi ring form Elizabeth and James is the definition of refined elegance. No need for extra finery or convoluted expanses of twisted metal. This sculpted open-front design is sleekly finished with 23K yellow gold plating over a silver alloy. The stones are multicoloured sapphires.