33 Relationship Quotes For Him To Charm

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

It is said that love is the best feeling a person can have, and if you’ve found your perfect ‘Prince Charming’ to share your love with, you can be sure you are one very blessed soul. You can share your love for him in a million different ways, and here’s one way that we are sure he would like – relationship quotes for him that are romantic, intimate and honest. Something he will really appreciate. Read on and take a look at our collection of 33 best love and relationship quotes that you just cannot miss.


Relationship Quotes For Him

A love and relationship quote that tells your partner how important he is and how you can only see you future with him in tow. A quote that is a message of love, faith and hope for lifelong togetherness.

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Relationship Quotes For Him 2

Steve Maraboli is an acclaimed internet radio commentator, motivational speaker and also a best-selling author. This beautiful quote on how a man should treat his girlfriend or wife is an excerpt from his hugely acclaimed book Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience. By the way, it is a book everyone should read, you could even gift it to your partner with this quote written as a personal message for him.


Relationship Quotes For Him 3

A romantic love quote for your boyfriend or husband by Mathewson Lawyer. A quote that talks about how fascinated and madly in love you are with him, a message of love that will surely make him feel extra special.


Relationship Quotes For Him 4

A beautiful love quote that is emotional, sentimental and definitely heart touching. This is a love quote every person in a relationship should share with his/her partner. A quote on relationships and love that is written by Missouri Joan.


Relationship Quotes For Him 5

A very sweet love quote that is dripping with honey, quite literally. A relationship quote for him by the famous Israeli music composer and author Ella Milch Sheriff.


Relationship Quotes For Him 6

This one could be filed under the “long distance relationship quotes for him” category. A dreamy love quote that tells your guy how madly in love you are with him. He’s always on your mind and letting him know that would only make him love you more. A must share quote on love from Warner Roll.


Relationship Quotes For Him 6

A poetic love quote by Jenna Stark that talks on how your partner makes your heart dance, sing and get excited every day. A pretty and simple love quote that will put a smile on your man’s face.


Relationship Quotes For Him 8

A magical love quote that melts like a chocolate. A romantic love quote that is straight from the heart, a message of love that your partner would definitely appreciate.


Relationship Quotes For Him 9

A love quote for a lovely relationship that isn’t built on conveniences or calculations. You don’t need a reason to love because you know love just happens. A message of love which compares its existence to that of God’s. A moving love quote that will make your partner feel so special, that he might just say “Hallelujah!” Instead of “I love you” the next time you send him a love message.

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Relationship Quotes For Him 9

A romantic quote that compares his love with looking into a magical mirror that shows you who you really are. A message of love that is personal and as real as true love gets.


Relationship Quotes For Him 10

A happy love quote by Mart Lawson that thanks your partner for taking all the troubles and your sadness away. For guiding you, loving you and changing your mind and heart for the better. Tell him you love him and that you know he really is the best, with this beautiful love quote.


Relationship Quotes For Him 12

A humorous love quote from the ever-so-happy Californian motivational and keynote speaker Diana Jordan. A quote that is adorable, real and very special. A quote that praises his looks and also tells him in the same breath that he is kind-hearted and lovable. It also thanks him for making you feel like a million bucks. So if your partner is one of a kind boyfriend or husband, then you must share this beautiful love quote with him.


Relationship Quotes For Him 13

A timeless love quote from Joanna Mayor that tells your guy how special he is and how lucky you are to find him and know what true love is. A love quote that is appealing and honest.


Relationship Quotes For Him 14

A love quote that is as sweet as sugar and as nice as ice! A pretty one-liner that you can share with your partner. Something that will surely make him smile and maybe even hug or kiss you if you are around. A blissful quote you cannot miss.


Relationship Quotes For Him 15

In my opinion, this is one of the best relationship quotes for him. A love quote that transcends time, a message of love and the matchless relationship that you share with your partner. A quote that you could consider sharing with your boyfriend or husband; after all he deserves it.

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Relationship Quotes For Him 16

A crazy one line love quote for the couple in a hurry. A quote that is simple, straightforward and still funny in a way. A short and sweet message that gets the point across – you love him madly! That’s it.


Relationship Quotes For Him 17

A love quote that is meant to be shared, because it is adorable and irreplaceable, just like your love for each other.


Relationship Quotes For Him 18

A quote on love that is romantic and real. A look is all it takes; a message of love that will make your partner feel special and worthy.


Relationship Quotes For Him 19

A realistic love quote that is practical and honest. It talks of your relationship and how you’ve not always been perfect but waded through thick and thin. A quote that is sensible and honest, one that will be appreciated for what it is because you aren’t perfect but your love sure is.


Relationship Quotes For Him 20

A beautiful love quote that is short and sweet. Tell him how much you love him and how important he is for you with this one-liner love quote.


Relationship Quotes For Him 21

A hearty love quote that will make your partner fly! A quote that is humorous, happy and sweet. A simple message of love that isn’t serious or sentimental, but funny and adorable – just like the two of you. A must-share love quote for a happy and fun loving couple.


Relationship Quotes For Him 22

Another adorable light-hearted love quote that is a must-share. How cool would love be if it was like a starburst, and we hope yours sure is.


Relationship Quotes For Him 23

This quote on love talks of strength and courage, as love superbly binds it all together. It is about life and a bond between two gorgeous people madly in love and how love becomes a complementing catalyst at every stage of their life. A love quote that he will truly appreciate. This is a philosophical love quote by Lao Tzu.


Relationship Quotes For Him 24

An honest love quote that is about timeless love, everlasting trust and faith in what you are, as an individual and as a couple. Because faith, hope and trust are the foundations for any relationship that is bound by love. A beautiful love quote that will surely be applauded and appreciated for its honesty and sincerity in the message it conveys. Show him your unwavering love with this passionate love quote.


Relationship Quotes For Him 25

A beautiful and simple love quote that’s straight from the heart. A quote that talks about your special relationship, and how happy you are sharing that unique bond of love with him. Ending the one-liner with a “truly, madly in love with you” enhances the appeal of this love quote and is like an icing on the cake.


Relationship Quotes For Him 26

A quote that tells him that you are his, for life. A message that talks of how deeply and madly you love him and how he would always hold sway over your heart. A love quote that is a romantic submission of your heart and soul to be with the one you love.


Relationship Quotes For Him 27

The perfect love quote for a couple who are staying apart or a couple in a long distance relationship. A quote that is honest and emotional, something which talks of how he showed you what love meant and how the physical distance made you realise what true love really is. A love quote which he will understand and appreciate, for he truly loves you too.


Relationship Quotes For Him 28

An emotional love quote that is all about “him”, about how he has been your source of strength and how he has loved you more than you ever wished to be. A quote that calls your relation a dream, calls him a dream – something every man would love to hear. This is one quote that will really make him feel special and love you even more.


Relationship Quotes For Him 29

This is a beautiful quote on love and it talks of how love cannot be planned or be found. It has to find you, and that it is written in our stars. It is written by Anais Nin, a Cuban origin American author who made a name for herself in the 70s. This quote is about love and destiny – something you could put in perspective while you share it with your partner. Because there is an unknown power guiding you and that is why you two are together. Destiny at play.


Relationship Quotes For Him 30

A mischievous love quote that is all about romance and the desirability you share as a couple. A quote from one of the best movies of all time Gone With the Wind, this line made a name for itself, one that is as popular as the movie itself. A pretty line that you must share with your partner, and this time maybe he’ll be the one who’s turning pink.


Relationship Quotes For Him 31

How cool would it be to share and spread love in a sexy new language, and Spanish is one language that not just reads but sounds cool too. Spa-Nish! The name itself is slick and sexy isn’t it. So, coming back to our love quotes, “Te Amo” literally translates to “I love you” and “mucho” means “a lot” or “very much”. Now, go surprise him with your te amo, and don’t forget the mucho!


Relationship Quotes For Him 32

So you really liked the quote given above? We hope it worked wonders for you because it did for us. So here is another super cool Spanish love quote that is even more romantic. “Besarte es como ver las estrellas” literally means “To kiss you is like seeing stars.” I’m in love with Spanish already, and this love quote is one of the most beautiful one on this list.


Relationship Quotes For Him 33

The last of the Spanish quotes on our list of relationship quotes for him, “eres mi todo” means “You are my everything”. What more can you tell your lover than this? That he is you everything: Your love, faith, hope, strength, friend, lover, guide; everything! A quote you must share if he really is the world for you, and Spanish quite simply makes it sound so much more sweeter and sensuous.

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