23 Relationship Quotes For Her That You Just HAVE To Share!

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Falling in love is such bliss. What makes it even better is when your love, loves you back and makes so much effort in making you feel loved, cared about and special. Though, being men, sometimes, it becomes tough to express how grateful and happy you are to have a girlfriend like her in your life. But, don’t worry, we here at The Bridal Box got your back. Below is a list of sweet but sincere relationship quotes for her that convey exactly how you feel in simple, yet meaningful words, which you can dedicate to make her feel special:

1. You’ll Find Me Standing Next To You

This is a cute way to tell your lady that you’d never try to control her, neither will you ever feel inferior. You’ll always stand beside her while holding her hand, no matter what.

2. The Perfect One

The best way to win over a girl is by being honest to her about how you feel. Tell her the truth. Let her know how lucky she makes you feel.

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3. My Everything

Relationship quotes for her are a cute way to let your love know that no matter what it is that you are doing, as long as she’s next to you or it is related to her, it means the world to you. This one cuts to the chase; the simplest things become really special too.

4. A Pack Of Cards, Indeed

This quote is perfect if you and your girl are total opposites. Just like the way the quote says, you both may be really different, may have contrasting personalities or differing backgrounds, but like a pack of cards, you both can’t function alone. You both complete each other.

5. One Look Is Enough

One look, one glance, one glimpse of her is sufficient enough for you to believe in your relationship with her. You know that a future with her is inevitable.

6. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Through the ups and downs in life, your love will keep you both going. Her love is like your dark cloud’s silver lining.

7. Am I really That Special?

This relationship quote would make her smile instantly. Knowing that she makes you feel special would mean a lot to her. It would mean that you do notice all the efforts that she makes for you to feel loved.

8. I Am Not Faking It… Promise

Unlike all your past experiences, all those moments where you had to fake a smile around people, despite not being happy, her love and this relationship that you share with her makes you smile, genuinely.

9. I Fall For You Every Single Day

This relationship quote will let her know that the tiniest of the things you both share doesn’t go in vain. It will let her know that you notice each and everything she talks about, the silly jokes you both secretly share and even the silly arguments among you both is noticed and remembered by you. While spending all this time with her, you fell in love with her.

10. You Make Me Smile

Your smile isn’t limited to the moments when she is around you. Even when you are all alone, just surrounded by your own thoughts, you smile every time you think about her. Let her know about this and she’ll surely make you feel even more loved.

11. Speechless

If the very sight of her gets you feeling nervous, weak in your knees and shy, this is a relationship quote that you can absolutely share with her. It will describe how her presence makes you feel. Also, it will portray that you think of her and everything that you’ve to tell her when she isn’t around.

12. Stars May Fall Less In Front Of Your Acts Of Kindness

Whenever you’re around with her or when you both simply talk through the phone or just plain text, she never fails at making you smile. So, let her know that if you had a list of the times she made you smile and laugh and you had a smile for every little one of those reasons, then you would have the entire galaxy in your hand.

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13. Silly You, Silly Me, Silly Us

If you both share a relationship that is different from the regular relationships that couples have, this is the quote you can dedicate to her. If you both are unlike the mundane relationships that most of the adults share and prefer going crazy, enjoying and being silly together, this is a cute way to make her smile and express your love.

14. Be My Teddy?

This is a cute way to tell her that she is your teddy bear and you would love to cuddle with her all day and all night, just like the way you would with your teddy.

15. Cheeky Love

Love doesn’t always have to be all love and romance but no fun. Love can be you both being silly, stupid and fun. This relationship quote would definitely make your queen smile because it’s funny. Through this quote, you will be telling her that you would want to be the reason for her smile, everyday. You are saying that you’d love to get her so engrossed in your texts that the world disappears for her… and then she bumps into things.

16. Avrah Kadavrah

This way you can tell her that whenever you are with her, the rest of the world becomes insignificant and simply disappears.

17. Never-Ending Love

A relationship quote as such ensures you that she’ll smile while reading this. This quote portrays the immense love that your heart has for her. You will be telling her that your love for her will end if something impossible as the 30thof February arrives.

18. Uh-oh… I Forgot

They say flirting makes the relationship much more fun. So, the next time you and your girlfriend are flirting, you can use this cute relationship quote which would make her giggle. You would be disclosing how her beauty and her nature makes your forget everything, including your own name.

19. You Are Brighter Than Everything

If your find her beauty astonishing, breathtaking and a lot more brighter than the sun, then this quote can convey all that you feel for her. It lets her know that the sun’s shine becomes the moon’s dull glow, when compared to her beauty.

20. Excuse me!

Are you on a date with her? Did she just send you a photograph? Are you struck by how beautiful, charming and lovely she looks tonight? You can definitely use this cute, cheeky and adorable quote on her. You’d be in to hear the peaceful chimes of her shy giggle.

21. Occupied By You

This is an amusing way to tell her that your mind has been occupied by her thoughts. With this relationship quote for her, you can tell her how you don’t have a moment to think about anything else, except her.

22. I’ve Fallen For You

A romantic quote like this will get her heart melting as though it was Hershey’s chocolate in your warm palm.

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23. You Have My Heart

If you have presented her with your love, you heart and your soul, this is a quote you can share to let her know that you trust her with your life completely, without a doubt.

How did you like these relationship quotes for her? Which ones did you like the most? Or have you shared some of these with your love? Comment below and share with us your thoughts.

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