Reignite The Love On Your Second Honeymoon In Antalya

Married life can get hectic, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the routine of every day. Between having bills to pay and chores to get done, it’s quite common to have couples state that they just never seem to have enough time to unwind in the presence of their spouse. That’s why we recommend that you and your soulmate embark on a second honeymoon.

Second honeymoons are a magical time when you and your spouse can reignite the passion and love you have for each other. Away from all the responsibilities and hassles of adult life, you can really get down to spending some magical moments with each other. Great weather, stunning scenery, and loads of luxury is what we recommend for a second honeymoon. And what better place than Antalya, Turkey. Commonly known as the pearl of the Mediterranean Coast, this picturesque place is one of Turkey’s most recommended and rightfully so. An amalgamation of glistening waterfalls, serene beaches, and historical sites, Antalya is a picture-perfect getaway for you and your loved one. And as you gaze at the ruins of the Purge or bathe in the warmth of the sun on the idyllic beaches, you and your spouse are bound to feel the tension melt away and fully enjoy the solitude of each other’s company.

Kickstart your vacation in Antalya by strolling through the streets of the Kaleiçi neighborhood. This neighborhood has plenty of tourist attractions and red-roofed Ottoman houses. The Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque located in this area is a must-see. Its interior tile work is bound to leave you and your spouse stunned.

Another great place for you and your better half to visit is the Antalya Museum. Here, you can dive deep into the rich history behind Turkey. The archaeological section of the museum contains ruins beginning from the Bronze Age. The galleries contain beautiful mosaics from the Seleukeia and statues from Perge.

Then go all out and book a stay at some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. After all, not many opportunities like this come around and that’s why we recommend that you check into one of these finest hotels.

1. Regnum Carya Golf And Spa Resort

Regnum Carya Golf And Spa Resort

Nestled on a pristine white sand beach that overlooks the stunning Mediterranean Sea, this resort is as close to paradise as one can get. You and your lover will get to fully experience the soothing nature of the oasis while you stay here. Unwind and rediscover each other against the backdrop of this picturesque hotel. And if you’re someone who loves to golf or would like to try your hand at it, then what better place than this sunny piece of paradise.

2. Calista Luxury Resort

Calista Luxury Resort

Slip into bliss at this luxury resort. Its turquoise waters and breathtaking views are bound to leave you and your better half feeling pampered and smitten. If you want to amp up the pampering, then book yourselves a stay in one of the superior villas available. You can call upon your own private masseuse for a nice couple’s massage that is bound to leave both you and bae feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. At just a twenty-five-minute drive from the airport, this resort lets you and your spouse to jump right into your second honeymoon and relax in the presence of each other. What’s more, is that the city center is located only 5 kilometers away from the resort. So, you can embark on a shopping spree to collect memorabilia of the trip.

3. Rixos Belek

Rixos Belek

The 5-star Rixos Premium Belek is located in the popular resort area of Belek, in the Antalya region of Turkey. It nestles among verdant pines and pistachio trees and boasts the longest private beach in the Belek region. The Rixos can accommodate up to 1700 guests in a wide variety of 700 rooms and suites, with some disability-friendly facilities and sea views available, as well as 60 pool suites. The hotel is only a short walk to the private sandy beach, where you’ll find many water sports including jet skis and parasailing. Belek is also home to Turkey’s biggest theme park and shopping avenue, The Land of Legends, and close to the stunning Koprulu Canyon national park.

With its pulsating vibe and serene landscapes, this hotel is one of a kind and is bound to reignite the passion between you and your spouse. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and therefore lets you experience life of the city while also allowing you to get lost in the lap of luxury and nature. Its panoramic location enables you to choose which part of Antalya you would like to experience. Whether you want a suite overlooking the sea, mountain, or city, you are bound to have one heck of an experience. The relaxing spa and enticing restaurants and bars are amongst only a few of the luxuries you can experience during your stay here. Whether it’s strolling the streets of the city hand-in-hand on a warm afternoon or cuddling up by the sprawling poolside, this hotel is for sure an experience unlike any other.

4. Titanic Mardan Palace

Titanic Mardan Palace

Experience the sophistication of 5 star stays at this award-winning hotel. Located on the shores of the sea, this sprawling hotel has loads of lagoon-style pools and private beaches, which you and your loved one can get lost in. From its palatial architecture to its luxury accommodation, everything in this hotel is meticulously handpicked to ensure that you two make up for all the lost time. Get lost in the grandeur of this regal hotel and forget all about the hassles of day-to-day life. Take a cool dip with your spouse in the refreshing waters of the lagoon pools or bathe in the warmth of the sunlight on one of its private beaches. Then entice your taste buds with some scrumptious meals at one of the restaurants located in the hotel. If you plan on taking your kids with you, then they can enjoy playing and learning at the Kids Club. The watchful eye of the certified staff will let your kids have their fun while you and your spouse enjoy each other’s company.

We hope that your second honeymoon is everything you dreamed it would be and more. A stay at any one of these hotels will ensure that it happens. Let us know in the comments how your second honeymoon went.