10 Ravishing Bridal Ideals For The Red Gown For Wedding

Wedding planning and organizing involves numerous tasks and activities! If planning your wedding details has not put you in a frenzy, picking the perfect attire for each event will surely do! There are several events and functions before and even after the wedding. Every bride wants to put her best foot forward on each of these events. From traditional dresses to contemporary cuts, extensive details to flamboyant fashion statements, there are many options to choose from.

A classic option that continues to be one of the most popular is the bridal red gown for wedding festivities. A red gown has the power to not just make you stand out but also add oodles of power, grace, sex appeal and sensuality to your personality. So whether you choose to design your own gown, or pick one off the rack, take inspiration for trends and styles from our hand-picked selection of the very best.

1. Drape It Like It’s Hot!

Red Gowns For Wedding - Off Shoulder With A Drape On One Side


This simple yet stylish red gown for wedding celebrations is a show-stopper for sure. With minimal detailing in the front, the long drape over one shoulder is what makes it a unique design. The accentuated waist line and feminine cut will highlight your feminine charm and grace. Choose a flowy fabric that falls well and accessories with long chandelier earrings and a lose side bun hairstyle.

2. Keeping With The High-Low Trend

Make the most of ‘cocktail evenings’ before or after the wedding with this uber stylish high-low red for wedding festivities. The net detail on the top adds a feminine touch and the waist belt offers a powerful look. It accentuates the figure and requires very little accessorizing!

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3. Keep It Basic

This basic but beautiful gown is all about layers and the perfect rich and flowy fabric. It accentuates the figure and has a very charming look and feel to it. It allows a lot of scope to experiment with accessories, makeup looks and hair styles.

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4. Simple Sophistication

For those who wish to make a simple yet sophisticated statement, this red gown for wedding wear is absolutely perfect. All you need is a good light and flowy fabric that beautifully gathers around the embellished waist line. The thin straps leading to an embellished V-neckline gives a very graceful look.

5. Relive The Elizabethan Era

The corset back style can be the only design element you need to make the perfect bridal red gown for wedding walks down the aisle! Remember ‘Gone With The Wind’? The style is perfect to accentuate the waistline. Simple trimmings on the neckline and hemline with lace or sequins work and your red gown is ready.

6. Absolute Flamboyance

For a pure glamorous and flamboyant look, go for major frills and fancy with this red gown for wedding bridal wear! The multi-layer and twirled skirt design will make you an instant show stopper. The minimal floral pattern on the top adds even more style and elegance.

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7. The Classic Red Gown

Make a classic statement with this ball gown design. The long sleeves and the off shoulder look adds charm to the overall look of the gown. The plain skirt is beautifully complemented by a lace embellished top.

8. Nail The Trail Trend!

Christian Wedding gowns and long trails have an intrinsic relationship. The trail can be as long as you desire and it definitely adds a beautiful charm to the gown and the bride. One can experiment with numerous embellishments or just leave it plain and flowing. A bridal red gown for wedding wear with a train is a bold and elegant choice.

9. Glitter And Glamour

When it comes to a wedding gown, there is no concept of ‘too much glitter.’ It’s your day to sparkle and shine and let your gown add to the dazzling appearance you make. Glitter, sequins work, crystals and Swarovski work all enhance a beautiful red gown for wedding wear.

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10. The Grace Of Lace

There is nothing more graceful than a red gown for wedding wear made entirely of fine lace and detailed baroque embroidery. It is probably the most feminine look one can adorn. Lace is an evergreen style statement and trend.

The perfect red gown is all about mixing the right fabric, cut and style that accentuates your personality. So do you think red is the colour of love and charm or is it the colour of power and passion? Whatever your answer is, we say that it works both ways.