Dark Clouds On Your Wedding Day? There’s A Silver Lining.

“What if it rains?” is an obvious worry for not just outdoor weddings, but for indoor ceremonies as well… And if there’s just a hint of the dreaded black clouds come wedding day, uh oh, there goes everything! But is that really true?

rain on your wedding day - Make the best out of it

Sure, not everything will go according to plan and a few hiccups may occur (will occur) – after all, It’s really not anyone’s first choice to ask for rain on their big day. However, on a list of all the things to worry about, rain on your wedding day doesn’t figure. Not unless you let it!

It’s all about preparation and perception; and having a blast even if it rains! Here’s why rain shouldn’t bother you in the slightest:

1. It’s A Good Sign

rain on your wedding day - It’s-A-Good-Sign

There is more than one right way to look at things, so are rains on your wedding day. For the superstitious, they’r enot dark clouds, they’re a divine way to shower blessings, they’re cleansing, a wet knot is difficult to untie – hence a sign of strong bond, etc. Rain is also pretty much the perfect time to be huddled up with your partner, whether is a kiss in the downpour of a comfortable seat by the window with a hot cup of cocoa.

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2. Exciting Wedding Themes

rain on your wedding day - Exciting-Wedding-Themes

If you’ve got an outdoor setup in, say, Pennsylvania, Seattle, or London – well, the sight of grey skies and drizzle isn’t really going to put you off, is it? It’s good, however, to prepare and plan well – Have umbrellas (have a ball with decorating them, if you’ve the time), gazebo/pavilion arrangements, hot drinks, a photo-booth with gum boots, fancy hats and rain proof jackets… so that the rain only adds to the fun!

3. Photographs

rain on your wedding day -Photographs

Ever seen a wedding album with a few shots taken in the rain? At the risk of sounding melodramatic, they are some of the most jaw-dropping, breathtaking couple portraits… ever. Rain carries the emotion of love and romance like nothing else. The silhouettes, the shades of grey, the rustic backdrops, and perhaps, even a rainbow.

The effortless aura lifts the place, your spirits, smiles, and most of all makes for a great wedding album! Discuss the possibility of rain with your photographer and how they plan to handle it – a chance to recreate the classic scene from “The Notebook,” perhaps?

4. Rain On Your Wedding Day Creates Great Memories

rain on your wedding day -Memories

Rain on your wedding day make for a great story – one that’s fun to regale at reunions and anniversaries, and of course, with your kids. After all, like they say, rainy weddings are good luck, and a great sign for a wonderful beginning.

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5. Great Fun

rain on your wedding day -Great-Fun

Welcome the drizzle and the splatter and don’t get frazzled, for it brings friendly and familiar joy. Remember, “only you can spoil your wedding day, and not anyone else.” The attitude of the bride and the groom is the game changer. Everyone around you will start sulking if they see you doing so, and the mood catches on like wildfire – in spite of the rain. Kick off your heels and revel in the heavenly downpour, and your guests will remember being at the party of a lifetime.

And finally, that smell of when the rain first hits dry Earth – an intoxicating aroma signalling a great time to be  alive – is especially exceptional at your wedding. Embrace the rain if it does show – many others don’t get so lucky.

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