27 Real Reasons Why Women Want The Bad Boys

“Women like bad boys..”

It’s something all ‘nice’ guys complain about; they cite this as the number one cause they don’t get the girl. You see it all over the internet. You see it in real life. Science has taken on ambiguous quests to prove this also. But is that all there is to that statement?
No, there’s so much more going on. Here goes; the real reasons women want ‘bad’ guys, the real stuff the ‘bad’ boy is made of:

1. He’s The Real Deal.

He didn’t go to a class on how to be a bad boy. He didn’t decide he just wants to play around. He doesn’t hate women. No, he’s bad because he’s been through stuff that made him that way.

No, I don’t mean the kid who hates his mom just because, or the guy whose ‘bad boy attitude’ goes only as deep as his silly little story of how some girl broke his heart and now he’s a bad boy because of that. That’s just the pretend version.

No, he’s seen real shit, like, say, Eminem. You can’t fake that. And that is deep.

2. He’s Called A ‘Bad’ Guy By His Peers.

They actually hate his guts. That means he’s that good at it, and they actively feel the pressure of competing against him, together. And they can’t go beat him up. So they bitch about him, together. It’s like when girls bitch about that hot chick in class their boyfriends/crushes keep trying to impress. You can’t beat her up or the guys will hate you.

3. He Won’t Hate The Girl For Picking The Other Guy.

He’s too proud for that. He won’t go moping about saying, “Why’d she pick the nice guy? She’s such a w****, I hate girls, I want to make her feel pain.” He won’t go find his pals and whine about it.

4. He Won’t Play The Victim.

Nope, that’s not in his nature. If he’s got a problem, he may talk about it; but then he won’t whine, bitch and complain and then do nothing, or make empty threats. Oh no, if he’s got a problem, he’ll fix it. He’ll hatch a crazy plan and do it if he must, but he won’t play his pity party track.

5. He’s Got Pride.

A lot of it. And that’s the reason he’ll still be the cold gentleman. Yeah, he’ll tell her he just wants to have her for a night, but he’s not the type to go fifty-fifty, or make her pick up the bill.
He’s too proud to appear desperate, even if he is. He’s too proud to half-ass his way in bed. He’s too proud to be anything less than a man. That pride may be why he’ll hate a girl’s guts, but he’s too proud to not tell her so.

6. He Uses His Head. And Plans First So That He Doesn’t F up.

Even if it’s just a fling. Even if it looks like he didn’t. He puts in the effort. He’ll even make sure it didn’t look like he put in the effort.

7. The Promise Of Offering Her A Part Of Himself That’s Only Hers.

The nice guy never has a part like that to begin with. He’s too busy being nice to have a part of him that’s held shut.

8. Looks.

He’s not scared of the mirror, or the gym or the tailor. He knows the value of good looks. And he’s not a hypocrite about it. He sure as hell wouldn’t want to be seen next to an ugly chick; nor will he let himself look any less than his best around a hot one. So he’ll smell awesome, and take good care of himself. It’s a matter of pride. He knows his league; he won’t go running after super hot chicks he won’t look good standing next to.

9. He Doesn’t Follow The Crowd.

It’s not like he wakes up and tells himself to do the opposite of what everyone’s doing. He wakes up knowing that he will have to make his own decisions about things, even if that means standing out. He has his own opinions. He’s not a slave to society.

10. He Doesn’t Wait To Get His Friends/Family/Mother’s Approval To Date Her.

He doesn’t need to check in with his friends if she’s okay to date. He won’t ask his sister what she thinks about his girlfriend. If he likes her, then that’s that.

11. He Knows What He Wants In Life. And He’ll Go Get It.

He’s not going to decide what he wants to be based on his ‘bros’ opinions. He won’t pick a college or office just because his friends are going there. He’s not in a chick flick movie wondering if he really wants to be captain of the football team or run for the debates team instead. No, he makes his decision, and guns for it.

12. He Will Not Settle For Mediocre.

That’s why it’s so great when a bad boy picks you. He’s got a billion choices. And he’s choosy AF. And that’s also why the rush hurts.

13. He Makes Her Feel Special; And Wanted.

Nice guys don’t get this one at all. It’s like once you get the girl, all the fun stuff stops, and slowly goes from every day to once a week, and then once a month and then no more. Bad guys don’t do that, to themselves or the girl. They pace it out and keep it even. And don’t stop doing it.

On another side note, bad boys don´t care about anyone (or so we believe) so knowing that this guy, who is rude to everyone, who doesn’t want a girlfriend, who doesn’t take any girl seriously, is into her, and her alone, and is just nice/decent to this one girl, that makes her feel special.
And the truth is, his emotions are not something he gives freely, to his friends and his mom and his professor; it’s just with her.

14. He Is In Control Of His Own Sexuality.

He does lust without creepy or over anxious and despo vibes. He knows he’s got to show her he’s different. He’s going to show her he wants her, without freaking her out or scaring her off.
Oh, and he didn’t take classes for this one either. He just knows girls are human too. He doesn’t flash to porn and think like a creep on the inside about sex, and get that scary look when he sees a girl.

15. He Isn’t Scared Of A Girl’s Sexuality.

He isn’t worried if she’s good or bad in bed; he knows how to change that. He isn’t scared of waiting for her to catch up to him. He won’t take her sexuality for granted. He won’t call her names for wanting what he wants too. And he rarely kisses and tells.

16. He Doesn’t Dislike Taking The Lead In Bed.

That’s how he wants it, unless the girl wants it any other way. It’s how he looks at himself; a very impassive man with a live-wire sexual undercurrent to himself, that comes from having found that perfect balance between lust and seduction.

Common sense is still his friend. Even when he’s in bed, he thinks things through.

17. He Is Independent.

He likes it that way. He’s not going to get dad to fund his lifestyle, because he can do it himself. He won’t wait for a wingman, because he doesn’t need one. He may not lead, but unless he sees reason, he won’t be a follower.

18. He Isn’t Scared Of Her; As An Intelligent Person.

He will look for women at the top of their game. He doesn’t want a dumb girl, even if he’s going to make her his sub. And he knows what an intelligent mind looks like, because he’ll make sure he’s smart too.

19. He Doesn’t Hide Behind A Mask Of ‘Nice-ness’.

Every girl can tell when it’s fake. Sometimes it takes a few dates before she can, but every girl knows. And the truth is you can’t be a nice guy all the time, unless you’re hiding a dead body.
So he doesn’t fake compliments, and he might not say what she wants to hear at that time. But he won’t pretend to be or feel what he’s not. He is honest about himself. He knows only little boys need to lie to get with a girl.

20. He’s Not Indifferent. He’s Just Choosy.

It’s not like he doesn’t care about anything. He cares, but it matters who he expresses these emotions with. It’s the same with love. He won’t pick just any old gal. He doesn’t do the love thing for that very reason.

21. He’s Not Scared To Get Into A Fight.

And lord knows he likes a good one. He also knows he has a fair chance in any fight, coz the bad boy can’t be bad without his reputation for getting into fights. He knows how to protect himself and the girl too, if he has to.

22. He Doesn’t Mind A Little Pain.

Not just the fights. A lot of bad boys (and girls) get tattoos and piercings for this very reason; that and to say what words can’t. And as women, we deal with pain pretty often. A guy who can level with us on that makes him stand out.

23. He’s not Scared Of His Girly Side.

There’s nothing more attractive than a dude who knows his Prada from his Dior.

24. He Will Be Himself, Always.

He doesn’t need to be a different guy with different people. He doesn’t need or want anyone’s approval. He won’t suddenly throw out his old wardrobe and change his clothes to fit in. He won’t tone down. Nah, that’s not his style. He’s sure about himself, and what he wants, and he’s not about to go turn himself inside out for anything or anybody else.

25. He Knows How To Be Funny.

He’s mastered the art of subtle humour, without having turned himself into the group clown. He won’t repeat his joke, and it might not be for everyone’s ears.

26. He Apologizes Only When He Must.

He Apologizes Only When He Must

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When he says sorry, and it’s rare, he says it properly and really means it then. You‘ll know when you see it.

27. He Won’t Self Advertise.

Or cry out for attention. And he won’t kiss arse either. He is not some little bit of fluff, or that magical pony ride. He doesn’t need to talk about himself, unless someone important to him asks. He’s quite confident in his abilities to wow a girl anyway. He may be cocky, but he’s no moron.

It’s not the part about how he’s an ass, it’s about how he’s got all this other stuff going on, stuff that will impress the pants off just about any woman. When you’re asked to choose between Ted and Barney, you know Ted’s a wimp, even if Barney’s a jerk.
Most nice guys learn to be self-possessed and in control only later on in life, and that’s when they get noticed. Before that, they do a lot of thing the wrong way, and just assume girls like bad boys, when what we really like are a bunch of other things not even remotely related to bad-boy-ism. You have your check-lists, we have ours. They kinda look the same though, no?