7 Practical Reasons You Should Book A Venue Before The New Year Rush

Come wedding season, venues become the most coveted destination for every couple planning to tie the knot. The demand during the last couple of months surges to the extent that you are greeted by a waiting list when you try booking a place. From 25th December to nearly 3rd January, wedding venues witness a huge surge in the number of bookings.

If you plan the tie the knot some time around New Years then it is time to book that venue you have been considering. Here’s why:

1. Because It Is The New Year


It is the time when the whole world is the mood for fun and frolic, there’s a high chance that you may not be able to book a place in time. Thus it makes sense to book before it gets so busy that you need to scurry to even find any place to say your vows.

2. Venue Owners Tend To Inflate Their Prices


Venue owners, on the other hand, are well aware of the above. And they know to get the best out of it. Thanks to the pressing demand for venues, the owners/management tend to bump the prices by several notches in order to cash in on the rampant demand. If you book a venue anywhere close to New Year, there is a high chance that you are going to pay a small fortune for it. Advance booking helps save tons of money – money that can be better used elsewhere.

3. Most Vendors Are Booked


Venues aren’t much good without vendors. And unfortunately, vendors that come with the venues aren’t goign to be cheap. In fact, they’re going to cost you an arm and a leg. Plus you’re going to get packaged fare. So if you’re looking to get some creativity into the mix, or to cut costs while still getting great service, you’re going to need time. And negotiation. Both aren’t possible at the last minute.

4. Things Tend To Go Out Of Stock


New Years is crunch time for food and liquor. Supply and demand comes into the picture, and vendors have a lot of demand to deal with. Things will come dearer, and what’s worse, sometimes you may find that certain supplies (of decorative items, for example) have simply run out!

5. Don’t Forget It Is Just After Christmas


For many, the New Year begins from 25th December. Party organizers leverage this to make some fat income, and they use wedding venues to double-up as party locale for durations as long as 10 days. It is like a carnival, starting from Christmas, extending as far as the 3rd of January. If you are lazy with your booking then perhaps you will be tying the nuptial knot along with some tipsy merrymakers. Quite a solid reason to book that venue beforehand.

6. Guests May Have Their Own Plans


There are high chances your guests will have their very own plans. Having the wedding venue booked early means you can inform them way in advance before they book their tickets for their new year holidays. Also you will have all RSVPs on time so you can better judge the probable attendance of your wedding.

7. Last Moment Jitters


It is your wedding day. You need to focus on the joy and contentment of the day not worry about that venue slipping out of your hand. The best way to stop fretting about it is by booking the venue before the new year rush. That way you will be more focused on things that matter and even enjoy your wedding to the heart’s content.

So those are the 7 reasons you should be book a venue before the New Years rush. Don’t forget to share with those looking for a beautiful venue for their approaching wedding!

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