3 Reasons To Desire A Royal Wedding In Rajasthan

Consecrated and sanctified as one of the most important events of a person’s life, one thing that can be said for sure about weddings is that they don’t happen every day; in one person’s life, of course. The tremendous significance assigned to this day has led to a lot of people romanticising and building up the idea of their wedding to almost imperial levels. It is apparently the dream of anybody these days to celebrate their imminent nuptials in the most majestic manner possible; thus creating some unforgettable memories. And in India, if one were to think of the word royal, one of the most immediate associations for a large majority of the population is Rajasthan, and (again) by association, a royal wedding in Rajasthan! This fact is true even for a lot of people from outside the country as well. A fantasy royal Rajasthani wedding, nestled together in the north of incredible India, who wouldn’t go for that combination?

Certainly considered one of the top places in the world for destination weddings, it is suited to host some truly regal wedding gatherings that will celebrate the occasion with all the grandiose pomp and gaiety that it deserves. An ultimate locale with some stunning vistas to serve as backdrops for you and your partner’s big day, Rajasthan is rife with innumerable palaces and forts, almost all of which have been beautifully preserved to keep that air of unmatched opulence and majesty. The glitz and grandeur that these structures are steeped in will provide the perfect ambiance, whether you’re looking for a royal wedding in Jaipur, or a royal wedding in Udaipur, a royal Rajasthani wedding will be a majestic affair that can be forever cherished afterwards.

Rajasthan Wedding

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The sun-kissed state with its magnificent lakes amidst its desserts holds some of India’s most visually spectacular scenes. The large number of heritage hotels, palaces and forts, the elaborate local handicrafts, the fun fairs and festivals, the exotic fauna and the many pilgrimage centres make for an unparalleled wedding destination. The land of the maharajahs, a royal wedding in Rajasthan offers you the chance to conduct your wedding ceremony in resplendent style. Live out your royal fantasies in regal fashion, like the princes and princesses of yore. People come from the world over to exchange wedding vows amidst these sanguine sands. The tightness of the nuptial knot will be tempered and made unbreakable if you tie it in the warm, vivacious culture of the state, which enthusiastically embraces all its visitors into the bosom of its warm hospitality. The traditional music and the unmatched vibrancy of the myriad colours will add a distinctive level of inimitable charm to the whole affair.

Rajasthan weddings

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The stunning venues that are on offer on almost every street corner come in a range of budgets, and can cater to any level of desired experience that will suit your budget. Though, let’s make one thing clear, hiring an elephant to attend your function is not going to be cheap. If you want royal but don’t want to dish out the moolah, then we’d suggest going for a horse, or even better, a vintage car, or even a classic Royal Enfield Bullet.

The distilled essence of refined luxury and royalty that is available in this magnificent desert state is incomparable to anywhere else on the planet, and dare we say it, in our solar system and even perhaps in our larger galactic neighbourhood. The dream like affairs of a royal wedding in Rajasthan – the grand weddings of yesteryear where kings married queens-  can be recreated, to whatever scale you’d like, and made suitable for your own wedding. Princely so, in fact.

Rajasthan Weddings

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The extraordinarily broad array of locales that are viable as venues will astound you. From the Pink City of Jaipur to Jodhpur, the Blue City you can go to the Venice of the East in Udaipur or even the Golden City of Jaisalmar. They are all filled to the brim with spectacular palaces and forts where you can conduct your perfect royal wedding.