15 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Love

Before giving up, you need to rethink the reasons you fell in love with the person in the first place.

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Finding love might happen instantly for a few, but can be an arduous journey for many. Even when you find your perfect one, keeping the relationship afloat can have challenges. However, maintaining a clear understanding and wearing a ‘never give up on love’ attitude can help you overcome the hurdles steadily.

After all, “a perfect relationship is not perfect, it’s just that both people never gave up.” So, whether you are fighting relationship blues or trying to overcome a failed relationship, remember, love is a miracle that only happens to those who never give up on it.

Keep reading to know why you should never give up on love and what you should do if you feel like giving up on love.

15 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Love

Sometimes, giving up on love might seem an easy option. But closing your heart to love can make you lonely and negatively affect different aspects of your life. So rather than finding the reasons to quit, take these reasons to never give up on love.

1. Love is a necessity

Being loved and loving others makes you feel happy. Happiness is a vital element in fighting negative emotions like stress and anxiety that cause several mental and physical health problems.

2. Love has different shades

Every relationship is different, and so are the experiences. Judging love based on bad experiences isn’t wise. Having a heartbreak is a painful experience that often leaves emotional scars. However, a failed relationship in the past doesn’t necessarily mean you will experience the same again. So do not let the bad experiences beat your spirit and make you give up on your search for true love.

3. Love takes you to the solution

Giving up on love often seems the easiest way to save yourself from the heartbreak. However, some people seldom realize that living alone with no companion to share joys and sorrows is tougher. So, before you think of giving up on love, remember what made you love or why you are looking for it. With clear thoughts, you will probably start looking for solutions rather than focusing on the problem.

4. Love doesn’t happen right away

Unlike what romantic movies show, the cupid doesn’t strike instantly. Even if it does, it takes persistent efforts to keep it blooming across all weathers of life. So, if you are in a relationship, keep working hard to let the flame of love flicker. On the other hand, if you are searching for love, don’t lose heart. Remember, love comes to those who wait for it patiently.

5. Love is unpredictable

When finding the right person becomes difficult, don’t give up on love. Instead, re-evaluate your standards and introspect if you are being too demanding. Setting high expectations for love isn’t wrong. Nonetheless, the expectations should be realistic. Also, try not to have a ‘type’ when searching for true love, as it never happens as planned.

6. Love comes when least expected

Don’t let your past relationships take away your positivity and drift you away. You never know when love can sweep you off by your feet. No matter how bad your past was, stay optimistic and open your arms to embrace a new bond. Remember, love isn’t a race; it’s an emotion to feel and live with. So, waiting for the right person is worthwhile.

7. Love teaches lessons

Going through a bad relationship can leave you sad, lonely, and hopeless. But don’t let these emotions shadow your optimism. Instead, gather yourself and learn from the past relations. For instance, being in an abusive relationship might have taught you to love yourself and fight for happiness. On the other hand, a relationship that has ended on an amicable note might have taught you to look at the brighter side of a situation. Irrespective of the experience, treasure the lessons to make your next relationship better.

8. Love makes you mature

Whether it was a good relationship or bad, every person you have spent time with teaches you something. So rather than sulking or being desperate to find love, utilize all the time you have to be a better version of yourself. Indulge in self-exploration and work on the skills and traits that can help you be a good partner, instead of giving up.

9. Love gives you surprises

Everybody has a unique way of expressing love. While you may hug and kiss to express love, your partner does it by making you laugh or helping you with household chores. Just because they don’t love you the way you expect them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you. So, accept and appreciate their efforts rather than feeling disappointed and giving up on love.

10. Love doesn’t let you settle for less

True love makes you feel happy and content. If you haven’t found your special one yet, don’t settle for anyone just for the sake of it. Instead, wait for the right person to come. Be patient to find the one you deserve.

11. Love resolves trust issues

Heartbreaks should not dent your belief in love and make you cynical. Bad experiences may compel you to give up on love and stay aloof to save yourself. But giving up on love can cause you to miss the chance of being with the right person due to presumptions. So, stay there and don’t lose yourself.

12. Love fights the fear of commitment

A string of bad relationships can make you skeptical of commitment. You may spend time with the person you like but avoid investing in them emotionally. It could save you from the pain and hurt, but it also snatches away the chance to form a long-term, healthy relationship. So, reason your skepticism with positivity and don’t give up on love easily.

13. Love is the journey, not the destination

No one can predict a relationship. So, enjoy the time you are together rather than obsessing over the destination. If you happen to part ways, don’t feel hopeless and give up on love. Instead, appreciate the time you had spent together and embark on your new journey with a fresh mindset.

14. Love doesn’t come easy

Finding true love is hard, but maintaining love over the years is hardest. If you experience struggles getting along with your partner, don’t give up instantly. Instead, take time to understand each other and find ways to make your relationship work. Remember, it takes two people standing firm to make a lasting relationship.

15. Love makes you patient

Falling in and out of love can be a daunting experience, but remember, it takes only one person to turn things around. So be patient and wait for your special one to arrive. Even if it takes a little longer, every minute of the wait would be valuable.

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

Giving up on love is not an option for those who seek true love. Yet, if you feel like giving up on love, read through these simple ways to hold on and keep rowing.

1. Find what went wrong

Whether you had a breakup or have been single for quite some time, understanding what did not work out in your relationship can help you analyze similar situations better and avoid repeating mistakes. So, pause and recollect what went wrong in your previous relationship. Was it misunderstanding, miscommunication, or unmatched expectations? Find the shortfalls and keep them under check the next time.

2. Take time to recuperate

Before trying your luck for love again, take sufficient time to heal from your previous experience. Vent out all pent-up emotions and start afresh only when you feel ready. Love is essential, but so are the other aspects of life. So, contemplate what you want in life and make a well-thought decision. Don’t set out to search for love just to have a dependable partner.

3. Get help from friends and family

Speak to a friend, close family member, or confidant and share your thoughts. Have open conversations to resolve your dilemma. Stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to people can help you see different perspectives, giving you a 360-degree view of the situation.

4. Talk to your partner

If your relationship has hit a rough patch, act mature and talk to your partner before giving up on love and companionship. It will help you and your partner set clear expectations, end assumptions, and avoid disappointments.

5. Work on your relationship

Make necessary adjustments and willful sacrifices to strengthen bonding. Be loving, compassionate, cooperative, and forgiving to each other to let the love flourish. Expect less and give more to connect at a deeper level and be happy with each other.

6. Indulge in hobbies and interests

Take up a long-lost hobby or explore new interests. Do whatever you like to keep yourselves inspired and motivated. Learn new things and meet new people to de-stress and see things from a different standpoint. Sometimes this helps rekindle love and develop a positive outlook on love and life.

7. Seek professional help

If talking to people and venting out emotions don’t seem to help, seek professional advice to manage negative emotions. Hiding your feelings and staying isolated can make you feel lonely and depressed. A therapist can help you understand the complexities of a relationship and provide you with coping strategies.

Love is a magical emotion that makes everything around it beautiful. To some, love comes instantly, while it takes a little longer to blossom for others. Either way, finding and fostering love needs consistent efforts from both partners. Sometimes, things don’t work despite trying your best, and giving up on love may seem an easy option to relinquish pain and hurt. But you need to hold on to love firmly and remind yourself of what you want in life. You need to stay patient and work on how to hold on to love, no matter what.

Key Pointers

  • Finding true love can be difficult, but you should stay optimistic and never give up.
  • Every relationship is different, so never let your past experiences ruin your present bonding.
  • Learning from your mistakes and working on your relationship are a few ways to make it last longer.

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