10 Real Love Quotes Sure To Restore Your Faith!

Before we get into the pressing concern that are real love quotes, let us first stop for a minute and ponder… What is reality anyway? What we deem fit for comprehension, which can be described and understood in the confines of language, whatever we can subject to humanity’s relentless labelling, and most importantly the result of our essentialism— this is what we call reality. Well, that’s all good. But, you know, love has a way with things. Love has a way of getting away with what it is, slipping away from the grasp of words and our minds, of enveloping us without even asking to be understood. When God felt incompetent, he created love. For all the things that humanity puts itself through, instead of resolving them individually, God gave us the ability to love. Love is the crux of the leftover sanity belonging to mankind. In this fast-paced world, where even food is fast, we don’t have time to contemplate on these matters without feeling it is an investment. But you are here to make an investment, and trust me when I say it is going to be worth it. We have for you ten amazing real love quotes that will restore your faith in humanity and true love. Enjoy the ride!


Real Love Quotes

Julia Roberts has stolen many a heart with her amazing talent, and now with this quote, only more. True love is not an object you can find at the end of an expedition; true love is an expedition which requires you to find it inside you, first and foremost. If you have it inside you, then you know that you are a strong and empathetic human being, unashamed of your own vulnerability, with a heart that can actually feel. They may sound like ridiculous prerequisites, but also true. When a person has these qualities, and has the ability to look inside oneself for these, there is no chase— these are the traits of a giver, and not a taker, and the universe has to find you true love so you have someone to give all of your love to. So don’t wait. Just love!


2 Real Love Quotes

This is the mark of true love. It goes on to be the benchmark for the truthfulness of any relationship which involves love in any form. When we have found ourselves an object of love, we make the mistake of thinking of it as an object. We make demands of the person, want them to be this or that, behave this way or the other— wrong, wrong, wrong. In true love you don’t care if she hates showering even if you are a cleanliness freak; if he has trouble leaving the door closed at night, you don’t crib about it. Every individual is made up of hundreds of beautiful details that make them, and love is just an enjoyable exploration of these details. Love them for what they are, not what you want them to be.


3 Real Love Quotes

Ah, Balzac. Thou givest away wit as you do make them sigh. The man has a point here. If you ever foolishly started off on the journey to actually tell your true love that you love them more than they do you, you would eventually have found out that it is a pointless discussion. Love is the fiercest competition that way, if you have found the real deal that is. And even if we end up having our share of big fights with the loved one, it is never an expression of love but a comment on our own temperament— because love cannot demonstrate itself in violence. They say love keeps you young. Even when you grow old, love does not age with you; it grows with you, but lives on even after you are gone.


4 Real Love Quotes

Passion, I’m not saying is overrated, but is mistaken as the sole way in which one experiences love. The fierceness of love comes along when one experiences the sublime, where words just cannot quantify how one feels about the significant other. But true love sees beyond the surface; it can read you like a book and summarise you in a sentence. True love is much pickier about qualities than an Indian father-in-law scanning the man brought home by his daughter. The wisdom and understanding of true love cannot be expressed in mere words; to know it you have to be in it. These stunning words of wisdom might only be ever understood by someone who has moved past mere infatuation and has really loved, where exaggerated actions and poetic prose don’t dictate emotion, but the inherent qualities of the other; their person, their sensibilities, their morality, the shared understanding – and not mere agreement – all coalesce into deep, meaningful, lasting love. Worthy of any list of quotes on real love, and most certainly on ours.

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1 Real Love Quotes

This is not a list of designated duties of a true love. One doesn’t want to do these things, really, to speak the truth. One of the hardest things these days is to find a person who has the guts to be honest with you. That is why it is hard to find true friends. But the very same thing can sometimes be the biggest treasure we find in love— a soul mate shows you not the flaws in you, but things that inhibit you from reaching your full potential. Real love quotes like this one tell you that because love is selfless, it does not bring you down, but wakes you up to see how beautiful a person you are, inside and out.


6 Real Love Quotes

A very honest and close analysis of true love, this is one of those quotes on real love that is close to the truth of its true nature. “Real love is always chaotic.” When you are swept off your feet as you encounter ‘the one’ for you everything suddenly happens— flowers blossoming, birds chirping, movie-love feelings coming in, and you find yourself smirking for no reason. But the truth, my friend, is when you have gotten on to the roller coaster and the ride has begun: there is no getting out of it. There will be innumerable things that seem to make you feel like everything is going to fall apart. If you experience that, it’s the real deal. We know how the “course of true love” really runs. When the storm is over, you will find your beloved’s hand in yours, and you know this is what you always wanted.


7 Real Love Quotes

The quote is almost evocative of the story of Beauty and the Beast. It is the very moral learned by the Beast in the story. If you are the metaphorical beast, who has donned a harsh and rough disguise in order to pretend like you are a cold, unfeeling being, while you are actually trying to protect yourself from vulnerabilities, then get your notepad and sit down and take notes. Love may be a powerful feeling, encompassing an array of emotions in the whole experience of it, but it also needs a medium. If you were wondering what the medium is then I’ll tell you— it is an open and vulnerable heart, ready to pour itself out and fill it in with all that it can get. Never judge your self-worth for love; that can be done for aspirations, but love is an inspiration. Everyone is worthy of love. So if you have found the real deal, and you know the risk then risk it: it’s worth it; you’re worth it.


8 Real Love Quotes

There is nothing more traumatizing, for most of us, than the thought of unrequited love. The risk of not being loved in return has made many a lover give up something amazing they could have had. But I want to think out loud about this. Is the risk of telling someone how you feel about them and how amazing they make you feel about yourself, greater than the risk of actually being rejected for honesty? If you tell them the truth that you love them, which everybody wants to hear FYI, you can never hurt them, but the biggest risk is to not tell them and grow old and think about how your life could have been if you just had it in you to speak up for your love. If it is meant to be, it is worth the risk and your love will duly be returned to you— with interest!

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9 Real Love Quotes

Have you heard of ‘playing hard to get’? Yeah, well, that’s just stupid. If you have found true love, and someone recommends you this silly gambit, then evacuate immediately. If you truly love someone, you don’t want to sell yourself as a high-priced product that is in very high demand, and has a scarce supply. That’s capitalism, not love. In real love there can be no demand and supply, no hide-and-seek — love is an overflow of an emotion given selflessly and unconditionally to the soul that you can see with your mind and heart. Don’t hide, my friend. Just seek.


10 Real Love Quotes

One of the wittiest real love quotes you will find on true love these days, this innocent conversation between the characters of Percy and the goddess Aphrodite is perhaps more than just witty and humorous. The story of Helen of Troy must be a familiar one to all of us (otherwise, just google it dude!). The sentiment expressed here – and this is one of many real love quotes that bear a similar message – is that the fact is that one goes to any extent for true love. Few find it while they are still alive, and fewer get to keep it. If you have found yours, don’t waste your time. Go win the heart of the one who has stolen yours!