7 Real Life Stories That Show How True Love Can Be Found In The Most Unlikely Ways & Places

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If there truly is someone out there for each and every one of us, and we actually are so naive as to believe so, where could they be hiding? In which nook do we peek, which cranny do we cover? Do we follow advice that tells us to look out for any opportunities that arise, or do we keep living our lives as we were, and leave it all to fate? Is there a difference?

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While we can’t say we’re going to be able to offer you too much insight with regards to these important questions, we’re certainly going to share with you 7 stories of how different people across the globe came to meet their true love, and maybe you will find a connection, an understanding, certain insight and hopefully, some entertainment.

1. “One night a friend of mine brought some friends in to celebrate her birthday.”

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User phadewilkelu said on a reddit thread that he happened to meet his true love when he was working as a kitchen manager at a bar and grille. His friend happened to bring some of her friends over. “Some I knew, some I didn’t. They waited till I got off and I joined them.” The girl came up to him just before they were leaving and said that she was going to the bathroom. At this time, his friend told him that she (her friend) wanted a ride home from him, and so they were going to leave, and they did. “Of course I told her I would give her a ride home,” he said, before going on to add “It’s been 5 years since that night and we are now happily married with a 6-month old little girl.”

2. “She’s around my age and asks my name and says she will get me some pictures and thanks so much for such a great presentation.”

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BentRods, another respondent, is a fireman who was showing school kids a thing or two about fire safety when he was approached by one of the teachers. She added him on Facebook, they exchanged pics of the event and she even brought over cookies to the fire station at Christmas. “Fast forward 3 years and we are now happily married. She has taken a better paying job interestingly enough at the elementary school I attended, and I still work at the fire station where she grew up.” If that’s not the most adorable thing we’ve read all day…

3. “After a night of drinking I crashed at a friend’s place.”

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TheOtherKurt tells the story of how he was once drinking at a bar and ended up sleeping over at a friend’s house since the “blizzard of the century” was laying siege upon the city. “So we are trapped in her apartment. Completely isolated in a silent white world.” They ended up talking a lot over the course of the next whole week as the blizzard cleared up, and by the time the roads were safe to travel on, they had “talked until we fell in love.” He called her soon after, and it’s been 18 years since they’ve been together.

4. “It was raining, and I still smoked at the time, so I had to go outside.”

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The setting is a Parisian downpour. An Australian man wanders out of his building to get a few desperate drags of a cigarette and sees a lady with an umbrella. Their eyes meet, she beckons him over. Turns out the lady is waiting for her ride, who is late, and wouldn’t mind a few drags of the cigarette herself. She offers the Australian shelter, he obliges, they talk. “I didn’t think I’d see her again, but as I was leaving the country back to the US, I saw her again at the airport, turns out she actually worked there. I went up to her and we hit it off again, I ended up staying in France for another two years living with her.”

5. “Awww, I’ll be his girlfriend!”

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Genimaichacha shares an adorable story of how her dormitory friend had pictures of her friends up on her wall, one of which was “a guy with glasses and a big mop of curly blond hair.” She was immediately intrigued when her friend said “he’s never had a girlfriend before.” Said friend, as fate would have it, happened to come over to the university to visit and the two begin to chat. “We’re both extremely shy, so it’s very awkward, but we manage to give each other our MSN Chat usernames. The next few weeks we chat almost every day, and it’s a lot less awkward. We’ve been together almost thirteen years at this point, and will be married five at our next anniversary.”

6. “Turns out he’s a genius and thought I was a stalker.”

“Turns-out-he's-a-genius-and-thought-I-was-a-stalker.” anand here

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EnglTeach shares the story of how she met her husband in a college speech class. “He had/has a severe stutter and two lazy eyes,” she recalls, only to add “But he was still incredibly attractive, so I tried to buddy up to him thinking I could tutor him and he would fall in love with me.”

Fast forward 6 and a half years and they’re both happily married. “It shows why you shouldn’t judge people based on stereotypes,” she says when speaking of her happy tale.

7. “I often say I hate working for the military but it did bring me the greatest thing in my life.”

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Zombiepatches tells the story of how, when stationed in the navy, he happened to lock eyes with the love of his life. “I saw her and was instantly smitten, she saw me as a friend” he recalls. “(My) friends convinced me to ask her out, and she was surprised, but accepted,” he explains. “We became the ship couple, doing everything together, widely acknowledged that we shouldn’t be doing this by the chain of command but we were cute doing it so no one cared.”

Now the two of them are on different ships but are keeping their commitments alive. “Figured out how to do long distance relationships now they we’re on different ships, it’s a struggle sometimes. But I’ll be out soon and we’ll be together again,” says the happy sailor.

If you think you’ve got an even better story to share, don’t hesitate to sign up for the comments section below. We’d love to hear your crazy, random stories of how you met the one.

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