Real Life Love Stories: 50 Accounts That Prove Love Always Wins

History is teeming with several heart-touching real life love stories that tell us that love always find a way. These tales reinforce the point that love transcends all boundaries and limitations as long as you keep the faith in it. To prove that point, we have compiled a list of 50 such lovely real life love stories. These could make you smile and leave your eyes welled up at the same time.
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Real Life Love Stories

1. Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal

Real Life Love Stories - Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal

Let’s kick-off the list with the queen of all real life love stories – the eternal love between Shah Jahan and his third and most favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal passed away during childbirth and that left Shah Jahan deeply shattered. He vowed never to marry again and instead decided to make a mausoleum that the world would see. He was a man of his word, no doubt, and that is how the world has Taj Mahal.

Mumtaz Mahal’s real name was Arjumand Banu Begum, and she married Shah Jahan when she was just 19.

2. Dashrath Manjhi and Phalguni Devi

Real Life Love Stories - Dashrath Manjhi and Phalguni Devi

Heard the phrase ‘Love can move Mountains’? Dashrath Manjhi was someone who made that phrase earn its name. Manjhi was a poor labourer born in small village called Gehlaur in Bihar. One day, his wife Phalguni Devi was travelling along the hills near the village to bring him lunch when she slipped and fell. She succumbed to her injuries due to lack of swift medical attention as the village didn’t have a proper road to town. Manjhi was left shattered and decided to carve a path 360-feet-long through the hills to aid in mitigating the remoteness of the village. His determination aptly earned him the name ‘Mountain Man’. Officially the most moving of all the real life love stories on our list, or is it?

Dashrath Manjhi gave the movie rights for the film on him before he died.

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3. Laxmi And Alok

Real Life Love Stories - Laxmi And Alok

Laxmi was a 15 when she was attacked by a crazy 32-year old guy whose advances she had rejected. The maniac threw acid on her. Laxmi lived through the tragedy with nerves of steel and met Alok Dixit, a journalist turned social activist who was campaigning against acid attacks. They soon fell in love and decided to have a live-in relationship since both of them didn’t believe in the institution of marriage. Laxmi and Alok’s love story is outright inspirational and truly heart touching.

Laxmi and Alok had a baby girl in 2015, who they named ‘Pihu’.

4. Pramila And Vijay

Real Life Love Stories - Pramila And Vijay

Pramila and Vijay were both affected by polio at a young age, and Pramila was undergoing a corrective surgery at a hospital where Vijay was a ward boy. The duo fell in love at first sight but none had the courage to make any advances. It was finally Vijay who proposed, but the pair had to deal with the disagreement of their families due to caste differences. Seeing their love, their families conceded and today they are happily married couple.

Pramila and Vijay were just teenagers when they saw each other for the first time. Pramila was 15 years old, while Vijay was 19.

5. Kathir And Thilagam

Real Life Love Stories - Kathir And Thilagam

A no-frills tale on our list of real life love stories. Kathir and Thilagam first met at Madurai in the year 1999, when both of them were working for an NGO. The couple shared many common interests and spent lot of time together at work. Falling in love was inevitable but they soon realise the harsh ground reality of caste differences. Fortunately, they had certain supportive family members and soon the doting pair tied a knot at a no-frills ceremony. The couple was blessed with a son in 2005.

The couple run a NGO called ‘Evidence’ that helps people of lower social cadre.

6. Ashok Jain And Neena

Real Life Love Stories - Ashok Jain And Neena

Ashok and Neena’s parents worked in the Indian foreign service in Argentina and that is where they met, way back in 1970s. The two slowly grew close to each and fell in love. Initially, their parents welcomed their friendship but when Ashok shared his intent of marrying Neena they soon turned inimical. Eventually, the duo married without informing their parents and were immediately disowned by them. Four decades down the line, the couple now have two sons who are all grown up and married. Their case could be easily said to be one of the earliest instance of a successful marriage breaking caste barriers.

Ashok and Neena’s two sons married sisters from the same Punjabi family.

7. Kamlesh Vaishnav And Geeta

Real Life Love Stories - Kamlesh Vaishnav And Geeta

It is another story about love finding its way, and is quite similar to that of Pramila and Vijay. Geeta was suffering from polio since the age of one and was visiting a hospital in Udaipur for the corrective surgery of her leg. Vaishnav was the attendant at the front desk of the hospital, and it was love at first sight. Vaishnav was himself suffering from polio. The couple eventually tied the knot in secret but soon Geeta got pregnant and had to share the news with her parents. Fortunately for her, her father was supportive and they finally got a formal approval of their relationship.

Vaishnav and Geeta visit Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur regularly. Maybe you can catch them there if you happen to visit that place sometime!

8. Gautham And Anshida

Real Life Love Stories - Gautham And Anshida

Gautham (Hindu) and Anshida (Muslim) met in Kochi and soon fell in love. Theirs is another one of those classic real life love stories of inter-religion marriage and that stirred a lot of tension in their respective families. The couple faced threats of dire consequences if they tied the knot and Gautham’s house was even attacked by miscreants. The couple defied all the odds and got married, but still live in eternal fear. We hope they find solace soon.

Gautham and Anshida were on the run for 11 months after marriage, juggling from one city to another.

9. Manohar Singh And Mankunwar

Another love story from Udaipur, involving couples that defied their physical limitations to be united. The couple lived in a village called Juda about 100 Kms away from Udaipur and had met at a hospital for an corrective surgery of their polio. The couple got married in a mass wedding organised by a charitable trust in Delhi and now live happily in their simple house at Juda.

In an interview, Manohar candidly said that he fell for Mankunwar because of the mole under her lower lip. Cute isn’t it!

10. Razia Sultan And Yakut Jamaluddin

Real Life Love Stories - Razia Sultan And Yakut Jamaluddin

This is one of the lesser known historical real life love stories from India, lost somewhere in time. Razia Sultan was the daughter of Sultan Iltutmish of the Delhi Sultanate, who chose her as the heir to the kingdom on his death in 1236 AD. Razia was a shrewd administrator and able warrior. But her heart fell for her Abyssinian (now Ethiopia) slave called Yakut Jamaluddin. This did not go down well with the nobles and her childhood friend Altuniya. He waged a battle against Razia’s empire and killed Yakut, forcing Razia to marry him.

Razia Sultan’s story was rendered into a movie in 1983 with Hema Malini playing the eponymous role, and Dharmendra playing the role of Yakut Jamaluddin.

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11. Sassui And Punnhun

Real Life Love Stories - Sassui And Punnhun

This one is a popular Sindhi folk tale that is inspired by the legend of Mir Punnhun Khan, the Prince of Kech Makran in Balochistan, and Sassui, the Princess of Bhambore in Sindh. The King of Bhambore had given away Sassui as soon as she was born since he was foretold that she would bring immense shame to the family when she grows up. A washerman eventually raised the girl who grew up to be a stunningly beautiful woman. Prince Punnhun heard of her beauty and decided to meet her. The duo fell in love and got married but their relationship was rejected by Punnhun’s brothers who kidnapped Sassui. She managed to escape but perished in the desert. When Punnhun learnt of this, he ran towards the desert and died at the exact same spot to meet his lover at least in death.

12. Mirza And Sahiba

Real Life Love Stories - Mirza And Sahiba

This is another love story that transformed into a folk-tale. Mirza was the son of a land baron belonging to the Kharal Jat tribe, while Sahiba was the daughter of the chief of the Kheewa village. The duo had grown up together and fell in love once they turned adults. Mirza one day had to go back to his home town and during this phase Sahiba was forced to marry someone else. She wrote a letter to Mirza asking him to save her. Mirza made as hasty return to Kheewa and carried Sahiba away during her mehndi ceremony. Sahiba’s brothers chased down Mirza and killed him. When Sahiba realised this, she killed herself with Mirza’s sword immortalising their love story in folk history.

Kheewa is an actual village located in the Gujrat district of Pakistan, which was then part of India.

13. Shivaji And Saibai

Real Life Love Stories - Shivaji And Saibai

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj needs no introduction, and this warrior king from the state of Maharashtra was married off to Sai Nimbalkar from the Nimbalkar dynasty. Both were barely teenagers when they married and therefore both grew up together. After his mother, Shivaji was most attached to Saibai, who as the legend says, was a wise woman and a loyal consort to Shivaji. She had an influence on household affairs and also would advice her husband on stately matters. Her untimely death in 1659 left Shivaji shattered making their tale stuff of legends.

Queen Saibai’s tomb can be found at Rajgad fort in the Pune district of Maharahstra.

14. Prithviraj Chauhan And Samyukta

Real Life Love Stories - Prithviraj Chauhan And Samyukta

This one is perhaps best known for its immortal love. It is also one of those tales that younger generations are aware of thanks to an array of TV shows on it. Samyukta, also known as Sanyogita, was the daughter of Jaichand, the King of Kannauj, while Prithviraj Chauhan was the King of Ajmer and Delhi. Samyukta was fascinated by Prithviraj Chauhan’s persona and when her father Jaichand heard of this he was not happy. He decided to arrange for a swayamvara where he placed a clay statue of Prithviraj to insult him. It is said that Samyukta garlanded the clay statue instead, and later fled with Prithviraj. The pair married and later when Mohammad Ghori captured Prithviraj, Samyukta performed jauhar and killed herself.

It is said that during the swayamvar, Prithviraj was hiding right behind his clay statue and grabbed Samyukta and fled away.

15. Baji Rao And Mastani

Real Life Love Stories - Baji Rao And Mastani

Alright, guess this one does not need much explanation thanks to the recent movie Bajirao Mastani. Peshwa Baji Rao was a military general in the Maratha empire while the origins of Mastani are not completely confirmed. It is said that she was the daughter of a Hindu Maharaja who had a Persian wife while others say she belonged to the family of Nizams. Bajirao fell in love with her despite opposition from his family. When Bajirao passed away, it is said the grief stricken Mastani committed sati.

Mastani was a truly multi-talented woman and was skilled in arts, literature, and warfare.

16. Faizul Hasan Quadri And Tajammuli Begum

Real Life Love Stories - Faizul Hasan Quadri And Tajammuli Begum

Faizul Hasan Quadri was 17 when he married Tajammuli Begum, who was just 14. Tajammuli Begum was his love of his life. When he married her, she was illiterate, but Faizul made an effort to teach her Urdu. The couple was childless and that would make Tajammuli Begum often say that they would be never remembered after their death. So Faizul promised her that if she were to die before him, he would construct a beautiful mausoleum for her that would be remembered for ages. Tajammuli Begum passed away in 2011 and Faizul Hasan Quadri went on to make the second Taj Mahal for her. Truly be inspiring.

Faizul Hasan Quadri’s Taj Mahal is located at a small village in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. It receives a steady flow of visitors.

17. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia And Charlotte Von Schedvin

Real Life Love Stories - Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia And Charlotte Von Schedvin

Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin first met 1975, when 19-year old Charlotte visited New Delhi to get her portrait done by Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, a popular artist about whom she had heard a lot. In a typical poetic sense, the two fell in love during the course of the portrait creation and soon got married. When Charlotte was about to leave, she said she will send air tickets for Pradyumna but he said that he will come on his own. But Pradyumna couldn’t afford air travel so he sold all his belongings to buy a second hand bicycle, which he rode all the way to Gothenburg, Sweden. It took him four months and three weeks to do so!

Pradyumna today lives in Sweden with his wife and works as an Adviser for Art and Culture, under the Swedish Government.

18. Narayana Murthy And Sudha Murthy

Real Life Love Stories - Narayana Murthy And Sudha Murthy

Sudha met Narayana Murthy somewhere in mid 1970s and back then Narayana aspired to become a politician. Interestingly, Sudha knew him by name already since she would borrow books from a common friend who in turn would borrow it from Murthy, thus each book had Murthy’s name on it. Murthy fell in love with Sudha and within no time proposed to her. Initially, their parents were slightly hesitant but eventually agreed. Today, they can be definitely referred to as the first couple of India’s IT industry.

Real Life Love Stories Of Indian Celebrity Couples

19. Kunal Khemu And Soha Ali Khan

Real Life Love Stories - Kunal Khemu And Soha Ali Khan

Kunal and Soha met in 2009 on the sets of a movie but initially found nothing in common to initiate a relationship beyond friendship. They started doing a slew of movies together and soon realised that they were meant for each other. After five years of having a live-in relationship, the couple got into a wedlock in a lush ceremony in January 2015.

In early 2016, there were rumours of the couple’s divorce. Kunal rested it all with a very witty tweet below:

20. Honey Singh And Shalini Talwar

Real Life Love Stories - Honey Singh And Shalini Talwar

While most would not associate Honey Singh with ‘true love’, the reality is that he has always been one woman’s man. Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar met when they were just in school and it sparked a love story that culminated with their wedding in the year 2011. Even today, the pair share the same strong bond they have always had.

Honey Singh kept his marriage a secret for three years and only made a revelation on a TV show.

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21. Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri

Real Life Love Stories - Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri

The adorable couple met at a party in Delhi and would date secretly. The couple had a split but they reunited in Mumbai and soon realised that the bond that always kept them glued to each other was love. They finally got into a wedlock and are now the ace couple in Bollywood.

At their first meeting, the two shared a dance and at the end of it Shah Rukh asked for Gauri’s number, which she happily shared.

22. Riteish Deshmukh And Genelia D’Souza

Real Life Love Stories - Riteish Deshmukh And Genelia D'Souza

The two began as ‘just friends’ and as their friendship deepened they realised they couldn’t live without each other any more. Interestingly, Riteish never made a formal proposal to Genelia and their love grew soon. The couple got married in 2012 and are now blessed with two sons.

Riteish and Genelia’s first meeting was way back in 2003!

23. Sachin Tendulkar And Anjali

Real Life Love Stories - Sachin Tendulkar And Anjali

More real life love stories from India that don’t need any introduction. Anjali first saw Sachin at an airport, and was bowled over by his cute looks. She managed to get his phone number, and soon they were dating each other. The doting pair tied the knot in the year 1995.

Anjali disguised herself as a journalist to visit Sachin at his house for the first time.

24. Jyothika And Suriya

Real Life Love Stories - Jyothika And Suriya

The shy and reserved Suriya met Jyothika at the sets of his fifth film. Although they had a crush on each other immediately, it was only two years later that Jyothika and Suriya exchanged numbers and they soon started dating. They finally had a wedding in 2006.

It was Jyothika who recommended Suriya for his blockbuster film Kaakha Kaakha.

25. Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Real Life Love Stories - Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Mahesh Babu met the former Miss India while working with her on his first film as a male protagonist. Initially, they developed friendship but they eventually realised that they are meant to be more than friends. After five years of dating, the two got married in Mumbai in 2005.

Mahesh Babu was so busy with his shootings that he arrived in Mumbai on the morning of the wedding day.

26. Sonu Nigam And Madhurima

Real Life Love Stories - Sonu Nigam And Madhurima

Not much is known about the man with with the golden voice’s love life but Sonu Nigam has known his lady love for nearly 21 years. While it not known when and where they exactly met, Madhurima, who is from Kolkata, had already taken the esteemed place of being his lady love. The pair got into a wedlock in 2002 and continue to be very much in love.

Sonu Nigam first met Madhurima way back in December 1995!

27. Ram Kapoor And Gautami Gadgil

Real Life Love Stories - Ram Kapoor And Gautami Gadgil

The television romance of these two TV stars soon trickled down to their real lives when they realised they share an exceptional rapport. The two had been working for a while on a TV show together and the friendship they shared soon blossomed into love. They eventually tied the knot on 14th February 2003, which is Valentine’s Day.

Ram proposed to Gautami at a party and she immediately said agreed.

28. Ayushmann Khurrana And Tahira Kashyap

Real Life Love Stories - Ayushmann Khurrana And Tahira Kashyap

Ayushmann and Tahira knew each other since childhood and share a relationship which can be best described by the word ‘successful’. In spite of his fame, Ayushmann always maintained a stable love for the woman of his life and the two tied the knot in 2011. They were blessed with a son in 2012 and a daughter in 2014.

When Ayushmann shared his intentions of becoming an actor, Tahira gave up all hopes of marriage since her parents were not that okay with the idea. But she stood by his side.

Real Life Love Stories That Inspired Movies

29. Elizabeth And Jose

Real Life Love Stories - Elizabeth And Jose

This is a story that inspired the novel Eat, Pray and Love. It is the story written by Elizabeth Gilbert, inspired by her own love life, about how she met Jose, a Brazilian. It is about a lady who set out on a journey for self-discovery by globe-trotting with a purpose to seek three key attributes of life – eat, pray and love. The movie shows that the couple not getting married but in real life Elizabeth and Jose are very much married, and live in New Jersey. Do watch the movie to experience that mushy feeling.

Inspired Movie
Eat, Pray and Love (2010)
Starring – Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem

30. Michelle And Ian

Real Life Love Stories - Michelle And Ian

Michelle met with a series of car accidents in 1994 that left her with a rare form of amnesia that resets her memory everyday. She wakes up each day thinking it is 1994. Ian and Michelle tied the knot in the year 1997 but she does not have a permanent memory about it. Her doting husband has to remind her everyday about their marriage and leaves notes about important events. Their story is as romantic and touching as it sounds.

Inspired Movie
50 First Dates (2004)
Starring – Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

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31. Corinne Hofmann And Lketinga Leparmoriyoin

Real Life Love Stories - Corinne Hofmann And Lketinga Leparmoriyoin

Corinne Hofmann is an author from Switzerland who fell in love with Lketinga Leparmoriyoin, a tribal warrior from Kenya. Surprisingly, she took the trip to Kenya with her then boyfriend. On her return back to Switzerland, she dumped her then boyfriend, sold her possessions and returned back to Kenya determined to marry Lketinga Leparmoriyoin. But dangerous diseases and cultural differences tore apart their marriage and eventually she returned back to Switzerland in 1990 with the couple’s only daughter.

Inspired Movie
Die weisse Massai (The White Masai) (2005)
Starring- Nina Hoss and Jacky Ido

The movie was inspired by Corinne Hofmann’s memoir of the same name.

32. Vasily Ignatenko And Ludmila

Real Life Love Stories - Vasily Ignatenko And Ludmila

Vasily was a fire-fighter who lived in Ukraine and was appointed as one of the worker in the fallout of Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He absorbed a large dose of radiation during his tenure there, and fell ill. Ludmila, his wife, stood by his side as a loyal companion and took care of him till his last breath. It is not known what happened to Ludmila but it is quite likely she suffered from radiation as well.

Inspired Movie
The story inspired a four episode television drama called Moths.

33. Vladimir Valutskiy And Nadezhda Repina

Real Life Love Stories - Vladimir Valutskiy And Nadezhda Repina

Vladimir Valutskiy was a Russian screenwriter who had an illicit affair for 14 years with actress Nadezhda Repina. The two prospective lovers first met in Yalta, and both were married to their respective partners at that time. Repina was madly in love with him and therefore divorced her husband, but Valutskiy continued to stay married. Eventually, Nadezhda met another man, while Valutskiy never divorced his wife, bringing an end to their extra-marital affair.

Inspired Movie
Winter Cherries (1985)

It is said that the screenwriter for this Russian film was none other than Vladimir Valutskiy.

34. Krickitt and Kim

Real Life Love Stories - Krickitt and Kim

Krickitt and Kim Carpenter were an average couple who met with a horrendous car accident in 1993. It was just 10 weeks after their marriage. Krickitt was thrown into an indefinite coma and when she work up she had lost two years of memory. Which means she didn’t know her husband, didn’t know about their marriage and didn’t remember anything about them dating. Her husband stayed resolute and committed, and the couple went on to marry again (that’s really cute!), and had two lovely sons. The story is surely movie material.

Inspired Movie
The Vow (2012)

Starring – Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams

Tragic Real Life Love Stories

35. Alexander I Of Serbia And Draga Mašin

Real Life Love Stories - Alexander I Of Serbia And Draga Mašin

Alexander I Of Serbia was a young prince who was infatuated with Draga Mašin who was a widow. There was nothing in this world that could stop Alexander I to nurture his affair with Draga. In spite of heavy protests from his family and ministers, the duo married. The Prince, now King, intended to make Draga Mašin’s brother as his heir, which didn’t go down well with the royal senate. This led to a revolt and in 1903, a group of revolting military officers invaded the Royal Palace and assassinated the couple.

Alexander I Of Serbia was just 23 years old when he married Draga Mašin who was 35.

36. Napoleon And Josephine

Real Life Love Stories - Napoleon And Josephine

This tale is one of hostory’s most remembered real life love stories. Napoléon Bonaparte was the legendary French military and political leader who fell in love with Joséphine de Beauharnais, a widow older to him by six years and with two children from a previous marriage. Napoléon being a busy military leader left for a military campaign, which, it is said, led the lonely Josephine to initiate an affair with the lieutenant Hippolyte Charles. When Napoleon found out about Joséphine’s infidelity, he decided to have an affair of his own. Napoléon learnt of this and decided to have an affair of his own but eventually divorced her when he learnt she cannot bear a child. Deep in his heart, she continued to be the only woman he ever fell in love with.

It is said that Napoleon’s last words were “France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine.”

37. Cleopatra And Mark Antony

Real Life Love Stories - Cleopatra And Mark Antony

This can be considered as one of the classic historical real life love stories that inspired several legends and works of art. It is the illustrious relationship between Cleopatra, the famous queen for Egypt, and Marc Antony, who was a noted general in Julius Caesar’s army. Their story begins with Cleopatra trying to seduce the politically powerful Marc Antony eventually falling in love with him so madly that on hearing the news of his death she gave no second thought and killed herself in grief.

William Shakespeare wrote a play ‘Cleopatra And Mark Antony’, which evokes the relationship of these two historical figures.

Real Life Love Stories From Around The World (A Mix Of Good & Tragic Ones)

38. Anna And Boris

Real Life Love Stories - Anna And Boris

Anna and Boris were a newly-married couple in Russia, during World War 2, when Boris was summoned to fight for Stalin’s army. Over the course of the war, Anna’s family who was anti-Stalin, were exiled to Siberia by the government. When Boris returned, he could not find Anna. The distraught Boris remarried. By 2006, the couple’s respective spouses had died, and Boris decided to pay a visit to his home village only to coincidentally find Anna there. A joyous reunion ensued.

Boris and Anna stayed away for 60 years yet preserved their love towards each other.

39. Edward VIII And Wallis Simpson

Real Life Love Stories - Edward VIII And Wallis Simpson

Edward of Wales was the heir to the English monarchical throne when he happened to meet Wallis Simpson, an American woman with whom he fell love at first sight. When his father died in 1936, Edward VIII ascended the throne, and found himself unable to discharge his duties properly. His relationship with Wallis Simpson, who was an American and a two time divorcee, had also led to his unpopularity among the masses. He finally abdicated his throne to his brother to marry Wallis, and settled down with the woman of his life.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were exiled after their marriage, and they lived rest of their lives in France.

40. Pierre And Marie Curie

Real Life Love Stories - Pierre And Marie Curie

Their story can be considered as one of the famous real life love stories in the scientific world. Their mutual love for science brought them close together when they first met in Paris. Initially, Marie rejected Pierre’s proposal since she wanted to go back to Poland, her native country. But Pierre was ready to move to Poland for the woman he loved. The couple eventually married a year later and together then made several breakthroughs in the field of radiation that are still well known today.

Pierre was so much in love with Marie that the French Physicist was ready to work as a French teacher in order to shift to Poland for her.

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41. Prince William And Kate Middleton

Real Life Love Stories - Prince William And Kate Middleton

Prince William saw socialite Kate at a charity fashion show when she was just 19, while they were studying at the same co-ed uni. She was one of the models and William was immediately smitten by her beauty. William managed to contact her and the pair soon started dating. Kate and William got married in 2011 making Kate the Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple broke-off for sometime in 2007 but reunited a few months later.

42. Czar Nicholas II And Alexandra Federovna

Real Life Love Stories - Czar Nicholas II And Alexandra Federovna

Czar Nicholas belonged to the ruling aristocratic Czar family in Russia and was the heir to the throne. Nicholas II was so impressed by a certain German princess that he decided to have an engagement with her. She was Fedorovna, who he married in 1894. Sadly the couple were killed during the toppling of the Czars during the Russian revolution of 1917.

The couple would often engage in public displays of affection, much to the horror of the royal family.

43. Henry VIII And Anne Boleyn

Real Life Love Stories - Henry VIII And Anne Boleyn

Englishmen for years have told tales of real life love stories, and this is a must-add on all their list. Henry VIII was married to queen Catherine when he fell in love with Anne Boleyn. He made several advances towards her but she wouldn’t have any until he would make her his queen. She promised that she would deliver a baby boy as an heir to the throne. Henry VIII divorced Catherine and decided to have a baby with Anne, which turned to be a girl. After a lot of turbulent times together, Anne was beheaded on the orders of Henry VIII, on the false ground of committing adultery.

44. Justinian And Theodora

Real Life Love Stories - Justinian And Theodora

Justinian was a ruler of the Byzantine empire, and was quite unpopular with people of his kingdom. Justinian fell for Theodora who he met at Constantinople. She was a courtesan who had given up the profession to become an actress. Justinian was already married and faced objections from his wife but he married Theodora nevertheless, making her the empress. One day the kingdom faced revolts and while Justinian intended to flee, Theodora refused. This gave him courage and the duo quelled the revolts to continue to rule for many years together.

Constantinople is today known as Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.

45. Emperor Gaozong And Wu Zeitan

Real Life Love Stories - Emperor Gaozong And Wu Zeitan

This story is currently part of the royal collection’s real life love stories. Gaozong was a ruler from the Tang dynasty in China, and had ascended the throne in the year 649 AD. One day when he was passing through his palatial buildings that he spotted a lovely woman, who he came to know was one his father’s junior concubines. He immediately summoned her to his court and made her his concubine. That lady was Wu Zeitan and she went on to become the empress in 655 AD, and the pair ruled together through China’s most progressive years.

46. Frederick Douglass And Helen Pitts

Real Life Love Stories - Frederick Douglass And Helen Pitts

Frederick Douglass was a African-American social reformer, who escaped from his job (ship caulker) to become a statesman and social activist. Douglass met Helen in 1882, and the pair soon defied the social norms at the time to marry in the year 1884. They continued to fight against slavery through their work as abolitionists.

Frederick Douglass had hired Helen Pitts as a clerk for the office where he worked and that is how they met.

47. Pericles And Aspasia

Real Life Love Stories - Pericles And Aspasia

Pericles was a renowned statesman and orator in ancient Greece. He was at a symposium where he first saw the beautiful Aspasia and was soon attracted towards her. She was known for her beauty as much as she was known for her wisdom, and she was a popular counsellor, and (unfortunately) the greek version of a refined high-class geisha. Numerous people visited her seeking her advice. It is said that Pericles visited her everyday and would do so till his death in 429 BC. Sadly, the couple could never marry due to certain strict laws that forbade such a marriage.

48. Taylor Morris And Danielle Kelly

Real Life Love Stories - Taylor Morris And Danielle Kelly

This winner among real life love stories is in a league of it’s own. Taylor was a soldier with the US army and lost both his lower and upper limbs in an explosion during his term in Afghanistan. His long-time girlfriend Danielle did not give up on him and stood by his side helping him recover. Taylor went on to make a recovery and live a normal life thanks to prosthetic limbs. You can visit their official Facebook page here.

The inspiring couple tied the knot in 2015.

49. David Hurd And Avril Cato

Real Life Love Stories - David Hurd And Avril Cato

David Hurd moved to New York City in 1907 from his native land of Jamaica. He began corresponding with an woman named Avril Cato residing in the Caribbean. The two only communicated through letters and soon David fell in love with Avril and proposed to her a year later. She accepted his proposal and the duo met for the first time in Jamaica just a day before their marriage in August 1914.

The married couple shifted to New York and went on to have a happy married life.

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50. David Beckham And Victoria Beckham

Real Life Love Stories - David Beckham And Victoria Beckham

The first couple of the world of soccer met at a soccer game and soon were smitten by each other. David was a shy person, therefore Victoria willingly shared her number with him and asked him to call back. The rest is all history. They married in 1999 and have a pretty successful run with their wedding.

David had a crush on Victoria much before he met her. He shared that he saw her in a music video and liked her instantly.

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