Raveena Tandon Wedding: From Being Ms. Tandon To Mrs. Thadani

Raveena Tandon was one actress from the 90s who captured the fantasy and imagination of almost every moviegoer of that decade. Her sublime looks, clubbed with her sensual appeal made her the leading heartthrob of Hindi cinema, as well the preferred choice of numerous film-makers. It is no surprise that the oh-so-pretty Raveena Tandon caught the attention of one of the most flamboyant Bollywood actor of all times and dated him to the point of getting engaged. Let’s see who gets the gal and take a look at the mostly inconspicuous love life of this dainty diva of the 90s. This is the Raveena Tandon wedding story.

The Raveena Tandon Wedding - Raveena Tandon

Meeting The Khiladi

The Raveena Tandon Wedding - Raveena Tandon In Still Frames And In Mohra With Akshay Kumar

Raveena made her Bollywood début in the year 1991 with the film Patthar Ke Phool. The film was a success and within no time Raveena was catapulted to stardom and stole the limelight as the fresh face of Hindi film industry. In her second film, she worked with one of the upcoming action star of Bollywood – Akshay Kumar. She starred opposite Akshay in the film Mohra in the year 1994, and it was also the first time she had met Akshay. The pair sizzled together in the movie and soon their on-screen love transcended to the real world, and within no time the duo were dating each other, with gossip a-rife of a hopeful Akshay Kumar Raveena Tandon wedding.

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The Casanova Kumar

Akshay and Raveena’s pair was considered picture perfect. The both had that immaculate charm, which made them seemingly compatible. That could have truly been the case, had Akshay’s alleged philandering behaviour not become a hurdle in their relationship. This was something, which had come as a rude shock to Raveena but was nothing surprising for many since Akshay was known for his flirty demeanour, and in the past had dated women like Pooja Batra and Ayesha Jhulka. Despite all that, Raveena had taken everything in a positive stride, and accepted Akshay the way he was. Things were definitely very amorous among the couple and Raveena later revealed that the pair even got secretly engaged. Akshay had asked Raveena to keep their engagement under the wraps, and promised her an Akshay Kumar Raveena Tandon wedding once all of her pending projects would get completed. Irrespective of all the promises on the surface, it is said that Akshay continued with his old ways.

The Raveena Tandon Wedding - Raveena Tandon With Akshay Kumar In Candid Shots And Still Frames From Movies And Inset Raveena With Rekha

During the filming of Khiladiyon ka Khiladi in 1996, Akshay started growing closer to his co-actor who was the popular actress Rekha. This did not go down well with Raveena, who was already frustrated by the news/rumours of Akshay’s roving eye. By this point in time, she had even reduced the frequency of signing films to focus on her relationship. It is said that Raveena confronted Rekha and asked her to stay away from him. Although it was quite obviously a mistake from Akshay’s end, she forgot and forgave everything to maintain an amicable relationship with him. It was in late 1996 that Raveena finally had enough of Akshay’s antics when news started doing the rounds that Akshay was busy charming actress Shilpa Shetty. The heartbroken Raveena finally pulled the plug on the relationship with Akshay Kumar, turning to ash any Akshay Kumar Raveena Tandon wedding possibilities. She later said in an interview that she didn’t blame any other woman for what had happened since it was her beau who was not loyal at all.

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The Second Take At Love

The Raveena Tandon Wedding - Raveena Tandon With Anil Thadani In Candid Shots By The Press

After her break-up with Akshay Kumar, Raveena maintained a low profile and spent most of her time away from glitz and glamour to raise her two adopted daughters. In 2003, Raveena tried her hand at producing films, with a film called Stumped. It was during the process of releasing her film that Raveena met a certain gentleman named Anil Thadani, who was a prominent name in the business of film distribution. The two met during the process of their business dealings, and thus had a relationship, which was predominantly professional in nature. Anil was already married to Natasha Sippy, who was the daughter of producer Romu Sippy, and was going through a rough patch in his marriage. The couple already had two sons, in spite of which the couple eventually divorced. The timing of Raveena’s entry in Anil’s life couldn’t have been much better and soon Anil was dating the diva. Their courtship lasted for six months and on the Diwali of 2003, which coincided with Raveena’s birthday that year, Anil proposed to Raveena at her place. Anil already had the blessings and approval of his and Raveena’s parents. Raveena said ‘yes’ and the couple had a low profile engagement in November 2003. The stage was finally set for a Raveena Tandon wedding, long awaited by fans, friends and family alike.

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Time To Tie The Knot

It is said that Raveena had a childhood dream of getting married like a ‘princess’ and her ‘prince charming’ fulfilled every bit of her wish. The couple chose the Jag Mandir Palace hotel at the centre of the illustrious Pichola Lake of Udaipur as their wedding venue. This place had been the venue of several high profile weddings in the past including many royal weddings.

The Raveena Tandon Wedding - Raveena Tandon And Anil Thadani At Their Wedding

The Anil Thandani Raveena Tandon wedding ceremony was held on 22nd February 2004, and was conducted in traditional Punjabi Khatri and Sindhi style (since Anil was Sindhi). If the venue has not made it evident by now, then let us say it categorically that the wedding was outright lavish. Raveena sat in a 100-year old doli (palanquin) that once carried the Queen of Mewar, wearing her mother’s wedding lehenga, which was reworked by the Delhi designer Manav Gangwani with dazzling gold threads and exquisite semi-precious stones. The event is said to have been a lush festive occasion with the family members from the bride and groom having a jubilant time.

Their Lives Today

The Raveena Tandon Wedding - Raveena Tandon And Anil Thadani With Their Biological Kids Rasha And Ranbir

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Raveena and Anil were blessed with a girl in 2005 and had a boy in 2007. She has also been seen making a comeback in films recently but spends most of her time looking after her family. Anil Thadani continues to be a major name in film distribution, and like before, maintains a low profile. Overall, one can say this is one celebrity pair who has graciously avoided public and media attention. Even if they ever happen to come in spotlight, the pair maintains a certain grace, which is quite commendable.