10 Best Ratatouille Coloring Pages For Little Ones

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Do you want to encourage your kid’s creativity in arts? Are you looking for coloring pages from the film “Ratatouille”? Well, then your search ends here.

“Ratatouille” is an Academy Award winning film from Walt Disney. It narrates the story of Remy, a rat who aspires to become a chef. Here are ten movie based Ratatouille coloring pages free to print . He then makes an alliance with Linguini, a young kitchen worker at Gusteau’s, a famous restaurant in Paris. It includes all the major characters and scenes from the film. Have a look!

1. Remy:

Remy, the rat, is the protagonist of the film. He resides attic of a French state home along with his brother Emile. Due to his acute sense of smell, his father Django appoints him as the poison-checker amongst the rat clan. But Remy aspires to become a gourmet chef. When he finds that Linguini cannot cook, he takes over the job hiding under Linguini’s toque.

2. Linguini:

Linguini is the deuteragonist of the film. He is the son of Auguste Gusteau. He is a clumsy boy who lost almost all his job because of his clumsiness. Linguini knew nothing about cooking but had to take up the job because he had no other option left. Linguini is a slender boy with brown eyes, brown hair. He always dons the white chef uniform and toque.

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3. Chef Skinner:

Chef Skinner is the primary antagonist of the film. He is the head chef of Gusteau’s, a reputed restaurant in Paris. Skinner was a sous-chef under Gusteau but became the head chef after his death. Skinner has an immense hatred for rats. When he discovers Remy, he captures him and forces him to create frozen foods for him. He also wants to claim the restaurant as Auguste Gusteau had no heir.

4. Colette Tatou:

Colette is a tough and hardworking cook of the restaurant. She is ferocious and strong, as shown when she trains Linguini. She even threatens to kill Linguini if he does not keep his station clean. Despite her tough exterior, Colette is a massive fan of Gusteau. She also memorized all his recipes by heart. Colette also plays Linguini’s love interest in the film.

5. Auguste Gusteau:

Auguste Gusteau is an extremely talented chef and the father of Linguine. He is famous for producing recipes with unusual flairs. He is also the youngest chef to obtain a 5-star restaurant. He died due to depression when Anton Ego, France’s top food critic, gave his restaurant an insulting review. Auguste Gusteau is Remy’s idol.

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6. Emile:

Emile is another important character in the film. He is a brown, overweight rat, slightly larger than Remy. Emile is very friendly and understanding. He is the only one whom Remy told about his cooking. Emile has a strange habit. He never savors the flavors. He straightway swallows the food, which irks Remy.

7. Django:

Django is Remy’s father. When he notices Remy’s strong sense of smell, he gives him the job of sniffing rat poison. Just like all the caring fathers, Django warned Remy about the repercussions about cooking in the kitchens with the humans. He tells him that rats and human never get along, showing Remy an extermination shop with dead rats hanging on the windowsill.

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8. Making Ratatouille:

This coloring sheet shows Remy making the famous and one of the most challenging dishes, Ratatouille. The title of the film comes from the name of the dish. At the end of the movie, Remy prepares the dish to perfection and serves to Anton Ego. The dish is so delicious that it brings back to Anton, the memory of his mother cooking. He thanks Remy for such a brilliant meal and leaves quietly.

9. Mabel:

Mabel is one of the minor antagonists of the film “Ratatouille”. She is an old woman living on the outskirts of Paris. Remy lives in her attic along with his rat clan. Mabel is a great fan of Gusteau. She always watches Gusteau on the television. Mabel is a short and slender woman living who always appears in a pink nightdress and pink nightcap.

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10. Linguini And Colette With Remy:

Here is a coloring sheet of Remy with Linguini and Colette. Linguini cares greatly for Remy. He treats Remy just as his best friend and girlfriend Colette. Even Remy helps Linguini in his job by cooking the dishes for him. Remy would control’s Linguini body movements by using his hair. This coloring sheet is a perfect example of love, trust, and friendship.

Your kids are sure to have a blast with these adventurous Ratatouille coloring pages. Feel free to download all the coloring sheets. You can also check out our other Disney animated films coloring sheets. Which one is your child’s favorite Disney movie?

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