11 Times Ranveer & Deepika Showed Us How To Love. Without Saying It.

You know, that they know, that you know it. Well, that’s how simple and uncomplicated their love story is. These super successful and hyper hot love birds have been flying around together for more than two years.

While both Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have never spoken about it openly, they have through their gestures – both big and small shown their love and respect for each other. Love is not in hearts and roses, but things we do with and for each other – and here are 11 times ( and counting) we saw the couple do just that.

1. She casually walks into a LIVE interview and kisses him while the cameramen go crazy.


2. He hangs out with her ex and wishes them well for their film in the nicest possible way!

3. He unabashedly runs around with a rose in his hand while she blushes away to glory.   


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Check this I Love you 4. Or how about going down on your knees on air, at IIFA?


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5. They’re in their own world even when posing for a group pic. BTW that’s at Mr.Bhansali’s home celebrating the success of Ram-Leela.    


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6. Why not get married for reel? Here’s one from Finding Fanny where they play hubby and wifey.

    7. Maybe this is what she was saying, “I Love You’s like a bullet that can’t be taken back”.


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  8. When theirs is the cutest couple pic on the net and every site worth reading has this on their cover.


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  9. When they made you wish your washroom was that fancy. 


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10. When there’s professional PDA that’s genuinely honest.

11. And this.. .They made it and so should you. Now go find your lover and be the best pair ever.

Share your love story with us and we would love to put your story up – ‘cos love is all you need.