8 Rain Love Quotes That Make Monsoons Memorable

The rains are always fun and romantic! Being in love only makes you appreciate the rain as much as it has always deserved. The scent of the first rain is enticing and energising. Your body wants to get wet and your heart yearns for some romantic time with your lover in the rain. You could go for a walk, a long ride on your bike or even go all-out, on a rain date with your dearest – and here are 8 rain love quotes that you can share with him or her to make your day even more special and memorable, because rain and love quotes just belong together, don’t they?


Rain Love Quotes

A love quote about rain and how you wish to get wet, together. A quote that is about rain, love and the bond you share. If getting wet and getting drenched in love is your idea of a perfect rainy day – then this quote is just the one for you. Share it with your partner, go for a date-walk in the rain.


Rain Love Quotes - 2

One of the rain love quotes that is as sweet, sensual and real as rain itself. A love quote that is beautiful and one that uses rain as a metaphor for love and to express how much you’re in love with your partner.


Rain Love Quotes - 3

A philosophical quote that isn’t just about love, but life too. A quote that tells you it is not about waiting for your troubles or pains to go away but to enjoying life and love as it happens. Enjoy every moment, every day and the troubles will give way to happiness and pleasure in no time. It is important to enjoy what’s on your platter right now, you can hope, pray and wish for something better – but you do not need to wait for it, enjoy love and life as it unfolds. A must share quote with your partner and your loved ones.

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Rain Love Quotes - 4

A love quote about rain and how lovers can always enjoy the rain. It is a quote that talks of limitless love and how the one who really loves you wouldn’t mind getting wet, walking in the rain and even playing with you in the water puddles! A quote that talks of a care-free and a happy relationship. If you are blessed to have a partner like that, you are then obliged to share this love quote with him or her, because love is all about sharing and caring.


Rain Love Quotes - 5

A beautifully written love quote about rain and everyday pain. You need to get wet to see the rainbow, right? Life’s like that. You need to wade through the troubles to enjoy the pleasures that life and love offer. A quote that is poetic, witty and philosophical in a very light hearted way.


Rain Love Quotes - 6

A love quote that is like every lover’s dream. A romantic quote that talks of how you love your partner and love the rain too. A quote that is a tantalizing trance, a romantic date in the rain – a message of love, hope and the pleasure of being together and of course, enjoying the rain – share this with you partner and get drenched in love.


Rain Love Quotes - 7

Bob Marley is an icon, and this quote of his proves how he can make simple sentences sound sexy, sensible and sensual. A quote that is as much about love as it is about the rain. There are people who are in a relationship, and then there are other how are in one, and feel the love that they have for each other. One of the must-share rain love quotes, especially for music buffs or Marley fans who feel the rain!

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Rain Love Quotes - 8

A quote about rejuvenation your love and washing away all the pain you’ve both been through. A quote that talks of love, hope and positivity and compares it with rain washing all the dirt, debris away – giving way to a bright, sunny and a clear morning. A quote about rekindling your love and refreshing your relationship. Let the rains wash away all your pains, a quote you must share with your partner if you are going through a lean patch in your love and relationship with him or her.