Rahul Mahajan Marriage: Made For Television, Not To Last

Rahul Mahajan is above all else, quite a character. The son of the late BJP bigwig Pramod Mahajan, Rahul is a trained commercial pilot who has flown for Jet Airways, tried his hand at politics and has, in his own words, “made people laugh” with his many appearances in some of India’s most popular reality TV shows. Well.. Whether you choose to laugh at him or with him – it’s hard to ignore him, especially if you have been keeping up with his love life that’s almost everywhere on media every time he does something erratic. Let’s now, without any further ado, take a look at the two and a half Rahul Mahajan marriage fiascoes/press-capades a little more closely.

Shweta Singh

“I married Shweta when I was in the worst phase of my life,” said Rahul in one of his many interviews, and that’s not hard to understand. Rahul, then still a commercial pilot with Jet Airways, was reeling with the shock of his father’s murder at the hands of his uncle – an incident that took place just a few short months before the 2006-borne Shweta Singh Rahul Mahajan marriage.

Rahul Mahajan Marriage - Rahul Mahajan And Shweta Singh

Shweta, a commercial pilot herself (no mean feat in an occupation where 97% of the workforce is male) had made acquaintance with Rahul at the American Flying School which the both of them had attended together. At some point over the course of their association, the two decided that a Shweta Singh Rahul Mahajan marriage was the right thing to do, but it was a realization most fleeting because barely a year after tying the knot the couple filed for divorce and by 2008 were legally separated.

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Shweta filed a domestic violence case at the time of filing for divorce but later things have settled between the two with both keeping mum on the situation except for saying that the divorce was “by mutual consent” and “the right move.”

Rahul Ka Swayamvar: Marriage To Dimpy Ganguly

There are some of us who believe that almost all of the reality shows on TV (especially those filled to the brim with drama) are about as unscripted as the IPL (meaning, very scripted), but the producers and the duo put on a very convincing act where, as per the show, 17 girls vied for the chance to wed Rahul. And Dimpy prevailed.

Rahul Mahajan Marriage - Rahul Mahajan And Dimpy Ganguly

The couple initially seemed to be getting on quite well with Rahul saying, “She’s my best friend, and that’s very important.” Dimpy seemed to share similar views in that she said (while the show was still running) “I can’t imagine life without him. He is such a sweetheart.”

One of the many talking points of the Dimpy Ganguly Rahul Mahajan marriage (apart from the fact that the couple were the first in the land to be married on national television) was the 13 year age difference between the two. Rahul was 34 and Dimpy just 21 when they wed. Again, Dimpy wasn’t silent on the matter, opining that “…Rahul and I will get along well despite our age difference.”

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Trouble In Paradise v2.0

Well, she wasn’t wrong, because things seemed to be going seemingly well for the Dimpy Ganguly Rahul Mahajan marriage… for about four months. What followed after was a much publicized bust up (literally, according to Dimpy) as the young wife moved away from Rahul and back to Kolkata, accusing Rahul of punching, kicking and dragging her by her hair.

Rahul Mahajan Marriage - Rahul Mahajan And Dimpy Ganguly And Inset Dimpy's Bruise Marks

Along with ex-girlfriend Payal Rohtagi and Shweta’s allegations at the time of filing for divorce, Rahul now had a series of nasty allegations of domestic violence. Rahul was later charged for assaulting Payal.
The couple put up a brave face for a while, even appearing on a couple of dance shows together, but rumours of their ever nearing split had gained too much momentum to be ignored, and the couple spent a year and a half living apart before filing for, and getting a divorce, sending the Dimpy Ganguly Rahul Mahajan marriage to an early grave.

Dimpy recently married her Dubai-based childhood sweetheart, a man she had known even before she met Rahul.

Rahul Mahajan: Ever The Optimist

Rahul Mahajan Marriage - Amruta Mane and Rahul Mahajan

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There is a new woman in Rahul’s life and rumours of an Amruta Mane Rahul Mahajan marriage are already gathering steam, with Rahul dropping some pretty big hints about finally having found the one to spend the rest of his days with.
Amruta and Rahul may finally tie the knot later this year and all the news from there and more, you can be sure, we will have for you right here.