10 Radha Krishna Mehndi Design Themes You'll Fall In Love With

We are usually quite used to seeing complex and extravagant mehndi designs for weddings. Radha Krishna mehndi designs are no exception. Traditionally, Rajasthan is very famous for Marwari designs. These mehndi designs include images that symbolize marriage, most popular one being the Radha Krishna design. The love of Radha-Krishna is known as the greatest love ever. That’s why Hindus pray to Lord Krishna and Radha and like to involve them in their wedding rituals too.

Here are a few Radha Krishna mehndi designs we’re sure you’ll fall in love with:

1. Subtle And Simple

radha-krishna-mehndi-designs-with light floral detailing around


This Radha Krishna design is a rather simple one with light floral detailing around. This is perfect for brides who don’t like messy designs but prefer something subtle. The abstract shapes on the forearm add an elegant touch to it.

2. Radha Krishna Everywhere

This mehndi design is predominantly different from the other mehndi designs. These type of patterns are extremely intricate and elaborate. It covers the whole hand and as you can see it has multiple images of Radha and Krishna depicting their love.

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3. Swirl And Twirl

While the small swirls give the entire design a more complicated look, the use of thick and prominent lines make it more precise. Thus, when the two are mixed together, they form the best kind of design! You can also incorporate peacock designs to make it look more artsy.

4. The Peacock Feather Dance

The design is simple yet elegant. Here Radha and Krishna are shown together which shows a strong connection and the peacock feathers are beautifully merged with the design. The detailing at the tip of the fingers gives it a very unique look and additional accessories such as rhinestones can brighten up the design.

5. Classic And Ever-Popular

This one is a true classic and looks absolutely gorgeous. The fingers have an intense design, while the palm of the hand has beautiful picture of Radha and Krishna. There is some intricate dotted detailing on the forearm and a spade design at the end of it.

Here’s a video you might like:

6. Contemporary All The Way

This pattern is a little contemporary. It is designed to create a very appealing visual effect. The gaps between the designs are meant to accentuate the beauty of the pattern. The spiral and geometric design can be customized to give it a fuller look.

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7. The Neha Assar Special!

This one is a special design by Neha Assar, bridal mehndi expert. She has used abstract feather patterns on the palm of the hand and included Radha and Krishna on the forearm. The swirls and floral motifs beautifully complement the Radha Krishna design.

8. Fully Ornamental

This design features a typical bride and groom portraying compassion and gentle love they have for each other. The Radha Krishna design above shows how they are blessing the bride and groom on this auspicious day. The design covers every inch of your skin and lends a heavily ornamented look to your arm.

9. Weaves & Circles

radha-krishna mehndi design

Via: Source

The design shown here is a simple combination of lines and semi circular patterns surrounding Radha and Krishna. There is not much detailing on the fingers as the main focus is on the palms and forearms. The woven pattern near the wrists complements well with the Radha Krishna design.

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10. Dulhaniya Style

radha-krishna-mehndi design for full hand

Image Courtesy : Alankrita

This design has a full size portrait of Radha and Krishna on the upper forearm with a fort like structure around the portrait. The palms of the hand have a very unique Dulhania design followed by an intricate line pattern on the fingers.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock