10 Must-know Things Your Gyno Won’t Tell You – Unless You Ask These Questions Loud And Clear!

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Being a woman is not easy. There is so much happening in our lives that the chaos gets confusing. Forget the emotional, social, and financial aspects, let’s just talk about physical confusions. The list doesn’t seem to end! And then, there is this demon within, which comes up with the most bizarre inquiries out of nowhere. Like, last month, my genius mind asked me, ‘Is the multiple orgasms thingie a myth? If not, why haven’t you ever experienced it? You loser!’ And a week after that, I kept contemplating asking my gynecologist about it. And guess what? I didn’t! Because, obviously, I was too shy. And she didn’t bring it up because she was too busy. Google is my go-to person for all such embarrassing questions, but the truckloads of information just add to the confusion.

Good lord! Why are the most interesting questions often the most embarrassing ones?

So, here’s a list of 10 questions that most women are too shy to ask their gyno. But, they are important nonetheless.

1. Am I stretching down there because of too much intercourse?

That’s the misconception most of us have. Well, no, it doesn’t. The walls of your lady part are elastic in nature, and though they expand during the intercourse, they assume their normal size after you are done. Normal childbirth can change the shape of a woman’s vulva, but it does not cause any medical issues.

2. What is that funny smell down there? How can I make it go away?

White discharge can be an indication of urinary tract infection. The reason for these infections could vary from sexually transmitted infection to pH imbalance. If the discharge is more than regular, smells foul, and causes itching and discomfort, chances are it’s an infection. Keeping the area clean and seeing a gynecologist is the best option in this case. There are many female hygiene wash options available over the counter. These can help too.

3. Is it safe to have intercourse during my period?

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Caught you red-handed! Though it sounds too messy, having intercourse during your period is safe. Doctors recommend protection during this time as it is possible to get pregnant even when you are menstruating. Better safe than sorry!

4. I think I am late on my period and I am freaking out. How late is too late?

If your period cycle is by the date, a delay of even a couple of days is a warning. For women with irregular menses, it’s a good idea to take a home pregnancy test one week after your expected date. And, of course, all this only if you have had unprotected sex. Or he tried the pulling out tactic!

5. My friend had unprotected intercourse 5 days after her period. How safe is it?

Well, friend, huh? Okay, if you insist! It is true that a woman’s fertility goes down after menstruation. Though it is equally true that the fertility levels never drop low enough to eradicate the chances of conception. Do tell your friend that the risk still exists.

6. Why is it important to pee before intercourse?

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We have often heard that peeing after intercourse reduces the chances of urinary infection. But taking a leak before getting intimate is equally important. With a full bladder, one is more prone to attracting bad bacteria. Also, the orgasm suffers if your bladder is full. Just saying!

7. I am pregnant, and I sometimes leak unknowingly.

Bladder leakage is normal during pregnancy. Your uterus is doing way too much work in this phase, and some slip offs are but natural. Laughing, sneezing, exercising, and coughing can lead to urine leakage during pregnancy. Using a panty liner is the best solution to this problem.

8. Why shouldn’t I use a tampon at night?

Though it’s a convenient option, using a tampon at night might lead to UTI. That is, if you are prone to urinary infections. A tampon also absorbs the healthy natural vaginal fluids, resulting in the area being more prone to infections. The longer that tampon stays in you, the more are your chances of getting an infection. Using a pad at night is a better option.

9. Will birth control pills affect my sex drive?

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Research shows some women have a higher sex drive after being on birth control pills and others complain of lower sex drive. Birth control pills release hormones that stop ovulation. This affects the production of testosterone that is usually produced by the ovaries and is related to sex drive. That said, there is no clear indication of birth control reducing sex drive. So, let’s not blame the poor pills. The reason could be something else.

10. Why does it hurt so much when I get intimate with my partner?

There could be many reasons why it hurts during intercourse. Less lubrication, stress, fatigue, urine infection or sheer lack of interest can result in pain. Based on the reasons, the solutions can be decided. Using lubes, increasing foreplay, and being relaxed during intercourse could be a few ways to deal with the pain. If it persists, seeing the gyno is a sensible option.

And now that you know the answers to the most embarrassing questions (well, you thought they were), you must have realized the answers make it such a no-big-deal. So, ask your gynecologist whatever is on your mind. No matter how ridiculous it sounds. Ask it.

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