Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before Inviting Someone To Your Wedding

When planning for your wedding day, one of the most difficult tasks you can face apart from selecting the venue or the wedding gown, is preparing the guest list – you know, the list of people who will be getting an invite. You will be tempted to invite a number of people, and obliged to invite a few others. But before you make the final list, you need to ask yourself these questions:


1. Have you ever met this person before in your life?
If you have never met this person in real life, and only heard stories from your mother or siblings or even your partner, then you can ditch inviting them.

2. When was the last time you met this person?
If the last time was more than a year ago and you two have made no efforts to still keep in touch, then this person is not important enough in your life to get the wedding invite.

3. Were you there for their wedding?
Did you attend their wedding? Were you invited even? If not, then you know what should be the decision. Simply, drop the invite!

4. Is the person comfortable to be around, especially on occasions as important and tricky as marriage?
It is your wedding day and no one should do anything to dampen your happiness on this day. If the person in question is a difficult character to handle, especially in social situations, you reserve the right not to invite them.

5. Is it a good idea to invite your co-workers?
It totally depends on the kind of rapport you share with them. If your colleague doubles up as your BFF, then he/she deserves an invite. If you do not picture them in your life once you change jobs, it is not necessary to invite them.

6. Has this person met your partner ever?
If the person you are planning to invite has never met your partner before, it is surely going to be awkward for all three of you in that situation. Why increase the embarrassment? Skip the invite!

7. Do you meet with this person on holidays, birthdays or any celebrations?
Do you spend the relaxing days of the year or the special occasions of your life with this person? If yes, they should be a part of your marriage too! If not, you can just let go of the obligation to invite them. They will be thankful too!

8. Is the presence of this person going to make or break on enjoyment?
If the presence of this person in you celebrations dulls your spirit, you need not invite them as this is solely your day.


9. What is your reaction when you see their number flashing on the ID caller of your phone?
If their incoming call makes you nervous or uneasy, you know the answer whether to invite them or not to your wedding.

10. Is it really necessary to invite that long distance aunt of yours?
If your parents are hell bent on inviting her and you are not too eager about it, then have talk with your parents and handle the situation in a mature way.

11. Can you invite this person without a plus-one?
If you only know this person and have no intention to extend the invite to their family, then it is okay to just invite them without a plus-one, or if that’s too awkward, not to invite them at all.

12. What are the events where you meet this person you are planning to invite?
If it is the events that you organize where you meet this person, then it is worth inviting them. If you are only catching up at your friend’s place, then it is just a friend of friend’s situation and you can avoid sending an invite.

13. Will this person be there in your life in five year’s time?
If you cannot imagine this person in your life at least five years down the lane, then it is not worth sending them an invite too.

14. Do I need to invite the whole family of this person?
If inviting the whole family really scares you and you do not know them personally, you do not have to invite the family or the person in that case.

15. Would you be upset if this person is not there at your wedding?
If the absence of this person in your wedding is going to surely b upset you, then it is a must to invite them.

16. Will this person make an effort to join in your happiness if it’s an overseas wedding?
If, hypothetically, you are going for an overseas wedding and this person is sure to come anyway, then he/she totally deserves your wedding invite.

17. Do you ever call or text them?
If you are not in regular touch, especially over calls and chats, then you can think of not inviting them to your wedding. It will be difficult to catch up with them in person when you are already stressed with hundreds of guest coming and expecting your attention.

18. Do you really enjoy their company?
If you are crazy about spending time with them really enjoy their conversations, then of course, you must invite them to your wedding. If you are not too comfortable in their company and it makes you stressed and you fail to predict their behavior, then it is fine if you skip inviting them.


19. If moved to another city or country, will you still be in touch with this person?
If moving to another location does not changes the dynamics between you two and you will still make all the efforts to keep in touch, then it is worth it to send them an invite and make them a part of your unbound happiness.

20. Will you be ready to change the date of your wedding if this person could not come on the fixed date?
If it is a yes, then you already know the answer!

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