Questions To Ask A Girl Before Marriage – 19 Important Ones

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Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of your life. When you decide to get married, you’re not just saying ‘yes’ to the institution of marriage but are also promising to commit yourself to someone for the rest of your life. Therefore, before you take the big step, there are some questions to ask your girlfriend before marriage. It is very important that you know the second person well, including their likes and dislikes, and ambitions in life. It is a commitment for life and thus it’s of utmost importance that you know what you’re getting into.

What Are The Right Questions To Ask A Girl Before Marriage?

Here are some of the questions you might want to consider asking your prospective bride before settling on the right choice.

1. Are you working in your chosen field?

Why is it important – We live in India, a society where most of the women now prefer to work. So asking her about her current field and its importance in her life would give you an idea about her likes and where she wants to be in life. This is one of the questions to ask a girl before marriage that let you know what’s her long term career plan.

2. How many hours a week do you work?

Why is it important – Many men prefer to have life partners who work in accordance to their own timings, as this would make sure that they get the same amount of arranged `free time to spend with each other. So unless you’re cool with 50:50, or even if you are, this is one of the questions to ask a girl before marriage. That way you can sync your timings to have some fun.

3. What does your job entail?

Why is it important – Having interest in a person’s job doesn’t make you interfering, it only shows that you’re interested in their life and are clear in your mind about knowing what kind of a life you will have with them. So ask them if their job involves a lot of travelling or long indefinite work hours.

4. What is your dream job?

Why is it important – When a person talks about their dream job, they not only give you an idea about their life plans but also show how determined and excited they are to enter that phase of their life. It gives you an insight into their personality about how they react to things. Again, this is another one of the questions to ask a girl before marriage that let you know what’s her long term career plan, and while there is no ideal best age for marriage, if you’re both young, it’ll be easier to help each other out in this department.

5. Do you consider the work that you do as a long-term career choice or just a job?

Why is it important – This is an important question as it shows how well inclined they are towards their professional life. For someone who thinks of it as just a job, it will be more interesting to focus on life at home, while those who think of it as a career would like to give it equal time, if not more.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Why is it important- We all have our fantasies about settling down in our favourite city or country outside India. Some love the beaches while others have their hearts stuck on mountains. It would be interesting to see how similar or different her likes are from yours. And this is one of the casual questions to ask your girlfriend before marriage for a fun chat.

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7. When it comes to maintenance problems at home, are you a do-it yourself kinda person or would you rather hire professionals?

Why is it important – It’s interesting to see what one feels about being independent and capable of handling troubles at home. Some prefer to be an all-rounder while others would rather have arranged the job to be done more efficiently by a professional.

8. How important is it for you to have a space in your home that is yours alone?

Why is it important – Some people love being around others. Whether they are sad or happy, they simply love company all the time. But then there are some people who need a few minutes a day to rejuvenate and just be alone. You may feel like she is the one, but this is one of the questions to ask a girl before marriage, if you want to make sure you don’t smother her.

9. What do you feel that bills? Should they be divided based on a percentage of each person’s salary?

Why is it important – Finances are always a big part of any married couple’s life. Who pays the bills, who buys the groceries and who manages accounts, these are questions that couples struggle with all through their lives, so isn’t it better to have these questions to ask a girl before marriage cleared before getting into something serious?

10. Do you believe that past relationships should be left in the past and not talked about in your current relationship?

Why is it important – Some people have a habit of bringing up the past while others simply believe that they can handle the current situation better if they know about the past. Then there are some who believe that the past should be left at that and one must solely focus on the present.

11. Have you ever had a live-in partner or have you ever been married before?

Why is it important – You probably don’t need to know about why she broke up with which boyfriend but you do have a right to know if they’ve lived in with someone before or have been married before.

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12. Are you into any sport? How often do you workout?

Why is it important – It’s good to know if a person is physically active no? It’s almost like plus point that you see in them, especially if you are into sports yourself.

13. Do you smoke, or have you ever smoked?

Why is it important – Some people have very strong beliefs against smoking and drinking. So if you’re one of those then it’s always best to clear such things before taking the leap.

14. What would your reaction be if your partner were to gain a significant amount of weight?

Why is it important – This is a question that many of us think but shy away from asking considering it to be rude. But it’s not always a serious question. It can also be asked in a light, humorous manner.

15. Do you want children?

Why is it important – Once you get married, you ultimately do look towards extending your family. Many a times, men and women feel they might not be ready for a child or they might not even be interested in having children. So yes, this is on your list of questions to ask a girl before marriage.

16. How important is it for you that your partner takes equal interest and initiatives in changing diapers?

Why is it important – Many women dislike that their husbands leave them alone at home to look after a new born child. And since most couples are both full-time workers, sharing responsibility is expected. So it is one of the questions to ask your girlfriend before marriage, so that you both know how to do the balancing act.

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17. Are you close to your family?

Why is it important – Her closeness to her family would also give you an idea about how she will gel with your family. A marriage involves the coming together of two families and thus it is important to be sure that she will get along with yours.

18. Do your parents still decide things for you?

Why is it important – This question would give you an idea about how dependent or independent she is in her life. You will be able to understand her take on the authority of parents in her life too.

19. Do you follow any particular religion? How particular are you about making it a part of your children’s lives?

Why is it important – Practising a religion and being rigid about it are two different things. It’s very important to be sure about each other’s religious views before deciding to tie the knot. It’s one of the more important questions to ask a girl before marriage.

There may be many more questions in a person’s mind; after all, marriage is no joke. It brings about a major change in your life that not just involves you but also involves the lives of others around you. Thus, it is important to be clear about things before you promise to hold her hand forever.

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