10 Questions A Girl Should Ask A Guy On The First Date

While sitting in any coffee shop or a decently cute restaurant, you must have spotted at least one or two couples acting all shy and trying to strike a conversation. The awkwardness in the air and the abrupt silence along with the bouts of sudden conversations will give you a good hint if they are on a first date or not. You must have been on one of such dates yourself. No? What if you are actually going on a very first date with that cute guy you met? What would you talk about? Well, there are some questions that you need to ask the guy on your first date to understand whether he is worth the attention and involvement (both mental and emotional) or not. These questions that we have compiled here will help you ask some relevant questions on your first date with him.

Initiation Of The Conversation


To start the conversation without feeling awkward about it, you can start by asking factual details about the person and break the ice. Since these questions are quite general and easy to answer, he will not be burdened into thinking too deeply and the conversation can be kept light and formal.

1. What do you do, and how long have you been in it?

By asking him such a general yet important question, you can assess how serious and involved he is towards his career and professional life. It will give a good picture of his future plans and prospects too that is certainly important for you to know.

2. Where do you live in [insert your city or town here]?

It is yet another general and quintessential question that you must ask the guy so that you are absolutely clear about his whereabouts apart from keeping the conversation going without the silences or awkwardness.

After The Food and Drinks Arrive


If you have survived the first fifteen minutes of the date, then you can be sure that you will make it to the end without too much of drama. Now that you are done with the formalities and courtesies, you can try and get to know him a bit more by asking questions like:

3. Are you more of a TV person, or do you prefer movies?

It is a great way to get to know his personal tastes without being too abrupt or personal at the same time. This naive question can lead to may scenarios and openings to talk about what kind of movies or series you two like or dislike, your favourites and why they are so! You get to know the person a bit more personally and can make a certain idea based on the answers you get from these questions.

4. Have you travelled anywhere cool lately/do you have any trips coming up?

You love travelling? You hate travelling? How does your date feel about the same? It is important to know whether he has an adventurous bone in him like you do or maybe he just loves to spend a lazy day at home, which might be your preference too.

When Things Get A Bit Comfortable


The key to a free-flowing conversation is to keep it going and asking or responding without thinking or pausing too much. If you do like that person till now and wish to know more about him, you can also divulge a bit but make sure that the conversation is not going one way only. He must feel like you are eager to ask as well as share something about your life too. To be on the safe side, you can also talk about things that move you or have motivated you in life. Some other questions which are pretty appropriate to ask by this time include:

5. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

If you are a dog lover, you would want to know how he feels about the same. If not, then it is also important to know. You can tell a lot about the kind of person he or she is based on their preferences for cats or dogs. Though sometimes, you may meet people who like or hate both!

6. Do you ever cook?

A question that he must answer, and just hope and keep your fingers crossed that he answers in the affirmative. You get lucky if he likes cooking and is actually good at it, the added bonus.

Midway Through The Meal


Now that you have already covered your time till this and have gone halfway through the meal without any disruptions, then it is safe to say you like this guy. You can now try and get a bit comfortable here asking these questions:

7. Do you like your job? What do you want to do next?

Is he a person who just does his job for the sake of the moolah and is not satisfied with it? Or is he passionately involved and looks forward to getting more and more efficient and progress in his field? When he answers this question, you can take your cue.

8. What’s your social life like? Do you have a big group of friends?

It is very important how much he gives importance to his friends circle, whether he is an introvert or extrovert and related things that can give you an idea of how much compatible you two can be.

9. What are you most passionate about?

You must have some idea about things that he is passionate about and if it has any similarities or differences with yours or not.

Before You Wrap Things Up


10. Can I split the check with you? Okay, can I at least leave the tip?

Let us not just assume that since he is the guy, he is bound to pay the bill. Go Dutch and ask him if that arrangement is fine with him. It is sure to create a good impression.

If Willing To Carry Forward The Date (Optional)

Don’t be shy to ask these if you really liked the guy:

11. Want to get coffee/dessert after this somewhere else?

Liked him a lot and want to keep the date going? Take the initiate and ask him this.

12. What are we doing after this?

It is yet another question that is surely going to give him the hint that you enjoyed his company and would prefer to prolong the time just to know him better.
With these questions in mind, you can be pretty sorted on how to carry on the conversation and not feel tongue-tied and yet gain enough knowledge about the person. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Let us know about your opinions and experiences too by commenting below.

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