35 Fun Ideas For Celebrating An Anniversary During Quarantine

Look back upon the quarantine days and celebrate the love and laughter you both shared.

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Even when you are not with your spouse, you can memorably celebrate your anniversary. Our post brings you some unique and beautiful quarantine anniversary ideas that are exciting and fun. We understand it could be challenging to plan something special for your loved one, but it is possible when you want to make them feel valued. So keep reading for some ideas that you can use right from the comfort of your house without any excuses.

35 Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

Everything has changed during the pandemic, and so have the ways of celebrations. So here are a few quarantine anniversary ideas for both of you to feel special being with each other.

1. Early morning walk

It is pretty easy to be bogged down by negative news, but make the most of your day with your significant other. Instead of regretting the idea of staying indoors, bank upon the opportunity to be closer to each other with an early morning walk in your garden or backyard.

Talk to each other about interesting stuff and make each other laugh out loud. Strolling together will take some pressure off you and strengthen your bond.

2. Personalized gift basket

You have been quarantined for days and weeks, but the good part is you are together to make each other feel special. Be it your 1st or 25th, enhance your relationship by making your beloved happy with a gift hamper or basket.

A quarantine anniversary gift pack could contain cosmetics, perfumes, beauty essentials, or a grooming kit to brighten up your better half’s day. A pack of cookies, chocolates, and flowers can also be a good addition.

3. Online shopping

Since you have nowhere to go, it’s important to keep the anxiety and boredom at bay on your special day. Browse through your partner’s favorite online shopping sites and order some cool stuff for each other. Buy something romantic and thoughtful to surprise your partner this anniversary.

4. Couple spa

Create a serene atmosphere to unwind on your wedding anniversary and get closer to each other. Get in those comfy robes, soak in your feet, and offer shoulder massage to each other. Include a romantic bubble bath or give each other a massage while listening to relaxing music in the background. Gear up for that physical and romantic touch with some spa essentials, soothing candles, and potpourri.

5. Creative and romantic notes

Appreciate your partner and make the day memorable for them. When you don’t have access to outings, it’s time to bring in those traditional times. You can pen down your thoughts and love for your spouse and create some handmade notes and cards. Handwritten love letters, personal messages, and cards can make your day busy and eventful.

6. Movie time

Choose romance, comedy, or a rom-com and strengthen your bond. Arrange some cookies, fruits, nuts, or wine for your evening. Plan it out the way you did when you were dating. No viewers or audience during quarantine is a blessing in disguise. Hold hands, kiss each other, and enjoy your solitude to bring romance to your anniversary.

7. Dance night

The options to celebrate a wedding anniversary with your better half are endless. However, if it’s about de-stressing and enjoying each other’s company, you can enjoy a romantic dance in each other’s arms. Choose your favorite track or your first dance song and get grooving. You can show your talent to each other by dancing solo or going reckless with an electrifying track as well.

8. Healthy activities

The pandemic might have impacted your routine, health, and mental wellbeing. So, it’s time you both turn off your laptops on time and spend quality time together. Establish a quarantine routine and turn the incredibly stressful and challenging period into happy and healthy anniversary dates.

Make a commitment and include yoga, Zumba, aerobics, or cardio in your routine for a healthy start to your anniversary day. Let the date be a source of motivation to keep your health, weight, and fitness in check.

9. Screen time

Go on a virtual tour, learn a new course online, join a music class, or watch recipes on YouTube, enjoying your screen time together on your wedding anniversary day. The time spent together will maximize the importance of your special day and provide you with much-needed fun. So, instead of viewing your posts and feeds alone, chill with your partner and share a learning experience.

10. Reading out

If you both are book worms, bonding over a book reading session might be the ticket to your unique celebration. Read a romantic novel, which can be rewarding and dreamy for both of you. You can discover some free reads or e-books, such as Mills and Boons and other rom-coms, on Kindle. With this, you will rediscover the romance that brought you together in the first place.

11. Meal

A wedding anniversary celebration is all about teamwork. So, turn up the heat by cooking a meal that you both relish and enhance your quarantine time. Your meal doesn’t have to look fancy — try out with whatever supplies you have in your kitchen. The efforts and creativity will bring you closer to each other.

12. At-home photoshoot

Set aside a few hours for each other and use your amazing photography skills. Explore your smartphone’s camera to make your pictures appear sharper and clearer. Download applications if needed for clarity, editing, and forming collages. You can even set up a beautiful background with your spouse and start clicking your way. Take selfies, capture cool moments, and turn those into couple portraits to make the most of your quarantine.

13. Date night

Keep your drinking rituals alive with your favorite beer or wine. Along with your favorite drinks, you are also stirring up a lot of romantic feelings. You can throw in a few brands that you have never tried before and enjoy a tasting session too.

14. Refresh your memories

Take a break from work and flip the pages of your album. Spark a conversation with some uncommon questions or other details that you both still wish to know about each other. Talk to your partner about those days when you used to date or when you welcomed your first baby. Recollecting those memories will surely contribute to keeping the romance alive while cooped up in your home.

15. Indoor games

Some laughs and a competitive spirit during quarantine will energize and motivate you to celebrate your day. Play truth and dare or indulge in pillow fights where the winners can get a gift or a kiss. You can grab a game such as chess, Ludo, or play Pictionary and enjoy the company of your new gaming partner for the day.

16. Dress-up night

Apart from other relaxing activities, dressing up to impress each other can be a great idea to surprise each other. Confined inside the home, your partner would be least expecting you to be dressed up. So, for a change, even if you are locked up, plan a candlelight dinner and enhance it by wearing a ravishing outfit.

Dressing up can always be an act of thrill and romance and uplift the mood. So, if you have ditched the daily ritual of choosing the outfit for the day, start it all over again with special ensembles. Do not forget to click pictures.

17. Online classes

Tap your inner artists by taking painting, sketching, or other learning-based classes. Share space and enjoy working towards the same goal. You never know you can discover a hidden talent about each other.

18. Food delivery

Just because you are not going out, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your celebrations. If you are a no-fuss couple and your wedding anniversary day means a clean kitchen with no dirty utensils, have a quiet and peaceful day by ordering your favorite cuisine of the town. Set the mood, order the food, and keep those kitchen chores at bay for a while.

19. Terrace tales

A terrace can be a place where you can magnify your moments and enjoy that newly found freedom amidst the quarantine period. Reach to the top of your apartment or building and delight yourself with activities that you could have never thought of. Use the space as a salon, library, a place of solitude, or maybe a paradise for romance. You can plan a coffee day or a candlelight dinner on the terrace to make it extra special.

20. Dessert date

Pick up a recipe for a muffin, cake, or sweets, or order some cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, ice-creams, and truffle pastries for a sweet dessert night date. Simple pastries or puddings can be the way to go if you’re looking for a no-stress option for your free time.

21. Home picnic

Enjoy camping and picnicking with your partner in your yard or garden. The picnic can double up as your anniversary celebration and a fun outdoor yet indoor activity for the day. Get a little creative and sweeten the deal with some exclusive cuisine, snacks, party props, and decor. So, what are you waiting for? Toss out a blanket, grab your favorite finger foods, and savor a picnic-style meal with your darling.

22. Organizing your living room

Cleaning or arranging your room on your wedding anniversary won’t come to your mind right away, but it can be a satisfying experience. You can make it unique by experimenting with furniture combinations for your room, cleaning your space, or organizing the stuff in your drawers. You can rearrange your room with an old stock of photos and organize your wardrobe. Working together strengthens your bond.

23. Binge-watch a web series

Is there anything better than cuddling on the couch and binge-watching your favorite TV shows and web series together? It’s super entertaining to be close to your partner on your special day. Be it crime, comedy, drama, romance, or horror, pick anything for your quarantine anniversary day.

24. Gardening

While many keep their spirits high during quarantine by cooking and singing, you can enjoy planting an indoor garden if you are a plant lover. Taking care of plants or gardening can always be an excuse to put some effort and thoughts into something.

For your quarantine wedding anniversary, make your backyard, lobby, or terrace look lush by planting some fresh samplings and setting up the succulents. Lemon trees, money plants, and other fragrant flower plants will enhance the ambiance.

25. Sunbath

You cannot have a beach vacation where you can lie down with your partner for sunbathing. But exposing yourself to the sun rays in your balcony, garden, or terrace can be the brightest idea to feel the getaway vibe.

Sunbathing is therapeutic and perfect for boosting your immune system, reducing stress, and improving the sleep cycle. Soak up some rays with your significant other on your wedding anniversary and see the benefits it offers.

26. Naughty romantic games

There are some nice, cool, and sexy games to amplify your wedding anniversary bash when you are locked up at home. The wedding anniversary date with your partner must be romantic, sexy, and full of surprises. So blindfold each other and enjoy some flirty games to turn up the heat. Truth and dare, guess what this is, painting for pleasure and role-play games can lead to a romantic scenario and exciting way to spice things up.

27. Party vibes

Party themes, decorations, and props can be the key to a perfect quarantine anniversary celebration. Plan a theme for your party with candles, greenery, lamps, ethnic décor, and other decorating materials. Use lights, colorful ribbons, T-light holders, flowers, balloons, and confetti for positive vibes. You can choose a black and white or other color combination theme, and get yourself and your partner dressed up for the party mode. Connect with your loved ones via apps or video calling options.

28. A delicious cake

Cakes can be a great mood lifter for any occasion. And if it’s your wedding anniversary, you ought to top it up with a delicious cake. A special day without a cake looks incomplete and bland. You can pick from theme cakes such as photo cakes, personalized cakes, and piñata or hammer cakes. Having popcorn, chips, and other snacks will be the icing on the cake for your glorious day.

29. Balcony bash

Use the tiny space in your home as a respite and lifeline during the pandemic. It can be your go-to place to plan an intimate anniversary dinner party and enjoy a breeze of fresh air. Decorate it with plants or add a festive touch with lights for a mini celebration.

30. Silent zone

It’s time to be that traditional couple with no pings and buzzes on your phone. Put away the laptops and your smartphones, and go back to the basics by talking, cuddling, napping, and caressing each other in your free time. Make it a soothing and relaxing day for each other.

You can pretend to be living in an era with no Instagram feeds, Facebook posts, and notifications. If the quarantine is making you slow down, so be it. Enjoy the pace and strengthen your communication with some lovely talks.

31. Common interests

Keep it exciting by indulging in common hobbies or passions. You can express your love for each other by playing the guitar, singing a song for your partner, writing a poem, or maybe cracking some jokes for that much-needed laughter. You can also challenge your significant other to some games that are guaranteed to boost your spirit and mind.

32. Virtual celebration

You must be itching to meet your family members, but you cannot go out like usual. No worries, as you can get your family and friends involved in a virtual quarantine anniversary party. Connecting over zoom or other video call options and enjoying delicious food together will add some fun and flair to the day. Some social interaction will give you a sense of stability and normalcy in life.

33. Couple goals

It is not a dream or fairytale scenario that you are quarantined, but you can wisely spend time setting meaningful goals. Your wedding anniversary can be the best time of the year to share those thoughts and reflect on the course of your life. You can discuss a task you think you both are stuck with or begin by addressing some necessities such as children, budget, or some general plans.

34. Meditation

Apart from making your spouse feel loved, there are multiple things you can do to mark the important day. Indulging in meditation and praying to God can de-stress you and help you celebrate your quarantine anniversary spiritually and healthily.

35. Virtual tour

Visit museums, theme parks, world heritage sites, and monuments to ward off the quarantine blues with your partner and celebrate your anniversary most joyously. You both don’t need to head for the places and be physically present at your favorite destinations as they can be on your big screens. Take the virtual tour and have a cool traveling experience while being on the couch with your spouse.

These quarantine anniversary ideas are romantic, fun, and memorable. So, ditch the idea of not celebrating your anniversary because you can’t move out. Try to make it extra special as you are stuck at home with each other. Take inspiration from these quarantine wedding anniversary ideas and add a little creativity to make it a successful bash. Follow a theme that describes the two of you best, and enjoy each minute spent together. With the help of these ideas, you will be able to put together a day that will be one of your fondest memories forever.

Key Pointers

  • Don’t let the pandemic ruin your anniversary celebrations.
  • Go on an early morning walk together and talk; stay low yet close.
  • Buy online gifts as per your spouse’s likes and give them a sweet surprise.
  • Cooking a meal together and reading out each other’s favorite stories are cool ways to celebrate your special day during quarantine.

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