Bridal Purse : Clutch Your Look With A Trendy And Chic

Purses have always been the silent companion to women in their times of need. On a good day or a bad one, they stick to your side carrying all the essentials that you simply cannot do without, and your wedding day is no different. While you may not need your bridal purse to carry your money (after all, the money has all been dished out by the time of the wedding), you would need something to carry your lipstick, compact and tissues.

bridal purse

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For your big day, shy away from those tote bags and other big handbags (for obvious reasons). A beautiful clutch with embellishments would be a perfect addition to your bridal trousseau. There is mind-boggling variety when looking for a bridal purse, and you are sure to find one to suit your taste, no matter how edgy or traditional you may be. While picking your purse, ensure that it truly reflects who you are and adds to the elegance of your bridal finery. For those of you who’ll be looking spectacular in your embellished saris or lehengas, a simple clutch with simple threadwork could really make your dress stand out. The clutch should not go overboard, nor should it be nondescript. Remember, none of your accessories should take attention away from your dress. The key is to toe that fine line between excess and minimal. For those of you having a Christian wedding, your clutch could be your ‘something blue’. If you’re wearing a white or off-white gown, most shades of blue would be a perfect complement to your gown. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your search for that perfect clutch:

Kutch Embroidery Clutch Purse

Bridal Purse - kutch embroidery clutch purse

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Kutch embroidery, as the name gives away, is the distinctive embroidery from the Kutch and Saurashtra regions of Gujarat. All those gorgeous ghaghra cholis we see during navaratri are usually embroidered in the Kutch style. What first strikes the eye is its use of vibrant and distinctly coloured thread work. While this style of embroidery looks great with most colours, some of the more prominent colours we get to see are indigo, deep red, yellow hues and ivory. The designs are usually inspired by the simplicity of daily life, and look absolutely amazing on clutches. This would definitely be an exciting option to pair up with your sari or lehenga. Time to mix it up, ladies!

Kutch embroidered clutches are available on and

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Box Clutches Purse With Embellishments

Bridal Purse - Box Clutches Purse With Embellishments

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If you’re looking for elegance, sophistication and comfort in your bridal purse, a box clutch could be all that you need. Box clutches are extra fabulous because its size and shape leaves a lot of room for versatile designs, materials and embellishments. With a little bit of careful hunting, you are sure to find that perfect box clutch to sit prettily in your hands. You will find a lot of box clutches with traditional, ornate designs which would go with your lehenga. They could be embroidered to perfection, or decked with pretty diamonds and stones. Clutches with zardozi work could just be the perfection that you’re looking for. If you have slightly more unconventional taste, then there are box clutches made out of metal, jute and even wood. So go ahead and pamper yourself with that perfect box clutch that will look amazing on your D-day. Aprajita Toor’s, We Desi collection has a classy selection of clutches. Another great option to find some great box clutches is

Bridal Purse - red bridal purse with chain

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Potli Bags

Bridal Purse - Potli Bags

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Potli bags are as Indian as it can get and these purses have been in use since vedic times to store coins and ayurvedic herbs! Like box clutches, potli bags are just as versatile and are crafted out of a huge variety of fabrics like silk, velvet, satin, and of course, cotton. These are usually embellished with tassles, beads, embroidery, sequins, mirrors and stones. Some lovely potli bags and unconventional clutches are on the market at and