Colorful Punjabi Wedding Decorations For Your Big Day

Punjabis are known for the warm and effervescent nature and their ever-so-energetic personalities. They have a rich culture and their energy and warm nature is translated into everything they do right from their businesses to their bhangra parties. And it is only natural that proper Punjabi weddings have all that the Punjabis are known for – from the thundering nagada beats and mouth watering parathas to dazzling decor and everyone from the gorgeous granny to the youngest nephew doing bhangra like there is no tomorrow. You really have to experience a pure Punjabi wedding to really believe how well the warm smiles, great people, stunning decor, inimitable live-wire energy, the beats and the good food converge to make the Punjabi wedding celebrations a festival of sorts. After all there’s only one life to live and one love who you’d marry, so why not make the most of it? This is one statement anyone who had ever sat through the post wedding party and gupshup with friends and family would have definitely heard, and Punjabis don’t just say it – they actually in the truest sense believe in it and follow it.

The Grand Wedding Celebrations With The Most Amazingly Vibrant Decorations

Grand Punjabi Wedding Decorations

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Punjabis have always been affluent, thanks to their entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. In fact, a large part of the automobile and hardware trade in Delhi and most South Indian cities is done by Punjabis. This, coupled with the fact that their families are large and scattered, makes their weddings even more special as friends and relatives from all over the country make it a point to be there for the weddings. It is like a large social gathering with songs, dance, good food and great drinks.

Punjabi weddings are grand and their decorations are just as exuberant as the people themselves. From exotic floral decor to stunning dinner sets and imported cutlery, Punjabi wedding decorations are truly exceptional. In fact, many other cultures have started to emulate their grandeur and style, be it the funky music and the kilometre long baraats or the sangeets that will make DJ house parties look like after-school kiddo parties. The way the Punjabis marry is truly phenomenal. And this is the reason why most popular Bollywood wedding scenes and every KJo and Barjatya movie have a Punjabi wedding song and considerable run time showcasing the power packed Punjabi wedding.

Scenes Straight Out Of A Bollywood Movie

Bollywood Style Punjabi Wedding Decorations

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The decor, the style and the way the whole Punjabi wedding is planned and executed is just like a film scene. The colours are vibrant, there is never a dull or even a subtle moment and the energy and excitement is contagious. So if you are planning to get married in asli Punjabi style and are on the lookout for a wedding decorator who could translate your dream wedding theme into an enjoyable reality then you ought to go through the Bridal Box’s exhaustive and exclusive list of the best and the biggest Punjabi wedding decorators in the country. Well, there are many in the Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai circuit but thanks to Punjabis making every major Indian city their home, there are just as many decorators all over the country who can create magical Punjabi wedding decorations for you in the city of your choice. And the Bridal Box’s vendor list isn’t just about Punjabi wedding decorators, it has every kind of bridal service provider and vendor you would need to make your wedding a Proper Punjabi affair right from caterers who’d dish out the best parathas and tandooris to photographers who can capture your most beautiful memories from the big day – the BB vendor list has it all.