Punjabi Wedding Accessories – The 7 Traditional Must-Haves!

Punjabi weddings are well known for the pomp and show, the glitter and glam, the serenity and style and of course the traditions and trends. Most Punjabi weddings are generally held in the day time and thus the colours appear brighter, the bride more radiant and natural lighting just adds to the natural beauty of the surrounding as well as people. Like other traditional weddings, Punjabi weddings too follow a number of traditions. The rites and rituals are one thing and the décor and Punjabi wedding accessories are another. The dress styles may change, choices may vary and the décor may be different but certain classic traditional Punjabi wedding accessories are a part of each and every Punjabi wedding.

Here are seven traditional Punjabi wedding accessories that are a definite part of every Punjabi wedding.

Let’s take a look.

1. Kaleere

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Kaleere

Kaleere is a wedding accessory that’s attached to the chooda or bangles. These dangling traditionally Punjabi wedding accessories are a definite must in a Punjabi wedding! These generally come from the maternal house of the bride along with the bridal bangles and in a traditional ceremony these are attached to the bangles. These can be long and dangling or smaller, depending on one’s personal choice. It is said that when a bride shakes these over the heads of unmarried girls, the one who gets a piece of it on her head would be married next.

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2. Chooda

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Chooda

The chooda are a part of Punjabi wedding accessories. They are traditional red and gold bangles that are adorned by Punjabi brides. These come from the maternal house and in a traditional ceremony the maternal uncles and aunts put these on the bride’s hands. It is then wrapped with a cloth and the bride is not allowed to look at it until the wedding day i.e. next day. These days, fashion conscious brides opt for coloured choodas too to match their bridal outfits. The chooda is worn for a minimum of three months. Some brides choose to wear it for a year or even more.

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3. Tikka

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Tikka

The tikka adorns every Punjabi bride. It can be made of beads, coloured stones, polki or other precious and semi-precious stones. The size and design can vary according to individual choice, but it is another one of the must-have Punjabi wedding accessories for every Punjabi bride.

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4. Nath

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Nath

The nath or nose ring and accessory looks elegant and beautiful. It can be a large or small ring along with a chain going all the way up to the top of the ear. Like the tikka, this too is available in numerous designs, sizes and of various materials. If a bride does not have a nose piercing, detachable naths are easily available that can be easily clipped on and off. But not having a nath, is unimaginable; and that’s why it’s on our list of Punjabi wedding accessories.

5. Jutti

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Jutti

Juttis are flat footwear that are possibly the most traditionally Punjabi wedding accessories. These are generally made of leather and adorned with thread work, bead work, ghungroos… the possibilities are endless. Brides can choose juttis matching their attire. And YES, they are extremely comfortable to dance through the wedding and more!

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6. Dupatta

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Dupatta

Salwar kameez is the traditional Punjabi wedding dress but many brides opt for lehenga cholis and sarees too. Whatever the attire, dupatta is a must-have thingy! Dupattas are long scarf-like cloth material that are elaborately designed and decorated. It can have thread work, gota work, shimmer and many other ornamental additions.

7. Pagdi And Kalgi

Punjabi Wedding Accessories - Pagdi And Kalgi

Move aside girls! There are Punjabi wedding accessories for the grooms too. A pagdi along with an ornamental kalgi is a must for every Punjabi groom-to-be. It can be a pagdi in any colour but try matching with the bride’s attire. And kalgis are available in numerous designs and styles today.

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So all you Punjabi brides and grooms, ready to bring in the bling and glitter? Weddings are exciting and it is these small and little traditions combined together that make it grand and exquisite. Did I miss out on any traditional Punjabi wedding accessories?

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