Punjabi Bridal Suits: Where Tradition Meets Elegance

Punjab is the land of amazing food, great music and truly gorgeous women. Punjabi women have been known to look elegant and radiant dressed in their classic Punjabi bridal suits as they step into matrimonial bliss. If you have been considering wearing a suit for your big day, kudos to you! You will not only look vibrant and classy, but also carry forward the age old customs of Punjab’s beautiful culture.

Salwars are truly practical, comfortable, easy to carry off and they can be the perfect dress of choice for your sangeet or sagai ceremonies as well. When you are on the prowl for that perfect suit that’ll make your heart beat just a little faster, do keep in mind your body shape and complexion. Do not fret; somewhere out there rests that perfect suit for each and every one of us.

Punjabi Bridal Suit

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If you are one of the lucky women with the hour glass shape, then anything that will accentuate your curves will make you look truly stunning on your wedding day. Anarkalis, flared kurtis and empire line cuts will make you the belle of the ball. For the apple shaped women, drawing attention to your slender arms and legs would be the way to go. Kurtas with a V-neck and an A-line cut would do wonders for your figure as these won’t accentuate your waist or tummy. Drape your dupatta from one of your shoulders instead of around your neck. Apple shaped women should try to avoid patialas as they will only draw attention away from your slender legs.

Most Indian women, however, have a pear shaped body. Patialas and salwars are good options for this body type as they will divert attention from your hips to your slim upper body. Try to avoid clingy fabrics though. For women with a rectangular body shape, your aim should be to highlight all the assets you’ve got. Go for deep necks, flares, pleats and incorporate them all into your look.

Punjabi Bridal Suits - 1

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Once you know the kind of kurti and bottoms that will suit you, here are just some more tips that will surely make you feel unique:

Phulkari Work – Authentic And Unique Punjabi Bridal Suits

Phulkari Work - Authentic And Unique Punjabi Bridal Suit

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Phulkari literally means flower work and is an age old embroidery technique from Punjab. The Phulkari work done for wedding attire is known as bagh (which means garden) and is usually a part of most auspicious occasions like weddings, births and festivals. This is usually done on lovely cotton fabrics, which are hand woven with care and pigmented using natural colours. The phulkari work is also associated with the rich tradition, where the bride walks up to the mandap under a hand woven phulkari dupatta. This was usually woven with love and care by the family of the bride especially for her. The bright colours and rich weaves reflect the vibrancy that rests within the heart of every true Punjabi. The Phulkari look in your suit would definitely be authentic and traditional. You could also use these designs in your bridal purse and other accessories as well.

Go For The Classic, Traditional Look

Punjabi Bridal Suits - Traditional Look

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The salwar is a classic Punjabi bridal suit for a reason – it never goes out of style! You can always choose to keep yourself in touch with tradition on your big day and tie the knot in the same way that Punjabi women have been doing it for years.

Kimaya.com and Attireme.com have a great collection of Punjabi bridal suits that might just end up being your perfect dress.

The Modern And Chic Suit

Punjabi Bridal Suits - The Modern And Chic Suit

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For a new age spin for the fashion conscious bride, there are really amazing designs by many Indian designers. While the dresses draw beautifully from the rich cultural heritage of the past, the right designer can imbue it with modern silhouettes, cuts and designs which may end up suiting you perfectly. Tarun Tahiliani has on offer a collection of bridal couture for you to choose from. Designer Satya Paul too has on offer a number of chic, classy yet simple designs that you would really love to wear on your big day. These designs, paired up with the perfect accessories will be a lovely addition to your bridal trousseau. You can take time off to explore designs by many other brilliant Indian designers. The site exclusively.com offers a wide range of collections from different designers all on the same site.