Punjabi Bridal Lehenga Designs: The Best Of 2016

Punjabi bridal lehenga designs are elaborate, exquisite, extravagant and as elegant as the pretty Punjabi bride herself. Here we bring a carefully selected list of the best Punjabi bridal lehenga designs after sifting through a catalog of more than hundred top designs of 2016. So if you looking for a completely traditional Punjabi bridal lehenga or want to go all out for a modern fusion that would still keep mommy happy – you’ve landed at the right place. read on and pick the best from our choicest Punjabi bridal lehenga designs.

1. Embroidered Red Punjabi Bridal Lehenga Choli With Net Dupatta

Embroidered Red Lehenga Choli With Net Dupatta

Image: Lakhbir Singh, Dotdusk Studios Photography

There is no escaping the bridal red when it comes to lehenga designs. This gorgeous red lehenga choli is worked extensively with floral embroidery in both the lehenga bottom and the short choli blouse. Worn as a lehenga saree, this set goes well with heavy stone jewellery involving a nice maang tikka with patti— for that elegantly traditional look!

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2. Pale Peach And Dusky Punjabi Bridal Lehenga Choli With Net Dupatta

Pale Peach And Dusky Orange Lehenga Choli With Net Dupatta

Image: Lakhbir Singh, Dotdusk Studios Photography

Is your wedding going to be a union of a gorgeously dressed princess waiting for the prince who will come on a horse, riding off into the sunset afterwards? You can reify your fairy tale wedding with this stunning set of bridal lehenga choli consisting of a pale peach embroidered circular lehenga bottom complemented by a dusky orange choli and an embroidered net dupatta to complete the set. So that you can ride off into the sunset with your prince with all the glamour of a princess!

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3. Pink Zardozi Lehenga Choli With Heavy Border Chiffon Dupatta

Pink Zardozi Lehenga Choli With Heavy Border Chiffon Dupatta

Image: Lakhbir Singh, Dotdusk Studios Photography

This pink lehenga choli is the perfect Punjabi bridal lehenga that will make the bride look like the first prim rose after the winter snow, announcing the arrival of spring. The lehenga bottom is composed of fine zardozi embroidery which is repeated with floral vines on the long pink choli. The lehenga choli, along with the beautiful chiffon dupatta with embroidery, makes for a bridal profile that spells F-A-B!

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4. Fuchsia Pink Punjabi Bridal Lehenga Choli With Orange Ombre Dupatta

Fuchsia Pink And Orange Lehenga Choli With Pink Orange Ombre Dupatta

Image: Shutterink Photography

The pink and orange couple might have had the most celebrated wedding ever! The duo of elegant colours is incorporated in an embroidered lehenga choli, with a pink and orange ombre dupatta for a graceful and contemporary bridal look!

5. Red And Green Karchobi Lehenga Choli

Red And Green Karchobi Lehenga Choli

Image : Lokesh Sharma, iMoments Photography

The bridal red once again stars alongside a spruced up green in this awesome Punjabi bridal lehenga! The red lehenga bottom, the mint green choli and the complementing dupatta, are all extensively embroidered with Karchobi work in gold. Imagine the lehenga choli donned with the kalire and the bangles for the hand, a beautiful stone-studded gold choker and a tikka— no joda could better complete the solah shringar than this one!