Pulkit Samrat Wedding: Husband, Wife And The Third Wheel?

Pulkit Samrat Wedding

The Shweta Rohira Pulkit Samrat wedding can be conveniently categorised as a classic case of ‘pati, patni aur woh.’ What adds more zing to this story is the fact that the ‘patni’ and ‘woh’ were good acquaintances, if not friends, with zero misunderstandings. Let’s take a closer look at Pulkit Samrat’s wedding saga and the events that unfolded.

Pulkit The Actor

Pulkit was born in Delhi and by his own admission had no ambitions of entering the show biz. He was interested in advertising though, and when he was halfway through his advertising course in Delhi, he started receiving modelling offers. He realised his potential and soon moved base to Mumbai where he got an awesome launchpad in the form of a role in the popular TV show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The show brought him instant recognition, and as he ascended in his career he finally made his Bollywood début with the film Bittoo Boss in the year 2012. This ascension got him a good deal of pg3 bugs, and soon tales of his liasons, hookups and many possible Pulkit Samrat wedding rumours popped up.

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Dating Ms. Roy

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat And Mouni Roy

Pulkit’s first tryst with show biz was with the hit TV show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi by none other than the TV mogul Ekta Kapoor. The show had an ensemble of a cast, and one among them was Mouni Roy, a dancer turned actress. Pulkit’s entry in the long-running show was in the year 2006, and definitely it was at that time they met each other. Within a couple of months of Pulkit’s entry in the show rumours started doing the rounds that the two were seeing each other. While Pulkit denied any romantic affiliation, Mouni acknowledged that they often go out on dinners but are ‘just friends’. Nevertheless, things were exactly the way they were, and their display of love became more profound during the reality show Kaho Na Yaar Hai, a reality TV series. It was too early to start talking about a Pulkit Samrat wedding to Miss Roy, but the show enjoyed quite a bit of attention in the early beginning. But sadly, the show went on to mark the tapering end of their relationship, and it is said by the end of the show their relationship started losing its mojo. By late 2008, they were no longer seen hanging around together.

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Falling For Salman Khan’s Rakhi Sister

It was not much time after his breakup with Mouni that Pulkit starting seeing a Sindhi damsel named Shweta Rohira.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat And Shweta Rohira

Shweta Rohira with Salman Khan

Nothing much was known about their first meeting but it was speculated that the duo knew each other since childhood. But later, Pulkit shared in an interview that they had actually met when Shweta had come to meet him as a freelance journalist when he was still working in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. They soon became close friends, and after a year or so started seeing each other more often, thus marking the beginning of their love affair. It could be around the time that she was working as a freelance journalist that Shweta developed strong acquaintanceship with Salman Khan. Either way, she considers Salman Khan her brother, and it is said that she ties a rakhi to him every year.

It was sometime in 2010 that news was out that a Pulkit Samrat wedding to Shweta had secretly happened. Irrespective of that, they never let the cat out of the bag and kept everything under wraps. They had no qualms about making a public display of their relationship though, and Shweta would be commonly seen accompanying Pulkit to award ceremonies and other events. Once when Pulkit was quizzed about an impending marriage with Shweta, he candidly commented that marriage is only a certificate, and that he and Shweta were already married for life. But anyway, they needed to have a more formal union – a traditional Indian wedding – and the couple chose November 2014 as the best time to do so.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding To Shweta Rohira

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat Weds Shweta Rohira Marriage Pics

It was November 2014, and the location for the Shweta Rohira Pulkit Samrat wedding was a plush Punjabi wedding in a resort in Goa. The altar was all set for the ensuing lavish wedding of none other than Salman Khan’s rakhi sister Shweta Rohira. The wedding was a celebratory one brimming with family members of both the sides. All the events were held in Goa at a venue that was decorated to look its best. The doting couple were dressed in their finest and they looked adorably cute.

For the mehndi ceremony, Pulkit wore a checkered kurta and a pinkish jacket, while Shweta wore a pink lehenga and a light green blouse gold colour embellishment. For the wedding, it was the traditional Punjabi wedding attire with golden sherwani, while Shweta wore a reddish pink lehenga with heavy zari work.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat With Shweta Rohira In Their Marriage Portrait

The Shweta Rohira Pulkit Samrat wedding ended on a sweet note with a fun-filled reception where the the bride and bridegroom were seen in matching ink blue colour attires. All the dresses for the doting pair were designed by none other than Ashley Rebello who is also the personal stylist of Salman Khan. Salman Khan played an important role in the wedding, and as a loving rakhi brother, he was there throughout.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat And Shweta Rohira Wedding Pics With Family And Friends

Overall, it was a fun-filled wedding with all the elements that you would expect. Finally, after a long time of courtship, the love-birds were tied in the eternal knot. All was well till the entry of a certain woman.

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“Who Is She Honey??”

It was around November 2015, five years after the Shweta Rohira Pulkit Samrat wedding that news started doing the rounds that the once-very-much-in-love couple were now separated and now live in their individual nests. It came as a surprise to everyone in the industry too. After all, Pulkit and Shweta were together for five years by now, and going by their rapport it was evident that they were made for each other. Not much known about the real cause but Bollywood observers and insiders speculated that it was the entry of another woman in their happy life that disrupted everything. This lady was the popular model and actress Yami Gautam. The reason for this speculation was the slew of recent films Pulkit was doing with Yami, and his intimacy with Yami during the promotions of these films.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat With Yami Gautam

While Pulkit denied the rumours, he acknowledged that he and Shweta were no longer together. Not much was known about their separation up till Shweta’s interview with the daily DNA in January 2016, two months after their alleged separation. When she was asked what went wrong, she said that Pulkit asked for a separation around June 2015, to which she was taken aback since she was never expecting this. She said that the reason he gave was ‘family issues’ and since she holds families in high regards she obliged and agreed.

“I had given him a manual of how to be a perfect son-in-law to my parents and he had given me one about being the perfect daughter-in-law. But I guess there was something wrong with his manual.”
– Shweta on her separation with Pulkit

She was then quizzed about Pulkit’s alleged association with Yami to which Shweta rubbished the news as rumours. She acknowledged though that since Yami had done a music video with Pulkit eight years ago, she had the hots for her husband. But Pulkit never spoke to her, and always treated her as a co-actor. Interestingly, when Pulkit was offered the movie Junooniyat opposite Yami Gautam, he declined the offer but it was Shweta who asked him to go ahead with it since she had full faith in her beau and knew there were no soft feelings in his heart for Yami.

Later, Pulkit was offered the movie Sanam Re where another actress was finalized for the role. But she dropped out the last moment and Yami was roped in. Shweta shared in the interview that Pulkit decided to drop out of the project but she insisted that he continue with it as she liked the story. Basically, Shweta ruled out the theory of Yami disrupting their happy marriage life, and didn’t seem even remotely upset about what had happened. Yet, at the same time, going by her answers, it was evident she had little clue as to what drove Pulkit to fathom a separation. Maybe there were tangible reasons that she didn’t want to share. Either way, barely a year after the official Shweta Rohira Pulkit Samrat wedding took place, this was quite a harsh ending.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat And Yami Gautam Share a Selfie On Instagram

After Shweta’s interview, it was mostly quiet for a month till Pulkit gave his version of the story. In the interview, he shared that they both got married in haste. He even went to ahead to say that by marrying each other they had sort of chosen someone else’s soul-mate.

“We mistook each other as soul-mates.”
– Pulkit on his estranged marriage with Shweta

It certainly sounds like he was trying to say stuff; Looking at Shweta Rohira Pulkit Samrat wedding picks, no-one saw this statement coming. Not even Salman, who when asked by the press, actually denied rumours of the split the very same week.

He reiterated the point that they had separated because the marriage simply did not work out for them, and he has no one to blame but himself for it. When he was prodded to comment on the Yami Gautam angle to the story, he was quick to share that she has nothing to do with it and he is just good friends with her. He even had the following words to share about Yami:

“She is a nice girl. It is foolish to hold someone else responsible for my relationship failure and make that thing overshadow the hard work that person is doing.”
– Pulkit on Yami Gautam

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Pulkit Samrat With Shweta Rohira In Their Last Photo Together

Guess the last picture in which Pulkit and Shweta appeared together.

Irrespective of the comments, one thing was sure that there was something that had gone wrong with the relationship with the once-in-love pair. It could have been the other woman factor or some other internal issue. Either way, it was something that the couple didn’t want to talk about.

The Aftermath

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Shweta Rohira

Things have been quiet since their interviews in early 2016. While it is said that they had divorced, Shweta once shared in an interview that they had just separated, and had not gone for a formal divorce. She had even stated that she has reconciled with the fact that he had to leave her for his family, and believes everything is temporary and that she is taking each day at a time. The duo have always displayed an air of maturity when it comes to talking about each other, and have always wished well for each other.

“I wish her all the best. She is a lovely person and I think we will move our own ways.”
– Pulkit on Shweta

Shweta has always stated that she has been open-minded and that is ready for any possibility. Few months ago, Shweta and Pulkit bumped into each other at Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s baby shower event. It is said that Pulkit was very uncomfortable initially but amassed some courage and said ‘Hi’ to Shweta. She replied graciously, as if nothing had ever happened. Many insiders at the event say that Pulkit seemed visibly guilty of leaving Shweta and before leaving the event even wished her ‘Goodbye.’

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It is said that the two ex-flames maintain a soft corner for each other in their hearts in spite of keeping themselves busy with their respective lifestyles. Shweta now spends most of her time working at her boutique while Pulkit is busy with new Bollywood projects. Though not on the best of terms, they always display a certain palpable fondness every time they speak about each other to the media.

Well, we hope we get to see this picture perfect couple once again together in the same picture frame. Till then, nothing else can best sum up their life like this wonderful tattoo Shweta got somewhere around the time when they publicly announced their separation.

Pulkit Samrat Wedding - Shweta Rohira's Tattoo

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