10 Platinum Engagement Rings That Will Dazzle Her

“Gold is the beautiful reality, Platinum is a never ending sweet dream”. What could be more blissful than a platinum band to solidify the love between two souls? Yes! These precious metal creations are the most essential necessities for every engagement. Without further ado, let us look at the 10 Platinum engagement rings for her.

1. Promise Plain Band

10 platinum engagement rings

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If you are a JRR Tolkein fan, this platinum engagement ring is a tribute to “The One Ring”. Flawless 5.22 grams platinum crafted to perfection. A perfect token of love passing from the to-be groom to his beloved to-be bride. This band comes with a certificate of authenticity by Kama Schachter. A complete loop of togetherness rests around this ring.

2. Amorita Platinum Ring

9 Platinum Ring

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When the Spaniards first discovered platinum, they were bowled over by its beauty. This flowing liquid platinum solidified and creates a brilliant design, which she will heart. One glance at this ring, you’ll have the same experience of the Spaniards. A perfect ring for the lovely Senoritas.

3. ORRA Platinum Ring

8 ORRA Platinum Ring

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A lovely flow of platinum with glittery diamonds will make this engagement ring memorable. With 9 diamonds and 3.4 grams of platinum magnificently merging together, this ring is a pure beauty. Delivered with your eternal love it will make for one of the most perfect platinum engagement rings for the love of your life.

4. Harmony Platinum Ring

Harmony Platinum Ring

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What is purity? Is it the 950 Platinum used to make this ring? Or is it the love he bestows on her during the engagement? Well, the answer? All of the above. A gorgeous enclosure with a leaf shape creates a sheer brilliance in both design and comfort, that she will not mind getting used to.

5. Agape Platinum Ring

6 Agape Platinum Ring

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When you come together, love blossoms. When two platinum flowers come together on her finger, love blossoms and grows. A perfect platinum engagement ring designed with 950 Platinum and certified by the SGL to make your symbol of love, even more spectacular.

6. Diti Diamond Platinum Ring

5 Diti Diamond Platinum Ring

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This gorgeous 950 Platinum made ring with a diamond right in the middle is crafted to perfection. The sparkle of the diamond will shine through her eyes, so you slip this gorgeous ring on her finger.

7. Diti 950 Platinum Ring

4 Diti 950 Platinum Ring

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A sense of purity revolves around this ring. Made from 950 Platinum, this is one of those specially crafted platinum engagement rings that has contrasting color loops that add more diversity to the ring. And, well, lots of charm!

8. ORRA Pt 950 Platinum Ring

3 ORRA Pt 950 Platinum Ring

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Two imperfections fused together with a diamond creating a perfect design is a unique feature of this ring. A perfect symbolism for your engagement and something that she will cherish forever.

9. Ballad Platinum Band

2 Ballad Platinum Band

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A lovely premium quality 950 platinum with a gorgeous finish designed for the lovely to-be-wed. Be prepared to be bowled over by its magnificence as your hubby reveals this ring at your engagement. A piece of art, this little pice will make its way to your heart.

10. The Orar Platinum Ring

1 The Orar Platinum Ring

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Do you want a ring to steal the heart, yet again? Well, this ring promises just that. A 95% pure Platinum with a dazzling display of an elegant diamond this is one gorgeous ring for your gorgeous lady.