P.S. I Love You Quotes – 28 Best Ones From The Movie

Romantic films are full of moments and dialogues that truly take one’s breath away. One such movie that can make anyone go weak in the knees is P.S. I Love You. The entire movie, from start to finish, is filled with words that evoke love, desire, passion and the joy that only romance can bring. After all, it’s true love that is literally eternal! Here are some of our favourite P.S. I Love You quotes.

1. P.S. I Love You Quotes - A Wonderful Feeling

Could there be a better definition for love and soul mate; or a better way to tell you about them than with P.S. I Love You quotes? Everyone dreams of love that not just touches the heart but deeply moves the soul; a love that goes beyond LIFE itself!

2. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Be A Duck

A simple but strong dialogue, for P.S. I Love You quotes that can make any woman melt and go weak in the knees. After all, who does not want to be someone’s first and last thought?

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3. P.S. I Love You Quotes - You're His

Have you felt that way too? The grace and the beauty of a woman is doubled when backed by a strong and loving partner who adores her and is proud of being her man.

4. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Promise Me This

Woah! Respect for a man who can bare his heart and speak it out. What immense strength and confidence it has. If only you could see yourself through your partner’s eyes…

5. P.S. I Love You Quotes - The End Of It

This is it! This is the P.S. I Love You quote that is sure to go down in the history of romance. When you find true love, your whole life changes. You start a new journey (a beautiful one) together.

6. P.S. I Love You Quotes - We Don't Realise

It truly is a privilege to grow old with someone you love and who loves you back. It is so important to find someone who nourishes your heart and soul.

7. P.S. I Love You Quotes - You

Gerry says this to Holly and I can’t imagine anyone not seeing the love and assured feelings that this single P.S. I Love You quote reflects.

8. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Shoot For The Moon

That’s the kind of push and support every partner needs to extend. It’s a very motivating quote infused with love and positivity.

9. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Don't Be Afraid

It breaks one’s heart to lose love, but love is hiding in all corners and we need to be ready and open to welcome it when it comes calling.

10. P.S. I Love You Quotes - A Man With No Regrets

There is nothing more beautiful than this P.S. I Love You quote! No words can further express and elaborate it.

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11. P.S. I Love You Quotes - That Kiss Ohmygerd

It was a beautiful scene in the movie, the very first time they meet and the very first time they kiss. It’s a perfect quote for ‘firsts’.

12. P.S. I Love You Quotes - What A Luxury

Breaks my heart to even read this P.S. I Love You quote. When someone loses love, every couple around them brings back memories of joy laced with pain.

13. P.S. I Love You Quotes - The Plan

Isn’t that a plan every couple makes? Life is unpredictable and when such simple plans don’t work out it really breaks the heart.

14. P.S. I Love You Quotes - He Was Gone

Soul mates are best friends and nothing or no one can fill the space they leave behind.

15. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Soul Mates

Love is not measured by how long it lasted or how much time you had together, true love is beyond such material units of measure. It’s a feeling and an emotion that cannot be quantified; but yes, this P.S. I Love You quote came so very very close.

16. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Our Hope

Love and hope go hand in hand; it’s true you may lose everything but if you have hope you still possess a great treasure.

17. P.S. I Love You Quotes - That Person

Now that P.S. I Love You quote is something a lot of people need to understand. Marriage is not about living together but about making a life together.

18. P.S. I Love You Quotes - The Last Thing He Saw

Love never ends, but requires a closure; something that provides relief to the heart and takes away the agony.

19. P.S. I Love You Quotes - An Achievement

We never know what life has in store for us and that’s probably the reason we take things for granted and presume happy endings. Let this P.S. I Love You quote be a reminder, never to be so presumptuous.

20. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Make Some More

Yes, this P.S. I Love You quote says it. We don’t need to hide or remove or even burn away memories, we just need to be open to make new ones! The wonderful memories from the past give us joy like nothing else can.

21. P.S. I Love You Quotes - I Don't Know How

If you lose your love, don’t lose yourself! It takes mighty courage to get back to life, but that’s what your love would want for you. That’s what Gerry did for Holly, that’s what this P.S. I Love You quote is about; oh, my eyes!

22. P.S. I Love You Quotes - There Are All Kinds Of Love

True story, this P.S. I Love You quote. Love is around us in so many ways and forms; be open to all. Don’t be scared to love again, no matter how or who or what you choose to fall in love with. There’s no need to hunt it down one kind of love only. Love will find you, like Gerry found Holly, miles way from home.

23. P.S. I Love You Quotes - If You Don't You'll Stay Ordinary

It’s only true love that can give wings to your dreams. When you have love in your heart, you open yourself to new dreams that take you higher and make you a better person.

24. P.S. I Love You Quotes - Life

Love makes life better and gives us a meaning and a purpose to go on and do things that count.

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25. P.S. I Love You Quotes - P.S. I Love You

Yes, sometimes no P.S. I Love You quotes or dialogues can express your love better than a simple but honest ‘I Love You’.

26. P.S. I Love You Quotes - You Can Keep My Leather Jacket

Don’t hold on to things from the past, just let the good memories stay! You need to make space around you and in your heart for new things to come in. Honestly, this P.S. I Love You quote is right, memories are enough!

27. P.S. I Love You Quotes - I Don't Worry

We change so much when we are in love that we forget who we were before that. It’s so important to remember our old self; the way we were before love walked in and changed everything.

28. P.S. I Love You Quotes - My Fort

Imagine how Holly must have felt standing right in the middle of the place where her love dreamed all his dreams… And there she was, knowing that her only dream had been shattered!

My heart breaks every time I watch this beautiful movie or read the book, and these P.S. I Love You quotes are just as bitter-sweet, but then I can’t stop doing that either! This is Gerry and Holly’s love story and while I hope no one shares a similar story, I do wish everyone finds this kind of pure, simple, deep and true love. Have you found your soul mate yet? Share your wonderful love story with us.