10 Prom Makeup Tips And Ideas To Inspire You

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Dress. Check. Date. Check. Plans for later in the night. Check. But the question remains; how do you bump up your makeup from ordinary to extraordinary?

Don’t worry, we pulled the top ten amazing prom makeup tips and ideas to help you deal with your nightmare. Continue reading!

Prom Makeup Tips And Ideas

1. Flawless Skin

You don’t want to look like a gloomy weather on the big night, right? So, wash your face and get rid of dead skin, oils, blackheads and dirt. But make sure you don’t clean your face with a harsh cleanser. Use a cleanser that will soothe your skin. And for any further advice, go to your dermatologist.

2. Perfect Base

For the perfect base to your makeup, moisturize with SPF before you apply makeup. You can use jojoba oil, which is fragrance-free and gentle, and let it sink in to the complexion. But for those who are afraid of sticky oils, remember that foundations need a supple base in order for them to look natural.

Next, apply a light layer of foundation to cover, but if you feel it’s too thick, add a little moisturizer and mix it together. If covering up is needed, you can mix concealer with an eye cream, and then set it with translucent powder for a flawless finish.

3. Use Setting Powder

Yes, you can stretch something as simple as setting, transparent, translucent powder to finish the look. Choose a powder and dab it on the concealed parts of your face with a soft, light brush. Make sure you leave out the powder where you have excess shine, which is generally the T-zone area.

4. Prim-ing The Skin

Did you know? Primers are a must when it comes to long-wearing makeup and can also perk up tired eyes. Dab a mattifying primer to your makeup and you can enhance your features and eliminate the need for powder later. You say, thank you. We say, long live Primer!

5. Blush It Away

For a perfectly-flushed complexion, layer a powder blush like Temptu AIR Pod Blush, or Laura Geller Sugar Free Blush-N-Brighten to give the color depth and skin-like texture.

Tip: When applying flush, first smile, begin blushing on the apples of the cheek, and extend towards the top of the ear, then down towards the jawline. Perfecto!

6. Contour The World

A good bronzer is all you need to warm up your skin tone. If you normally use bronze for contouring, first apply it on your neck and face to even out your skin tone. Next, draw a soft line under the cheekbones, and then blend downwards with your sponge.

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7. Eyes To Pop

Begin with an eyeshadow primer or a base eye shadow that matches the lightest skin shade and then rapidly apply the shadow all over your lid to the brow. Then, once you are finished with it, use this base to make sure the darker shade shadows used on your eyelid up to the crease are blended properly. Now, apply the shimmer eyeshadow, but remember not to pick something too rich or you’ll risk it falling down your face.

8. The Brow Factor

Apply your eyebrow pencil or translucent powder to the upper portion of the brow to give the image of lifting your face up.

9. In The Eyes

Vibrant eye makeup is the key for any make up, but rule this out if you’re planning to go for a brighter lip shade. The golden rule? Accomplished by layering, find the colours you want in two shades, one darker than the other, of course. Use the lighter one on the lid and the darker in the brow bone, and blend them well. Apply mascara with a light hand and you’re good to go!

10. Punchy Pouts

The fun thing about vibrant and young lip colour for a beauty junkie is it’s very transformative; you can play with textures and shades to create a fuller look. A refined makeup and well-groomed brows are essential for this look. For a long-lasting lip colour, swipe on your rich lip colour, lay a tissue over your mouth, and then dust the powder over it to create a high-impact colour that defines your whole look.

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