Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - The Original & The Inspired

Princess Diana chose attires that complemented her body and persona. It should come as absolutely no surprise that her wedding dress is a class apart. With probably the longest trail and a mix of style and grace, Princess Diana’s wedding dress is a true masterpiece.

So here’s a collection of the original as well as some inspired Princess Diana wedding dresses that take their style cue from the original itself!

1. The Masterpiece!

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - The Masterpiece!

Just look at how beautiful the lady looks. Princess Diana’s wedding dress, the original one, is unmatched and a sheer work of true creativity mixed with style and tradition. It’s a silk and antique lace gown. A long trail and a mesh veil, bundles of ruffles and flare… the perfect mix of everything one needs for the royal wedding look.

2. Original Charm

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Original Charm

Just look how beautiful each and every element of Princess Diana’s wedding dress is. The ruffled sleeves with a pinched waist line and the ruffled neckline give this traditional Christian wedding gown a retro look that is beautifully complemented by a simple flared skirt. No extra colours or glitter.

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3. Trail It

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Trail It

Princess Diana’s wedding dress trail is 25 foot long! Yes, that’s one reason it has become a famous wedding gown, something that showed royalty and beautifully so.

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4. Diva-licious

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Diva-licious

Taking inspiration from the charm and beauty of the original is this beautiful wedding dress. It’s the perfect dress for the diva in you. All you need is the right tiara and flowers.

5. Of Layers And Ruffles

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Of Layers And Ruffles

A beautiful layered skirt with a heavy flare and a subtly layered top makes for this charming wedding dress. The embellished waistline is minimal but adds tons of beauty to this dress. Just add long chandelier earrings and you are ready to take the world by a storm.

6. Embroidered Elegance

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Embroidered Elegance

Embroidered wedding gowns have a charm that is second to none. A light fabric like net, lace or georgette accentuated with embroidery with the same colour looks ethereal and beautiful. The bodice can be heavily embroidered and the train, very reminiscent of Princess Diana’s wedding dress train, can be elaborately highlighted as well.

7. Halfway Style

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Halfway Style

Now that’s an interesting wedding gown that goes half n’ half and oh-so-well! The perfect mix of all things stylish – the ruffles, layers, embellishments etc. One gown that beautifully encompasses a number of trends.

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8. Skirting Around

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Skirting Around

Look like a Disney princess in this beautifully styled wedding dress. The lace embroidered top with a heavy flare skirt will not only accentuate your waistline but also make you look your feminine and charming.

9. Absolute Chic

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Absolute Chic

To make a chic statement on your wedding day, try this style of wedding dress. It has got a classic cut and the perfect blend of embellishments, again like Princess Diana’s wedding dress, and works that make it just perfect and pretty.

10. The Golden Bride

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - The Golden Bride

Just a little touch of gold can add eons of grace to you and your wedding dress. This glamorous wedding gown, inspired again by Princess Diana’s wedding dress, with exquisite ivory thread work looks regal and royal. It needs no accessories, it’s a jewel in its own!

11. The Grace Of Lace

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - The Grace Of Lace

Not quite like Princess Diana’s wedding dress, but with a mermaid cut, this dress has all the same elements. Lace wedding gowns have a look that cannot be matched by any other fabric. Embroidered lace gowns and trails have a flowy effect that adds feminine touch and charm to the beautiful bride.

12. Sparkle In Silver

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Sparkle In Silver

If the pretty white and silver is your favourite pick, what better than this! The amazing silver thread work at the hemline of the skirt and the way it is spaced out all over makes this gown a definite hit.

13. Classy Cutwork

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Classy Cutwork

Following Princess Diana’s wedding dress, this gown has a lot of cutwork. Cutwork has become pretty popular and has been readily adopted by many designers and fashion enthusiasts. The skirt hemline all the way to the trail has a nice floral cutwork, complemented by lace on the neck and waistline.

14. Simple & Sensuous

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - Simple And Sensuous

There is something so sensuous about this simple and plain wedding dress. The beautiful, plain and flowy net skirt with a lightly thread-embroidered bodice and elegant shoulder straps… a sight to behold!

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15. The Original Fashionista!

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress - The Original Fashionista!

Well, we come all the way back to the original fashion icon who made heads turn in this retro ivory and gold dress. It may not be her historic wedding dress but you may draw some inspiration from it, add some ideas of your own and come up with a customized wedding dress. Any takers?

Princess Diana was a lady with a strong mind, infectious smile, a charismatic personality, and an enigmatic persona. We hope you enjoyed reading about the original dress and also glancing through wedding dresses inspired by the diva. Take cues, take ideas and take the best of styles and trends from old and new to create your own unique wedding extravaganza!

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