Prep Your Skin This Wedding Season With Ubtan For That #ShaadiwalaGlow.

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If you hear wedding bells, apart from numerous planning, bookings, and shopping, what you would have for sure on your agenda is getting that “shaadi wala glow” on your face. After all, no

shine can beat a bride’s glow on her wedding day, and her lehenga or accessories can only complement that! With the wedding day getting closer, elders may be running around you with various beauty hacks, such as besan and milk face pack, turmeric and rose water face pack,

face steaming, drinking fresh fruit juices and several other hacks that they will certify can make the skin glow! No less excited than elders, your friends, siblings, and cousins may also suggest new-age skin care solutions or in-salon treatments. So what do you do? Follow every piece of advice, and engage yourself in time-consuming facials and salon treatments or look for a time-saving and convenient option to bring a glow to your face right from the comfort of your home. Look no further because here is a new-age product range created for millennials infused with the goodness of natural ingredients!

Mamaearth, keeping in mind the needs of today’s bride to look good without spending hours on skincare, has brought forth their Ubtan range. It is not only for brides but also for their near and dear ones to help them look amazing on D-day! After all, as a bride’s sister, friend, or even mother, why should you not have that shaadi wala glow on your skin? And why only shaadis? Even for festive seasons or any special occasion, you would love to have that glowing, radiant, and bright skin, right? So one of the easiest ways to care for your skin is to cleanse it with a nourishing face wash. A face wash is easy to carry, convenient to use, and takes up the least time in your skin care regimen. That is why Mamaearth has introduced the Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash. Its hero ingredients include,


It has been used for years to bring a glow to the to-be bride and groom’s face. That is why we have the traditional haldi ceremony just before the wedding. It helps get rid of tan and brings out the skin’s natural radiance. Moreover, it is also known to help reverse the signs of aging.


Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, it helps clear spots and soothes the skin. It also moisturizes the skin while adding a natural radiance.

Carrot Seed Oil

It is known to slow down aging while soothing the skin. It also helps remove tans and spots while revealing a natural glow.

Walnut Beads

A great exfoliator, they help remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin bright, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

Coconut Oil

It helps the skin stay moisturized while helping heal wounds. It is also known to protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

Apart from being crafted with natural ingredients, this facewash is free from toxins such as parabens, sulfates, SLES/ SLS, and other harmful chemicals. It helps fight sun tan and brighten the skin tone. Moreover, it protects the skin from free radical damage leading to brighter-looking, fresh, and clear skin. So to undo the damage to your dry and dull skin and get an everlasting natural glow, you can try the ubtan facewash from Mamaearth.

Weddings in India mean a lot of excitement, along with everyone’s eagerness to look their best on the D day. However, trying to look good does not limit itself to the bride and groom. From their friends and relatives to colleagues, to chacha chachis and even nana naanis, everyone wants to look their best at a wedding! One of the keys to looking good at the wedding is to start early because while makeup might do its fair share of good work on the D day, nothing can beat your natural glow. Common issues that women would like to address before a wedding or an important occasion would be tanned skin, dull skin, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. That is why Mamaearth, for its Ubtan range, has products that will help nourish, de-tan, and rejuvenate the skin while bringing that shaadi wala glow. The products include Ubtan Face Wash, Ubtan Face Mask, Ubtan Face Scrub, Ubtan Day Cream, Ubtan Bamboo Sheet Mask, and Ubtan Facial Kit. All these products are made with 100% natural ingredients that have been used for ages to bring a glow to the bride’s face! Moreover, these are free from toxins and cruelty-free, making them perfect for you.

Pollution, stress, and UV rays are the culprits behind dull, tanned, and dry skin. But with the Mamaearth Ubtan Range, you no longer need to worry about not looking your best on your wedding day or at the wedding of a near one. The range has been designed to bring to today’s women the ancient treasures of ubtan ingredients that they can reap the benefits of without investing considerable time or energy.

So to get that shadi wala glow, start early and order your Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash now at Ubtan Face Wash for Tan Removal |Use Code-UBTAN20, Flat 20% Off on Mamaearth.

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